What Are Some Of The Best Games For Android?

When it comes to mobile gaming, the choices are endless. Many games available can keep you entertained for hours. These games are designed to be bite-sized, so they are perfect for playing on the go. You will be happy because they will keep you occupied for hours.  Additionally, there are a few key categories to consider for the best games on Android. These categories include strategy, puzzle, arcade, and racing. Moreover, playing your favorite games without interruption requires a fast internet connection. Select a package from CenturyLink internet deals and play games with amazing speed. With that sorted, here are some of our top games available on Android.

If you’re looking for a fun game for Android, you’ve come to the right place!

1.      Among Us

Among Us, was the most popular game in 2020, presenting itself as the ultimate fun, paranoid, and quarantine activity even though it was launched in 2018. At the same time, you and your astronaut teammates work together to fix your spacecraft, the secret agents of sabotage work to take you down. If you employ good old-fashioned social manipulation techniques to flush away the dirt, or you lie your way through to keep up the scam, do not trust anything and not anyone then you must not miss out on this.

2.      Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

A game among the top recognizable games from the Castlevania series is now available on Android phones. Control the vampire Alucard and defeat the hordes of demons that encircle the castle and plot to bring back Dracula. Symphony of the Night features an extensive RPG inventory and weapon system packed with exclusive items, gear, and spells. With a massive Castle to discover, special abilities to acquire, and an extensive collection of awe-inspiring punching bags to smack, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is an iconic Konami classic worth picking up.

1.      Draglia Lost

This delightful, Nintendo-published action RPG is a full-featured dungeon crawling experience with simple controls for touch, fantastic music, and constantly expanding content for the story. The game provides an impressive quantity of content with gauntlet-style, beat-em-up action and battle royal PvP, and multiplayer raids. Dragalia Lost is a gacha-style game intended to encourage players to pay to purchase new team members. However, it’s also extremely generous with freerolls, more than other games with this type of monetization.

2.      Chrono Trigger

This is an iconic RPG from the Nintendo DS available on Android. Take a journey through time featuring seamless and strategic battle, stunning graphics based on sprites, and a genuinely captivating story. The smartphone version of the Chrono Trigger game is built upon the enhanced Nintendo DS version, which has significantly improved storytelling over the SNES version. The touch controls can be somewhat inaccurate, which is irritating since the combat is quicker than your typical turn-based RPG.

3.      Downwell

In Downwell, you slam through stages with guns that strap onto your legs. The aim is to make the most elegant runs you can before dying. Bullets do more than destroy enemies; they also help you stay in the air for critical repositioning. These levels are retro and mostly monochrome except for red splashes. The vertical alignment gives the illusion of falling.

4.      Genshin Impact

This action-packed adventure takes you into the fantasy realm of Teyvat, the mysterious land that is ruled by gods of the past and encased in ancient mysteries. However, your character is unaware of this. With Genshin Impact, your journey across the globe to search for your lost child is fighting monsters and assisting everyone you encounter throughout the journey. Genshin Impact has a Zelda-like open-world setting that’s brimming with activities, and the continual flow of events will keep you entertained for a long, long time. The game’s presentation is fantastic, with top-quality cinematics, excellent voice acting, and a stunning soundtrack. Genshin Impact is free to play. It encourages players to try new characters. It is possible to earn these rolls by using a particular currency earned on the game or via cash purchase.

5.      Gwent: The Witcher Arcade Game

Gwent, available on Android, is a rebalanced version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, an addictive multiplayer card game. It is a deck-building game that combines intelligent strategy, offering an array of options for fighting and supporting units. The cards are split into factions, which means that they don’t just come with their advantages however, they can also work together with their respective faction abilities to completely alter how you approach a game. Gwent is completely free to play but you can pay to purchase card kegs to get new cards. You can also earn cash by completing goals that you can buy new cards.

6.      Hitman Go

Hitman Go Takes everyone’s most beloved video game character and gives a chic abstract interpretation of his usually realistic killings. The levels resemble tabletop games, and players can rotate the Agent 47 game piece around to kill their enemies. Fortunately, the darkly comic approach is still in place, and the crisp, elegant design feels right for someone who earns money through a dispassionate professional killing.

7.      Call of Duty

Call of Duty Mobile is worth your time, whether you’re a huge lover of Call of Duty or new to it. The android game remains the most popular first-person shooter franchisee. It’s specially designed for firefights on touchscreens. The game will satisfy every desire for action shooters – and it’s completely free of charge. You can choose from a range of multiplayer modes, like battle royale, that features top-quality graphics and fast, frantic yet enjoyable gameplay.


Whether you are interested in games that involve strategy and first-person shooters and much more, you’ll find an Android game available on the Play Store to love.

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