The Best Wireless Car Charger Mount Under 100

Looking for the best wireless car charger mount under 100 for your smartphone? So you can drive your way to a full battery and easily can use without any low battery issue.

Tell me which is the smartest way?

Spending your penny over junks that merely nudge the drill or spending less than 100$ that cut the chase right away? To all the people right here, let me snitch your strain and bring up the best that I can. Do you know that you no longer need to untie the shambles made by the wires in your home/pocket/ bag?

Are you relieved already? Because there is more tea to spill. Yes you heard it right and to be more specific the thing that will make your life way easier is none other than a wireless charger.

Today I am going to review the top ten wireless car charger mounts which have sealed consumers heart in no time. Let’s begin!

Know your drill, Take the right decision.

Ain’t we all on the run nowadays right? I mean yes of course we are. Who has got the time to find; a port, plug-in the charger and then phone. Also here comes the worst part, when you see you have forgotten to switch on the plug. It almost feels like a nightmare dressed up in a situation where you have to wait for a minimum of 30 minutes to get ready for the run. Indeed it is.

So in order to avoid such kind of situation let alone choose the best which is a wireless charger. There are tons of websites selling wireless chargers with no quality assurance. They do it for money and profit.

But Amazon, on the other hand, sell it only for your compatibility. If you have plenty of money spend it in a classic smart way. Anyone can spend tons of money without using their brain cells, but you are not “anyone”. So make the right choice and enhance your life with a sprinkle of smartness by choosing the products.

Using things smartly or thinking sensibly simply reflects your personality. Which is why today I am here to guide you throughout the whole journey of amazon products.

You should always focus on:

Quality:  No one but a fool will want to spend money on bullshits that doesn’t last a week. The product you buy should be worth each penny you spend. With proper information and details compare and choose. The market is filled with scams as well as the good ones which is why research is a must thing you should carry out. Amazon helps you to compare the quality, price as well as the feature in relation to other product so that you get the right one. Amazing isn’t it?

Durability: There is a saying thing last if you take care of those things. What if things don’t last even after all the care? Which concludes that the problem maybe is the problem is in the product itself right?

Budget:  Do we ever miss a chance to stress a little over the budget? Inadequate budget can lead to a huge embarrassment. No wonder spending less than the budget automatically brings a smile on the face, brings a proud moment to be specific! Being a middle-aged where there are more money crisis than life crisis itself, always go for the product that’s fit in well. Otherwise, it will end up raising your expense.

Features:  Ain’t a multi-tasking product more fascinating than others. “2 in 1” “3 in 1” is always consumer’s favourite. If you are a curious bee like me go for more. The more the better. Features make everything a little less boring and a little more fascinating. It adds a bit of comfort.

By all grace, we have worked hard and today I am going to present the 10 best product that the focus groups and I have decided to present you. We have carried out secondary and primary researches along with surveys in order to select the best for you.

The Best Wireless Car Charger Mount Under 100

Image Product Detail Check Price
  Anker PowerWave fast wireless car charger
Anker PowerWave
- Two additional charger included
- Extensive portability
- Super fast charging
 ZeeHoo Wireless Car Charger
ZeeHoo Wireless Car Charger
- Rapid wireless charging
- Use for multi purpose
CHOETECH Wireless Charger
CHOETECH Wireless Charger
- 360 rotation
- Quick charging abilities
- Convenient and safe charging
 VANMASS Wireless Car Charger Mount
VANMASS Wireless Car Charger Mount
- Smart protection
- Only deal with thin phone
Bolt Smart Automatic Car Mount
Bolt Smart Automatic Car Mount
- Auto processed m which unlocks and locks the mount
- Certified by Qi
 iOttie Wireless Charger
iOttie Wireless Charger
- The arms opens and close with one touch.
- Flexible / adjustable viewing
 BESTHING 10W Wireless Charger
BESTHING 10W Wireless Charger
- Well protected
- Use for multi task
LXORY Qi Wireless Car Charger
- Automatic lock
- Fan blade
Nillkin 2-in-1 Qi Wireless Charging Pad
Weight: 115 g
Button: 8
Sensor: 9800 laser
Squish Wireless Charger Car Mount
Squish Wireless Charger Car Mount
Weight: 110g
Button: 11
Sensor: PMW3366

1 – Anker PowerWave Fast Wireless Car Charger

This a top-notch product and yes it is obviously budget-friendly best wireless car charger mount. There are some amazing yet useful features about it.

