The Best Water Dispenser for Home

Are you looking for chilled water at your home? If so, a water dispenser will suit you as it will provide cold water at your fingertips.

This article will consist of the 10 best water dispensers for home use in 2020. This guide will contain the following information as well:

  • Development of water dispenser
  • Benefits of water dispenser
  • Ways to maintain a water dispenser
  • Recommendations to choose the best water dispenser for residential use
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Water is an essential part of our life. Nobody can live without it.  People have always tried to access cold or hot water easily at their homes and water dispensers were invented for this purpose. Today, there are thousands of good products available on the market. We will help you choose the best ones by reviewing them in detail and then offering you advice on how to choose the one which suits you ideally!

What is a Water Dispenser and how did it develop?

A water dispenser is an electrical device that is used to cool or heat the water. They also contain a refrigerator in most cases. Water dispensers can exist in various forms and sizes which we will discuss below. The invention of water dispenser came as a result of various factors. In old times, people used glass bottles for drinks which were both expensive and difficult to dispose of. The use of plastics grew in the 1980s and people were highly attracted to drink water through plastic bottles.

As the bottles grew in various forms, large ones were manufactured which allowed several liters capacity. Combined with the development of electricity, it was observed that a machine was needed that could provide cold water continuously. People found it difficult to fill up water coolers, put ice in them to make the water cold and then wait for it to become warm again. Also, it was not practical for a large number of people because the storage was limited.

Types of Water Dispensers

You may have seen only one kind of water dispenser at your home but there are other types as well which we shall discuss here.

  • Bottled Water Dispenser

These are perhaps the most common types of water dispensers in the market. They have the water bottle attached at the top which is put upside down. The opening of the bottle is inserted into the space provided at the dispenser which contains an internal compartment where the water goes.

  • Wall mounted Water Dispenser

These are present in large commercial buildings. The water dispenser is placed on the wall or inside it. The unit containing the cold water is outside which contains a tap for the user to access it. The water supply comes from the main supply for the building so there is no need to attach bottles on it. There are various forms and shapes of this machine. Some have filtration system as well to clean the incoming water from the supply. There are also models with sensors that switch on the water from the tap once a person gets near the device.

  • Tabletop Water Dispenser

Tabletop water dispensers can be placed on top of tables or shelves so that users can access them on the go. They are small in size and are similar to a cooler i.e they may not have a proper refrigeration system to cool the water. Instead, they need to be cooled manually through ice. Usually, these devices are used in restaurants or parties because they are fancy in their looks. They can contain water, juices or other drinks inside.

  • Direct Piping Water Dispenser

As its name suggests, these machines are connected to the home’s main water source. You would not need to change or fill up bottles if you use this device. However, the water source must be clean because most of these dispensers do not filter the incoming water. They can provide continuous water at anytime and are also known as Point of Use (POU) dispensers.

10 Best Water Dispensers for Home

Now that we have seen the types of water dispensers, let us begin our review of the best devices on the market.

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1. Avalon A5 Water Cooler

Avalon A5 Water Cooler

This is a stylish, bottle less water dispenser with built in filters.  The filters are of sediment and carbon block type and can work for 6 months (1500 gallons) after first purchase. Water supply is through the pipe of your home’s supply systems. The device comes with an installation kit which contains the pipes, screws and connectors for the operation. Users can access the water in 3 different forms: hot, cold and normal. The buttons are fitted with LED lights so that it is easy for you to locate them at night. You can lock the hot water supply to protect yourself from scald.

The device is available at $275 in black and silver colour choices. There is even an ozone cleaning feature which protects the dispenser from harmful bacteria. Overall, this is one of the best hot and cold water dispensers for home!

  • Bottle less Design
  • Contains 2 filters inside
  • Ozone feature for cleaning
  • Filters need replacement quite often
  • Expensive water dispenser

2. Primo Deluxe Water Dispenser

Primo Deluxe Water Dispenser

This is a bottled water dispenser from Primo brand. The machine has a slim and stylish design. The top section is black and the bottom refrigeration unit has a silver door. It also has a water compartment for pets at the bottom which also a separate button to put water in it. There are two options: hot and cold. Above the taps, there are corresponding LEDs to know the status of the device. The top space for bottle holder is made sharp enough so that it opens the cap instantly and the water does not spill out. At $160, this is one of the best water dispensers for home!

  • Sleek design
  • Separate bowl for pets
  • Competitive price
  • No room temperature water option
  • Bottled use is cumbersome


3. PUDHOM 5 Gallon Water Dispenser

PUDHOM 5 Gallon Water Dispenser

If you do not want large water dispensers sticking at your houses, this unique product by PUDHOM will suit you. This is basically a water pump which is operated by a 1200mAh battery.  After one full charge, you can pump up to 30 gallons of water which is enough for one month’s operation for a small family. It can fit gallons of various sizes which have an opening of 5-6 cm. The pipe is made of stainless steel and the device is made of high quality plastic that you can use outdoors as well. There is only button present that you need to press to access the water.

