Great Tips for New iPhone Owners

Did you just purchase an iPhone, and it happens to be one of your first smartphones? Or maybe you have switched from Android to iOS, and it takes more time to adjust than you anticipated?

People who lack experience may not have the time to learn everything themselves and are looking for a source that can provide some guidelines.

This article should be a good reference and give you enough information about tips for new iPhone owners and to become better at using your new iPhone. Read the tips below and decide which of them you can take advantage of.

Tip #1 – Take Care of Security

The first thing is first. You need to take care of security before you start exploring iPhone features. And when it comes to security, there is more than just a case and a stand (though you should get them too since paying for an iPhone screen replacement costs a lot of money).

Smartphones are not computers in the sense that they do not have the best cybersecurity measures. You will not have software that detects and eliminates potential malware effectively. Thus, take note of the websites you surf and be wary of public Wi-Fi networks because those are an excellent place for hackers to set up their traps.

Set up a six-digit passcode and Touch or Face ID to limit physical access to the smartphone. Even if someone gets their hands on your iPhone, they will have difficulties accessing information.

Tip #2 – Locate AirPods

The chances are that you have AirPods. These wireless headphones are quite popular nowadays, but some people are reluctant to get a pair because they feel like losing them is too easy.

But knowing how to find airpods is not a problem, especially if you have an iPhone. Simply download the “Find My” application, and you should locate your AirPods with ease. 

It is worth mentioning that syncing every Apple device you know is a good piece of advice in general, and the example of finding AirPods is an excellent illustration of why you should do that.

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Tip #3 – Create Data Backups

You may not have that much data on an iPhone, but there is a chance that something may happen to the smartphone, and you will lose contacts, emails, and other valuable information.

Go to the Settings and enable the iCloud Backup feature. Keep in mind that the amount of storage on your iPhone may be too much, and you may need to purchase a paid iCloud storage plan.

Tip #4 – Disable Notifications

Notifications are a hindrance when you are trying to concentrate. Nowadays, people are programmed to react to text messages and alerts on their smartphones or computers immediately, and such behavior disrupts the workflow.

You have two ways to approach the problem. The first is to turn on the Do Not Disturb mode and the time frame of when you do not want to receive notifications. Or, as an alternative, you can also disable each application individually.

Tip #5 – Use Siri

Siri is an assistant that continues to receive new features and updates every year. The AI can take care of certain tasks that you have been doing manually until now, and it may save you some time.

For example, you can ask Siri to call or send one of your contacts a message, launch an application, set a reminder on the Calendar app, or Google for a piece of information.

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Tip #6 – Discover App Store

One of the biggest advantages of smartphones is the wide array of different applications you can download from an official app store.

Different people have different preferences, but you should still find some apps that make your life easier. You could also download some video games that help you pass the time. And remember that app stores add new applications regularly, so be sure to keep an eye on what is trending.

Tip #7 – Rearrange Home Screen

The default home screen is usually good enough for the majority of users, but some people like to make changes. 

If you want to remove or add app shortcuts on the home screen, press your finger on the home screen until it wiggles. From there, you can make the changes, such as making folders by dragging one icon on another or deleting apps from the home screen.

Rearrange Iphone Home Screen

Tip #8 – Preserve Battery Life

Smartphones are not the best when it comes to the battery lifespan, but poor management from the user’s end is not doing any favors either. 

Keep tabs on applications that you have in the background and quit them when they are unnecessary. Dimming the screen brightness will help as well.

Tip #9 – Install iOS Updates

A new iOS update should take priority. And it is not just because of the latest features. Each iOS version improves the overall performance of the smartphone and potentially patches security holes. If you do not want to wait for an update to download during the day, you can schedule it for when you sleep.

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