  • Two additional charges included.
  • Fits in any cases or any phone sizes.
  • Extensive portability.
  • User-friendly.
  • Superfast charging.

Two additional chargers included

You don’t always travel alone, right?

And there is no doubt you and your best buddy is same. I mean that’s what friends do; forget things together and do things together as well. Anker eligibly provides a two charger port by which you can charge both of the phones and enjoy the ride with no crap at all.

Let me break it down, a nearly $60 wireless might not provide you with the authenticity to 2 port charger but anker is presenting is an amazingly exquisite opportunity which is highly praiseworthy.

Anker Wireless Charger

Fits in any cases or phone sizes

Things become more useful when they inhibit the ultimate traits of free size in them. The like-wisely phone also comes in different extents, anker ensures that all the phones fit in well.

Not only me but most of you may have faced this issue of buying a wireless phone charger and witnessing that the phone doesn’t emerge in. This directly directs that your money is totally in vain. You don’t especially want to disrespect your hard work and the sweats you have drained, do you?. Which is why Anker comes within the supremacy that will soothe your mind in this aspect as well.

Extensive portability

With the amazing 360 rotation attribute, you don’t have to worry about if your wireless charger is about to break or not, it in fact guarantees more flexibility and gives you the opportunity to do two or three things at once! Suppose receiving calls, using maps, ordering food.


I can lose counts of how many times I have received shocks while charging the phone. Those were minor but sometimes it could turn out to be hilariously dangerous. Nevertheless, anker takes care of it.

Superfast charging

“Anker” this brand has fortified some supremely advanced features that will surely blow your mind. For instance, let’s cast your attention to the charging ability. Luckily, it has super-fast charging capacity that can intimidate any expensive gadget out there. Having a super-fast charger is like a dream come true.

Power wave provides a premium service with just a two-step process. 1. Connect your phone there. 2. Leave and let the magic happen.

It is so advanced and exquisite that it will win your heart and make you fall for it.

Suppose you are late for work and you just have 5% charge which will probably be dead by then.

But with Anker’s Powerwave wireless charger you can stick your phone with the help of airvent holder that comes within the charger itself. And also you can use it for seeking directions on the way to your office or wherever you want to go.

Do you realise that these features enhance the features of multitasking?

Suppose your old tool doesn’t give this kind of luxury at a really low price like $59.99 and yet takes $100 dollar as their sole purpose derives to make a profit. But Anker, on the other hand, thinks about its customers, cares about you and know whats the best drill for you.

Which is why it introduced such a mind-blowing gadget that fulfil your wants in both or more aspects.

Keep in mind that the anker charger is Qi-certified and also comes with an 18month warranty, which is a great deal right?

Let me list down the pros and cons

  • Portable
  • Good quality
  • Works fast
  • Is certified
  • Holds the phone with a strong grip
  • Belongs to the best group of technology
  • Easy to operate
  • Might overheat (rare cases)
  • May not be effective for heavy phone as one of the customers pointed that out.

2 – ZeeHoo Wireless Car Charger Mount with USB

Don’t you always want a top-class product with an impeccable price? If you are concerned about the price, you know what? You don’t need to. Because zehoo came up with a well built wireless car charger mount.

The price is nearly $35.95. If we compare it with others like ANKER or VANMASS, the price is relatively lower and affordable.


  • Perspicacious safeguard technology
  • Rapid wireless charging
  • Utmost constancy
  • Can be used for multi-purpose
  • Spontaneous initiation plan

Perspicacious safeguard technology

Zehoo’s perspicacious safeguard technology ensures that all the customers are safe and healthy which is why they have introduced such invention that gets rid of excess heat, short circuits, over-charging. It also controls the temperature of the phone.

ZeeHoo Wireless Car Charger

Such delicacy comes with a built-in heat extravagance vent.

