Tips To Catch And Eliminate Plagiarism
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Tips To Catch And Eliminate Plagiarism

The detection and elimination of plagiarism is massively important. Modern technology led to the invention of plagiarism test tools to find out the quality of content. The quality content is massively likeable and is the source of success. The plagiarism checker assists the writer in going through the worth and quality of their content with excellent ease. 

Harms of Plagiarism in Content

The harms and consequences of plagiarism are widespread. It affects the people belonging to different industries and fields. The highly effective fields are academics and online businesses. It is referred to as theft which is an unethical issue. It can indulge oneself into hot water and hence must be avoided as much as possible. Plagiarism leaves a quite drastic and negative impact on the academic career of students. 

The catching of duplication in the student’s work may lead to either suspension or expulsion from the educational institute. Similarly, the detection of duplication in online sites may affect its ranking, and reputation. Indeed, it may lead to copyright issues which can cause legal proceedings. Online plagiarism checker finds the site using duplicate material. Hence, they can be sued for a heavy fine or imprisonment. 

Tips to Catch Plagiarism

Here are some of the common tips which can help you catch plagiarism like a pro.


  • Search content headlines with Google


If you want to detect plagiarism you can always search by Google. All you have to do is copy the title or the headings that are used in the content and search them on Google. Google would get you relevant results. Now to detect plagiarism you would definitely need to compare the top relevant results with the content you have. This manual procedure is reliable but it takes a lot of your time and energy and is also considered to be best for catching duplication in short posts or passages.

Use online plagiarism checker

Plagiarism checker are the highly worthy online approach that facilitates writers in creating unique masterpieces. The risk of duplication can be avoided to the optimum when an online plagiarism checker is used for detection of content quality and duplication. There are various fabulous online utilities to assist you in this regard. These online plagiarism checker use advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to check and compare your content. These can scan your work to check for plagiarism and get you results in a matter of seconds. You don’t have to make any manual comparisons while using a plagiarism tool. Alson know that this is the safest, quickest and most accurate way of detecting plagiarized content.


  • Focus on the Format and writing style 


Sometimes writers copy the text and paste it directly into their documents. If you see that the text you wrote is mixed with different fonts and sizes, colors, and formatting styles, these are the red flags that can help you catch the plagiarism from the text. No doubt, it is not a piece of direct evidence for plagiarism, but in the case of scanning plagiarism, you must consider the suspicious formatting. You can find fishy format issues or artificial content if you read the content properly. Spun content can show your poor writing style and irregular format which can help you catch plagiarism. You can confirm your suspicion by using advanced searching tools!

Tips to Eliminate Plagiarism

Elimination of plagiarism from the content is a piece of cake! Gone are days of complexities, and the credit for this goes to the most marvelous tips of removing duplication! The most significant tips to eliminate plagiarism are:

Use of Quotation Mark

The use of quotation marks is optimally necessary to prevent the detection of duplication in the plagiarism checker. The lack of quotation marks for the quotes or wording of others may categorize the content into duplication. Hence, the writer needs to be cautious about it and should use it to eliminate plagiarism in the content.

In-text Citation and References

The plagiarism in the academic content such as thesis and dissertation must be avoided. The high level of plagiarism in the academic content would lead to immediate rejection. Hence, one must be cautious about the guidelines and use the in-text citation and references properly in the content. It is a method to give credit to the original sources and avoid duplication in the content.

Write in your Own Words

Go through multiple sources but write down the content in your own words. Take time to create your own words and you may even incorporate your precious ideas into it as well. Similarity checker ensures to find out the actual source from where the content is copied. Hence, if your content matches with others, then give them credit. The method to give credit to the original source is nothing but the backlink. Never ever claim words of others to be yours! Else you would have to suffer from legal issues.

Use of Paraphrasing Tool

When the plagiarism detector reveals duplicate content then take a deep breath. Do not panic at all. You can eliminate plagiarism from the content quite gracefully. Modify the duplicate sentences through changing these from active voice to passive voice and vice versa. Use high vocabulary words in the content and replace the phrases with synonyms. It will help you out in getting effective outcomes. However, in case of urgency, you can take assistance from a paraphrasing tool. It will rewrite article by changing the sentences in a matter of seconds. 

These are some of the ways using which you can catch and eliminate plagiarism!

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