You can charge the device using USB cable. It takes only 4 watts power which is negligible. Costing $18, this is one of the most affordable water dispensers on the market!

  • Electrically operated
  • Small and efficient device
  • Can attach to different gallons
  • Does not cool or heat water
  • No filtration feature

4. Costway 2 in 1 Water Dispenser

Costway 2 in 1 Water Dispenser

This product by Costway is a bottled water dispenser with 3 settings for water output. You can take cold, hot or normal water from the machine. It has a built in ice cube dispenser as well which can make 9 ice cubes in 10 minutes. You can obtain up to 27 pounds of ice in one day which means that you do not need to mess around with trays in your refrigerator. The hot water tap is lockable to protect users from getting scalds.

The water dispenser costs $360 which relatively high but the features like ice cube maker make up for it.  Its elegant design and specifications make it one of the best water cooler dispensers for home.

  • 3 temperature options
  • Built-in ice dispenser
  • Refrigerator at the bottom
  • Expensive device
  • Not bottle-less

5. Primo Stainless Steel Water Dispenser

Primo Stainless Steel Water Dispenser

If you want the most good looking water dispenser, you must look at this product from Primo.  The water bottle is loaded from the bottom and is hidden from view. This preserves the clean look of the machine and allows ease in placing heavy bottles on it. There are three options for water delivery: extra cold, cool and hot. The hot tap is protected by a lock so that you do not accidently get a scald on your hands.

There is an ozone self cleaning feature which purifies the machine and protects from germs. Primo has a scheme where you can exchange your used gallons with new ones and preserve plastic which is good for the environment. The internal water tray is made from steel which increases its life and efficiency. This bottom load water dispenser costs $180 which makes it a good choice for consumers.

  • Bottom load water dispenser
  • 3 options for water output
  • Ozone feature for self-cleaning
  • No filtration

6. Home Labs Water Dispenser

Home Labs Water Dispenser

The Home Labs Bottom Load Dispenser is an excellent machine if you like instant water at your house. You can place the water gallons in the bottom compartment. No need to pick up heavy bottles and place them on the top like most of the other devices. Users can access the water in cold, hot or normal temperatures. Unlike other water dispensers, there is a single output hose for water delivery. The buttons are placed on the top and below that, you will find LED lights for current status.

It costs $380 which is relatively high for a bottom load water dispenser with reasonable features. The colours are black and silver which gives it an overall elegant look. Users get 2 years warranty which is a plus point if you purchase this machine.

  • Bottom Load device allows easy access
  • 3 options for water delivery
  • Warranty for 2 years
  • Expensive water dispenser
  • No filtration feature

7. New Wave Enviro Water Dispenser

New Wave Enviro Water Dispenser

Simple and effective, this is the New Wave Enviro water dispenser which is made from stainless steel. The material resists stains and corrosion so you do not need to worry if water spills on it. The water bottles are placed on the top. Its internal capacity is 2.2 gallons which can serve perfectly on outings or parties as well.

It costs $35 which is significantly less than full size water dispensers. The water tap is made from high quality material so you would not feel problems of leakage anytime. Overall, it is one of the best water cooler dispensers for home use.

  • The stylish device made from stainless steel
  • Reasonable internal storage for water
  • Cheap water dispenser
  • No hot or cold feature
  • Bottles still need to be placed on top

8. Lead Free Porcelain Water Dispenser

Lead Free Porcelain Water Dispenser

If you think that the picture below is of decoration item at home, you are mistaken! This is a modern water dispenser made from porcelain material.  This is an item which will interest the artists because it is an unconventional one. You will find the water cooler placed on a 11 inch diameter stand that is made from black wood. The contrast of black and white goes excellently in this product. Water gallons are placed on the top and the tap is made from high quality stainless steel. Internal capacity is 2.5 gallons.

This item costs $94 and the benefit is that you get a working water dispenser plus a beautiful show piece which you can even place in your drawing room while entertaining your guests.

  • Beautiful and unique design
  • High-quality materials
  • Comes with a wooden stand
  • No temperature option
  • Porcelain can break easily

9. Rechargeable Water Bottle Pump

Rechargeable Water Bottle Pump

If you want a small and light weight device to extract water from large gallons, this unique product will be ideal for you. This is essentially a water pump which is operated by a 1200mAh battery.  After one full charge, you can pump up to 30 gallons of water which is enough for one month’s operation for a small family. It can fit gallons of various sizes which have an opening of 5-6 cm. The pipe is made of stainless steel and the device is made of high quality plastic that you can use outdoors as well.

There is only button present that you need to press to access the water. The fun part is that you carry it in your pockets by removing the steel pipe. You can charge the device using USB cable. The top section of the device lights up to show the notification of charging. It takes only 4 watts power which is negligible. Costing $16, this is one of the best affordable water cooler dispensers for home in 2020!