Comparing it with its competitors you will notice that other customers reviewed that phones get overheated. Zehoo, on the other hand, is the ultimate solution to such things. The rest is up to you; which is better, the one that ensures safety first or the one that one does it only sole work that too with a more price.

Rapid wireless charging

Time is very important in every countenance of life. And smartphone nowadays has made itself a basic need in our life. Who wants to wait for the phone to get charged? Why wait when you can experience the terminal technological wonder introduced by Zehoo. No you are not daydreaming or dreaming at all. Zehoo provides fast charging facilities so that the weight is reduced and the entertainment is doubled. This comes in handy when you are a phone enthusiast or a crazy game player.

60% of the wireless charger fails to perform in such a way as Zehoo does. That too in a diminutive amount of cash.

Utmost constancy

With an excellent protected suction cup that assures that the cup remains with the dashboard, you don’t have to worry about your phone falling off the gadget.

Zehoo doesn’t only come with this supremacy but it also has a full spiral-like 360 rotation feature. Either vertically or horizontally, you can rotate your phone in direction especially when you are using in while using directions or taking calls.

Can be used for multi-purpose

It is always better to spend on something that gives more and more than those which doesn’t. Human wants are inevitable. And our wants have no boundary. Zehoo knows that if the charger comes with more purposes then it will be a big hit. Its is giving you the ticket to experience that cable is no longer needed and there won’t be any ruckus when it comes to charging devices. Secondly, the assembling the phone on the charger captures the phone itself like a reflex action. By a simple press on the device, it will come up with a strong yet vigorous seize.

It is extremely effortless.

Others like anker or any high-end charger don’t state such features at a really budget-friendly price. With its surprising durability, you like to recommend you to this, not only me but many reviews have stated why you should go for this. Customers are super pleased with the quality, durability and the 18-month warranty!

Spontaneous initiation plan

Human brains come up with such wonders that left us amazed. The spontaneous initiation plan indicates that it will provide temperature control, prevent short circuits.

Now its time for the pros and cons, right?

  • Easy to use
  • Less expensive
  • User friendly
  • Gives superior protection
  • Has advanced technology
  • Safe to use
  • Sometimes it falls off the case
  • This rated 4.8/5 which is a big deal? Now tell me the reason why you shouldn’t go for it?

3 – CHOETECH Wireless Charger

Want something like Qi certified, extremely compatible phone holder as well a charger? Bingo right?. How can be a charger by a phone holder?

CHOETECH wireless charger

Yes yes, too many questions are yet unanswered. Let me break it down y’all.

It’s the best wireless car charger for smartphone.

This car mount is extremely congruous with a width of 2.6-4 inch. 10W charging mount gives quick charging ability and what not?


  • Quick charging abilities
  • 360 rotation
  • Has a type C USB
  • Has more than 1 characteristics
  • Can be charged anywhere anyplace.
  • High quality
  • Quick charging

Are you always on the run like me?

Your friends don’t start a party without and you have a date to attend, you have to maintain both your personal and work life. Taking all these into account COETECH have introduced a fast charging mount that can charge your phone immediately without harming it. See, now you can be stress-free about the phone being dead on the wrong. No detachment from a friend and no breakup texts from lovers. COETECH can be a life saviour trust me on this.

With no doubt, it does a great good charging your phone.

Other $120 or $100 chargers maybe fancy or branded. But this thing right here is of low cost and more benefits.

360 rotation

With a ball inside the mount, you can move your phone in any direction. North-south east-west, don’t worry the phone won’t break down. Suppose you are with your baby inside the car and that little infrant doesn’t take a bite of food without watched YouTube. In this kind of situation, the mount will help you to charge your phone as well help feed your babies? You can landscape it, portrait it.

Has a C type USB

After A, B  comes C. What is a C-type USB?

Any guesses? Oh yes “I know I know” ( in Monica’s tone, remember the series FRIENDS, yes yes you got it right. This a smaller connector that easy to plug in and charge your phone. The smaller the better. These cables can withstand more electricity and power. Remember I said that COETECH mount has rapid charging abilities, this is because this C type USB speed up the operation and gets the work done.

