Will PS4 Controllers Work On PS5

Do you own a PS4 and thinking if its accessories can work with the upcoming PS5? Many people are wondering about this as they have spent a lot on PS4 controllers and want use them on upcoming models as well.

In this guide, you will find out the most common question these days, Will PS4 controllers work on PS5? To know about this in detail, we will discuss the following topics also:

  • PS4 compatible controller
  • PS5 Controller
  • Will PS4 games work on PS5?
  • Compatibility between gaming consoles

Most users purchase a gaming console and then use it for 5-10 years on average. The people who have purchased PS4 recently have spent hundreds of dollars on the device and accessories and now they are worried that they will miss out on the latest upcoming console. Sony has offered cross compatibility between its new and old products in the past but the rapid advancement in technology may mean that PS5 will run a totally different setup. Let’s analyse this situation with all the information that we have up till now.

PS5 Controller

First, we have to investigate the new PS5 controller to learn more about its working and features. The new device is called “DualSense” whereas previously, the controllers were known as “DualShock”. Visually, it is quite different from PS4 controllers as it has a 2 tone colour scheme and a slightly curved shape towards the grip points. It has an updated trigger system which can adapt to the user’s input. Moreover, it has haptic feedback system which was missing in the new PS4 controllers. It allows you to feel the sensations in ma more realistic manner such as the wind blowing or surface undulation during game play.

To house all the updated components, the PS5 controller is a bit heavier than its predecessor. It uses USB Type C and there are some changes in the look of buttons as well.

PS4 Controller

The PS4 compatible controller is known as DualShock. The design was much similar to PS2 and PS3 controllers but there were some new additions in this device. Firstly, a track pad was introduced which had a touch interface and could be used as a button in various forms. However, this was not well received by the public due to its latency and inaccuracy in various situations. The controller had trigger style L2 and R2 buttons which improved the rumble effect significantly. A “Share” button was added to enable on spot sharing of your games on the Internet.

These days, you can buy a new PS4 controller for around $60-$70. This is quite expensive for a single controller which is precisely the reason that users want them to be compatible with newer consoles.

Can you use PS4 controller on PS5?

Now we shall discuss some important points about both controllers. Firstly, we have to observe that the internal mechanism is similar in PS4 and 5 controllers. Sony does not reveal actual details regarding the inside components but it can be said that the underlying systems are not much different. The DualSense controller has better motors, sensors and actuators to help with the advanced haptic feedback system. The actual trigger buttons and front buttons are all same as in previous controllers so there is no compatibility issue with that. People who have used PS4 controllers wish to know how to use them on PS5 because they don’t want to waste them.

If we go by official details, there is a 90% chance that PS4 controllers will not work with PS5. There are some key reasons behind it. Sony does not want anyone to start using PS5 without paying the price and putting in the effort. It is launching the all new DualSense controller after 7 years of research and it wants people to recognize the changes made in it, even if they are actually not there. After all, what benefit would it bring to the company if people could use PS4 controllers easily on PS5? The whole point of revealing the updated design and features will become useless.

However, users must not be disheartened because there are several ways to achieve your objectives in this age of technology. We have seen that Sony claims the PS3 controllers as incompatible with PS4. However, many users are using them on PS4s and there are several guides on how to do it. Some people claim that it can connected as a Bluetooth device with the console and some use converters to connect previous generation controllers on newer consoles. The same can be done in the current scenario.

What are scuf PS4 controllers?

A scuf PS4 controller is a customizable controller developed by Scuf gaming. It is developed to tailor the device according to the needs of the users. The feel of the trigger buttons is changed and the backside has the traditional controls (forward, back, reverse, stop) which give a secondary option to the gamer. Similarly, joystick materials can be changed and unique colour choices can be opted for. Scuf controllers can be used on PS4 and Xbox. The existing scuf PS4 controllers are not likely to work with PS5 but the company will definitely make them for the upcoming console once it releases.

Will PS4 Controllers Work On PS5?

Yes, fans can rejoice because PS4 games would be compatible with PS5 according to Sony. According to official PlayStation blogs, it has been told that almost 100 top PS4 games will be able to work on PS5 in the initial phase. This number will grow as the new console releases and user’s feedback is gathered. It will be interesting to note the performance of these games on PS5 because it has a much faster processor and better graphics. Therefore, even if your PS4 compatible controller does not work on PS5, you can still play the games you have in much better performance!

Final Verdict

Many people had this question in their minds, can you use a PS4 controller on PS5? Although, nothing can be confirmed till now as PS5 has not yet released but we can expect solutions to be developed that will let users play with their used PS4 controllers on the new console. Officially, there is very little chance that Sony will announce previous controllers to be compatible with PS5 because it will not suit their business strategy.

However, the use of technology has allowed gamers to mess around with these consoles in various manners. We can expect the same to happen with PS5. The good news is that you will still get to enjoy PS4 games on PS5 which is a relief to all those who recently bought the previous console.

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