  • The wireless device (Can be used outdoors)
  • Only one-touch operation
  • Long battery life
  • Ideal for outdoor picnics
  • No temperature option
  • No filtration feature

10. Hello Kitty Water Dispenser

Hello Kitty Water Dispenser

If your kids are fans of Hello Kitty, this is the product that you should buy them. Resembling a kitty face, it is white and pink in colour and uses a small gallon which can be placed on the top. Users can extract up to 8 glasses of water from the bottle at one time and then refill it easily. The tap is located below which gives water at room temperature only. There is a compartment for drainage as well which collects the water spilled out while filling your glasses. Costing $42, this is the ideal gift for your young ones because they will surely like it a lot!

  • Unique design attracts kids
  • Small size is easily manageable
  • Inexpensive water dispenser
  • Only room temperature water available
  • Difficult to find small gallons easily
  • No filtration feature

Benefits Of a Water Dispenser

You may have noticed the benefits that a water dispenser has. Let us list down some of them here:

  • 24/7 water delivery at homes or commercial buildings
  • Clean and efficient way to obtain water
  • Studies show that people drink 30% more water if they use water dispensers at home
  • Multiple features like hot water and refrigerators in most devices
  • Long lasting device – Each water dispenser lasts for 15 years on average
  • Easy maintenance- Cleaning recommended every 6 months only
  • Variety in choices based on the requirements of user

How to Choose the Best Water Dispenser For Home?

Now that we have reviewed the top products, we will make a list of some important points that you shall keep in mind while purchasing water dispensers. Everybody has different circumstances in terms of water supply, room storage and usage which mean that users must look at these things while purchasing the devices. Some of them are as follows:

  • If you have issues in picking large items, buy a bottom load water dispenser because it is easy to exchange gallons in it. This goes for females as well who are living alone or with kids.
  • Normal households with large families must prefer bottles top load water dispensers because they are long lasting and simple to use.
  • If you like to throw parties or go outdoors on picnics quite often, purchase an electric water pump to extract water from your gallons anywhere and anytime.
  • If your water supply is perfectly clean and filtered and your budget allows it, then only buy a bottle less water dispenser because they are expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is a water dispenser worth it?

This is a popular question that many old school people ask. After all, there were no such devices to cool or heat water 50 years ago. However, people who start using water dispensers at home feel that it is one of the best inventions because it offers so much convenience in their lives. People tend to find the water more tasty which makes them drink more every day. Therefore, there are many benefits to water dispensers and it is totally worth purchasing.

  • How much does it cost for a water dispenser?

There are various types of water dispensers on the market that uses slightly different forms of water delivery. Most reasonable bottles dispensers can be purchased at around $100- $150. The bottle less machines are higher in price range at $250-$300 however, they offer modern features as well. If you want a simple water pump to extract water from your gallons, you can buy it for as low as $10.

  • Do water dispensers consume a lot of electricity?

There is mixed response from environmentalists on the use of electricity in water dispensers. It is well known that these devices consume a lot of electricity because they have to provide hot or cold water continuously and the elements inside use a large amount of energy. On average, it is estimated that water dispensers 1.6kWh of electricity every day. The fact that they remain on for the whole day accounts for such a large number. Researchers advise people to drink water at room temperature and avoid continuous heating or cooling of water at homes.

  • Do water dispensers save money?

Many people ask this before buying a water dispenser. There are electrical and non electrical devices available on the market. If we buy an electrical water dispenser, we need to consider the energy cost as well which may be considerable if the use is high. However, water dispensers are not always switched on for example, they may remain off in the entire winter season as people prefer normal water. Moreover, other dispensers like glass, porcelain or stainless steel ones do not use electricity at all which means that the cost is less than the cost of bottled water if we purchase it from outside.

  • How often should a water dispenser be cleaned?

A water dispenser should be cleaned after every 6 months. There are a lot of germs and bacteria that can stay on the device. The storage tank is the most important place that needs to be washed with soap and the plastic holders cleaned as well. The drain compartment below the taps must be emptied every week or so and washed as well. Some modern water dispensers have self- cleaning features which purifies them on the touch of a button.


Water is an essential part of life. People have tried to access clean drinking water in a number of ways over the years. The development of water dispensers was a huge breakthrough in this regard because it has become a common household machine everywhere. Many people think that it is just a way to pour drinking water into glasses so they do not pay much attention to these devices and buy whatever comes first. However, it is critical to research properly when buying such a product because you want a reliable source of water that could run for tens of years.

In this review, we have explored the 10 best water dispensers for home use. All of them are studied deeply in terms of their distinguishing features, pros, cons and prices. Then, we have offered a list of options on how to choose the best machine based on your requirements. The products reviewed were a mixture of top load, bottom load and water pump dispensers. One device was bottle less which was the Avalon A5. It can be concluded that bottled water dispensers are still the most famous choice for users because of their reliability and efficiency. The bottom load models are gaining popularity because of their ease in exchanging gallons.

The bottle less water dispensers are still very expensive for residential use and require clean water source which is not present in most households. Moreover, filtration feature is also very rare in water dispensers because their sole purpose is to supply water at a specific temperature. Overall, users must choose their water dispensers after careful analysis of the main features and prices of the products. Make sure to read this guide so that you know everything about the best water dispensers for home!

We hope that you liked this article. Please leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below. We would like to hear from you regarding our guides!

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