This is rare. If you align with others not all the wireless Chargers in the market has C type USB ports. Which is why it stands out. With a sprinkle of uniqueness, you can stand out among your friend family anywhere. Don’t you want something cool yet useless? Then hop in, go for it. Choose the best.

Has more than 1 characteristics

At times it gets difficult to both handling the phone while driving. What if your phone charger is also a phone holder? Ain’t it easy drive when you are unaware about the streets?

You can simply set it up adjusting it to your eye side and hallelujah you are good to go!

Can be charged anywhere anyplace

You might be thinking this only works for cars only. But oh hell no! It is portable and also-freaking- useful.

Just place the mount anywhere and let your device have its food.

High quality

With the utmost appearance, I can guarantee that it will not disappoint you. We know that maintaining good quality leads to greater consumer loyalty and word of mouth recommendation. We can you to be satisfied more than anything in this world. Your review is out assets and the only motivation. We acquire the definite top-notch raw materials for the best ever. We provide the finest plastic with good formation.

In relation to others, you can always verify which to choose. No joke but we don’t play with your emotions and try to provide the superior one.

  • Good design
  • Strong
  • Stylish
  • Have built in intelligent technology
  • Fast charger
  • Flexible
  • Has universal compatibility
  • Literally none. Most of the reviews stated how exquisite it is.

4VANMASS Wireless Car Charger Mount

If you ever missed your favourite episodes just because you ran out of battery then voila! Because now no one can fill your shoes with spoilers.

VANMASS Wireless Car Charger Mount

VANMASS is my ultimate friend to nudge the drill right away. The super-fast charging, portability and of course the reliability can snitch the deal from any expensive gear out there. Check the features out!


  • Inaugurating charging phone holder.
  • Automatically withholds the phone by its inferior gravity
  • Its has smart protection
  • Provides wireless charging
  • Can only deal with thin phone

Inaugurating charging phone holder.

Ah! The mess created by the cables gives me severe headaches I tell you. Earphones, USB, cables all these ties up in a bond that strong than any bonds in this world. Don’t you want to get out of this mess? Because I am sure as hell want to. VANMASS has introduced a wireless Charger that gives access to induction charging. Which means SAY NO TO CABLES!

It has smart protection

By assembling the phone on the mount, it can hold up the weight of the phone. Don’t worry it won’t cause any scratches on the phone or neither will it let the phone slip out of the mount.

Now tell me one thing don’t you like travelling? You sure are a travel enthusiast right? If you are and can’t stop snapping. VANMASS is the proper choose I tell you.

Snapchat drains the battery way too fast. What is the motto of travelling if you don’t show the world the breathtaking views and scenarios.

If you wanna save your phone from dying, this mount will help it get charged as well as will give a good grip through the zigzag and uneven roads.

Most of the other wireless mount fails to withhold the phone but VANMASS, on the other hand, makes sure that your phone is safe.

Better be safe than sorry!

Provides wireless charging

Yes, it is a no-cable zone and people with cables are not allowed here. Just kidding. But “no-cable zone” sounds fascinating right? After the whole day when you set your mind of watching your favourite stream and the phone almost sounds dead. It wrecks your mind right?

But do you know one thing? You can Netflix and chill all alone at night by watching your favourite show and charging your phone in the meantime? I know I know it sounds magical but it is true.

Come up with an air vent

Has a 360 rotation structure which prevents any kind of damage

  • 10W Fast Charging Gravity Car Mount
  • Allows wireless fast charging
  • Inexpensive & Easy to install
  • Some have said they have issues with this not working in the cold

5 – Bolt Smart Automatic Car Mount 

Charger for iPhone

Now that you know a lot about wireless chargers. Did you ever face any kind of problem where it is a little bit difficult to fit in the phone with the mount and some times it seems like the phone will fall off it?

Just for the record let me bring up the light in the darkness, Intech which has a built-in lock and unlock features that work automatically and surrounds your phone when it is assembled on the stage. It makes charging much easier, doesn’t it?


  • Has auto processed m which unlocks and locks the mount.
  • Phones like iPhone 8plus, X, Xmas. They are damn heavy when they are fitted with phone cases within them. I always had this fear that the phone will fall off the edge and there will be a crack on the phone. However, lynch made sure it won’t happen as it tightly grabs the phone. I must say after a few trails my fear is long gone.
  • Has a spiral-like a ball that allows full circular rotation
  • It is certified by Qi
  • While driving it is a common habit that we all like to hear music. Qi certification assures that the charging is off cable-free. So that you can attach your aux while driving and charging your phone at the same time. Google maps can be used as well.
  • Swift charging knacks
  • Holds up back up battery
  • The mount holds up a back up battery so that it can still work even if the phone is not charging. You can use it as a holder, the battery is needed for the lock and unlocks trait

Although it is a great device, everything in this world has flaws. Truth to be told some customers are not satisfied due to the automated lock and unlock feature. Some say it worked perfectly but after a week or two, it stopped working. They say the arms doesn’t respond. Others say the phone heats up a bit while charging and operating it at the same time.

The price is of $35 with a four-start, I would recommend anker, zehoo and coetech over this.

  • Efficient wireless charger
  • Automatic open/close operation
  • Robotic locking mechanism
  • Would like to see cable clips included
  • Rotation tends to loosen the mount

6 – iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless Qi Fast Charger

iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless charger

Most of y’all worry about the phone getting warm my charging. I too thought that the “warming up” problem may cause damage to the phone.

After a wholesome of research, I came up with a brilliant technology of iottie that provides ventilation while charging. I must say this particular feature attracted me and I couldn’t stop myself from snatching it.


  • The arms are open and close with one touch.
  • With a single touch, it will allow your phone to slide in and feed itself.
  • Have a warranty

I always have this fear that if my gadget breaks down, I won’t be able to fix it and all my money would be in vain. As iottie has got warranty, it has also got your back.

  • Flexible/adjustable viewing

You can set your phone in any position you want and enjoy your drive. I know it comes handy if you are an uber driver or a police officer.

  • Sturdy
  • Holds up to the dashboard, and doesn’t lose balance.
  • Universal compatibility
  • Can fit in any phone. Just, for example, you are on a family trip, and you have been always told that you are nothing but a useless brat. Now that you have iottie with you, you can charge the phone of any brand and shut their mouth if they call you useless.
  • Has double charging port
  • You can charge up more than one phone at a time.

  • Super fast charging
  • Prevents phone getting hot
  • Qi certified
  • Information is given which guides you well
  • Manufacturers made sure its adequately easy to adjust
  • Provides ventilation
  • Some claims its charges slow
  • Doesn’t work same on all phones

If we compare, other wireless Charger gadgets used to raise the temperature of the phone. But iottie let alone doesn’t do that. With a price of $35 it is surely a great dead and the solution to your fear.

7 – BESTHING 10W Wireless Charger

Who doesn’t like to dress stylishly? But who does like to accessories the car in a stylish way as well?

BESTHING 10W Wireless Charger

To all the geeks who love both car and technology, Best thing wireless chargers should be on your hands by now.


  • It is uncomplicated

Really easy, just adjust in the arms of the mount. And you know the rest.

  • Well protected

As it is Qi-certified it ensures a safe charging process

  • Can withstand phone case and provide charging from them.

This is so cool that it is not necessary to remove your phone case while charging. It helps you avoid unnecessary hassle

  • Can multi task
  • Can fit in any phone
  • Safe
  • Not durable, some last 2months or 6months
  • Fragile charging port

My opinion claims that there are much greater options than this. Iottie, VANMASS, anker does a much greater job than this

8 – LXORY Qi Wireless Car Charger

Lxory QI Wireless Car Charger

We are always attracted to unique things, aren’t we? Lxory inhibits such uniqueness in itself that makes it stand out of the pack. I myself have an iPhone 8plus and the phone is too big for my palm which is why I avoid phone cases. Or else it comes too big to handle.

However, lxory have a fabric surface material that will prevent any kind of scratches on the glass back of your phone. I no longer need to worry the glass back neither do you.


  • Automatic lock
  • Has fan blade
  • This will not let your phone burn in the sun. As it has got a fan blade, It will just itself anywhere comfortable.
  • Wireless

Such an amazing fact that you no longer need to fight with wires.

  • Supports any phone

Most of the reviews stated how well and amazingly it works. Very few had complaints. The holder holds the phone very well. It is very budget-friendly.

Out of 24 reviews, most of the comments were satisfactory. 10W gives the phone a rapid charging proficiency. The air vents are adaptive because when you put in it directly captivates the phone. It is safe and convenient.

  • Compatible with all devices
  • Easy to use
  • Efficient and quick charging speed
  • Your device has to stay on the mat while it’s charging, meaning you can’t pick it up and use it in the way you can when it’s plugged into a charging cable.

9 – Nillkin 2-in-1 Qi Wireless Charging Pad

Nillkin 2-in-1 Qi Wireless Charging Pa

Do you have OCD issues? And ever want assurance that is your phone charging right? I always need to make sure is everything going right or not. If not, it gives me anxiety. Nillkin proves that your phone is charging right by showing a blue light. Blue light is the new green light.

You can also experience a 360 degree overview. Landscape, portrait view can be well adjusted. You can literally watch movies and YouTube videos any time anywhere. Just be anti-stressed about charging and enjoy your ride.


  • Mount comes in with a magnetic field
  • which by the way doesn’t interlink with the phone. It is very protected. It attracts the phone with its magnets.
  • It can conserve up energy even after charging.
  • Even after charging. Nillkin conserves up to 70% charge. It is very competent. It is because of the advanced WPC QI standardised. The more the energy you conserve the more environment-friendly you are. This shows that Nillkin is a responsible brand and which creates a good brand image. As the world is going towards global warming is good to save than waste.
  • User-friendly
  • Can support any phone. And you even if its Samsung, iPhone or of any phone brand.
  • Provides a safe environment
  • After plugging phone, be stress-free because it won’t let your gadget fall off the edge. Suppose you are travelling on zigzag road and you are scared that your phone might and it can cause a great amount of expense.

Don’t worry Nillkin has got your back! With a 25$ deal you can really hop on it and make it your best buddy.

However, Nillkin is not the best of all. The ratings are very low and unsatisfactory even though others said it is worth every penny. It may overheat your phone and cause serious obstacles.

  • Great work
  • Fast wireless charger
  • Stylish and cool design
  • Uses the USB-C port so you can’t plug in anything else

10 – Squish Wireless Charger Car Mount

Squish Wireless Charger Car Mount

Don’t get overwhelmed with all the mount. My belief is to go for the right one. It comes in very handy while travelling, working or in any situation.

Always try to choose the one that comes up with a variety of traits. I always want everything perfect. As I am spending a huge amount of money on my phone I definitely will not want something that’s of bad quality to demolish my phone. Quality is always the first on my checklist, second comes, the colour and it’s working ability.


Quick charging

  • Yes, I know that you are always on the verge of running. Squish ensures that your phone is well feed.

Easy to settle in

  • Even though it comes up with instructions, you can simply experience the handoff feature. Without any hesitation, it hugs your phone and treats it well.

Wonderful holding capabilities

  • Squish won’t let you down. As the magnetic powers withhold them you can trust on it and let it guide you.


  • By now you may have the idea that mount can be settled anywhere, anyplace. From my perspective, it is very comfortable when you can use your phone as a phone holder as well as a charger.

Can carry out other tasks at once

  • Some times it’s annoying to hold your phone while you are watching something. To be honest, my hand hurts. But this charger gives you more than one service.

  • Squish wireless charger car mount adjustable gravity air vent phone
  • Squish Qi fast charging wireless car charger mount
  • best work results
  • .Seems a little bit bulky


I will never guide you to the wrong path. So here are some disadvantages that I think we need to discuss.

It incurred that the handles were loose and kept making noises. Maybe that was a faulty product but it destroys the brand image. This might be a loss project for squish if it continues so. Some also claimed that it charges very slowly where it claimed that it is one of the fastest wireless charging devices.

I know this is annoying, the long hours it takes the more annoying it becomes. You don’t want something that wastes your time, does you? Then again, some product may be faulty so it’s all about luck sometimes. The price is less $22 but the mount is not. If you prefer price over quality, then you can purchase it.

In comparison to BYOC, Anker, Zehoo, squish is a little off. Even this they cost more but the quality and features are top-notch. Happy shopping and choose what is best for you.


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