Best Operating System For Gaming
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The Best Operating System For Gaming

Are you an online gaming lover? Do you want the best operating system for gaming?


So, We have a detailed guide for online game lovers.

Since the arrival of smartphones, phablets, and tablets, we have seen a decline in the market shares and sales of laptops and PCs. But a lot of people, such as gamers, who are still looking for long-lasting laptops for gaming purposes. Therefore, keeping the requirements of players in mind, well-known companies are launching heavy-duty laptops for games periodically. There are too many powerful gaming laptops available for players from different companies such as Dell, ASUS, HP, and much more.

Additionally, having an excessive-finish gaming device (Laptop), the dominant operating system is also an integral part of your order that can provide power to your PC and have an impact on the expertise in playing video games on the laptops and computers. We bring you the best windows os for gaming in this article for PC gaming and experience.

What is the Operating System?

Before proceeding, we have to know which os is best for gaming? The simple definition available on the internet is “the software or process that enables the communication between computer hardware systems and users.” So the users can run the necessary application on their system.

Also, they can manage the hardware resources of computers, such as scheduling the tasks and utilizing the severe purposes of controlling peripherals. No doubt in it that Mac and Windows are the best options when it comes to home or personal use. For personal use, especially for typical tasks, i.e., web browsing or writing, you don’t need a powerful operating system. But for gaming purposes, the windows operating system is a sound optimized operating system than the other operating system.

best OS for Gaming 2020


There is no doubt that the Linux based operating system is the best option when we talk about the fastest and lightest operating system. Such types of operating systems didn’t require a powerful processor like windows operating systems for tasks. Fedora operating system is an excellent option for business and enterprise purposes.

Windows OS – The Most Popular Platform

1- Window 10

The latest operating system, “Windows 10” from the well-known brand Microsoft is not a let-down in respect of gaming. The windows 10 operating system is a very efficient and highly optimized operating system. It brings with some new characteristics that concentrated on the games pub and Xbox programs. Additionally, it featured with the Direct X12, the most updated version of Microsoft’s platform for operating games.

Microsoft Windows 10 Home

The above-mentioned latest features designed for making the gaming experience much better for you in the combination of the statement that Windows 10 will last to receive the latest updates and make it the first-class operating system to utilize in your gaming PCs. You are going to acquire future proof your pc as Microsoft will proceed to upgrade ‘Windows 10 OS” for years to come.

2. Windows 8

Windows 8 is the operating system that is giving close competition to windows 10 OS, with the latter having to some extent improved aspects. You can run over 20,000 types of games on this operating system, which means that the best window for gaming and participant has a wide variety of picks, with the minor exclusion of newer video games being no longer available.

Wíndоws 8.1 Pro for gaming

There is nonetheless a drawback of full compatibility, where some video games might no longer work correctly. It is tremendously stable and has perfect and wide-ranging drivers for the entire hardware. However, the DOS-based games require some additional software to run effortlessly.

3. Windows 7

Undoubtedly, the most popular operating system by Microsoft to date in regards to quick and reliable performance, efficiency, and stability in the Windows 7 operating system. Additionally, with the built-in feature, DirectX software, with the latest version of Direct X Windows 7 operating system, became the go-to version for gamers, as Microsoft permits for new software to windows 7 OS. Users can get most out of their performance by changing in the setting through the built-in customization features. It will become more attractive for gamers when they update their gaming systems with the latest hardware.

best windows operating system for gaming


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With the Operating system of windows 10 overview, the Windows 7 OS has missing its control to the commendable successor. But, the Windows 7 operating system still used by a lot of video gamers for their gaming devices, desktops, and laptops. Microsoft announces that they will withdraw backing for Windows 7 in 2020, which means you have time till then to convert to another operating system.

4- Mac OS – For the Casuals

All Apple products (Laptops and Phones, etc.) are built-in in the Mac operating system. The Mojave operating system is the updated version of Mac OS after OS Catalina, that released during this fall. After the Sierra series of the operating system, the Mojave OS is the modern and updated series of the operating system. To use the best update of Mac OS is to reinstall your existing Mac operating system or set up the popular variant.

The latest Mac operating system “Catalina’s beta version” has been released, while the full form of this OS will be released very soon this year. The Mac Operating System significantly attuned with all Apple products.

5- Linux’s – For the Enthusiast Professionals

One possibility you didn’t consider in your seek for the best operating system for a desktop or laptop is Linux. Linux has a popularity for being challenging to make use of, even though, in recent years, extra user-friendly supplies have become available.
On the Linux operating system, you are allowed to change almost anything, as long as you have the required information. That is why the Linux operating system is so widespread in all power users who want to participate in complicated tasks effectively.

While on the other hand, for ordinary users, the learning curve for Linux is rather sharp. Some users are frightened by using the command line. And it could take a long time before you learn the commands, you must use the operating method effectively. As a result, Linux isn’t well appropriate to much less tech-savvy users.

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“Resurrecting the old hardware”, The region where Linux does shine. In case if you have an old pc that is too slow to run windows, try to install the lightweight Linux distribution on it, and you will be able to hold making use of it for simple duties like email and internet searching.

6- Chrome OS

The Chrome operating system is one of the popular contenders for the best operating system for gaming laptops. Lightweight Chrome OS Capturing the more of the market from competitors. With some desktop bits, the Chrome OS runs a basic system which is the chrome web browser. You can’t run or install windows software, and you can access just Chrome, Chrome Apps and android apps by using this operating system.

The chrome operating system is so simple and the best operating system for live streaming laptops. They sync with Google drive easily for storage, don’t require antivirus and update automatically. The price of Chromebooks is between $200 and $300.

Chromebook is the best option for using only chrome and with a full keyboard for simple PC and powerful web searching for not much money. On the other hand, a lot of tasks not done by Chromebook, if you want to use Photoshop work regularly, the Chromebook is not capable of that.

7- Ubuntu

An operating system you are looking for that has everything you wish, and the Ubuntu OS is a Linux based operating system and ideal option for you. It specially manufactured for personal and organizational uses. You can easily download, use and share it with others. This operating system is worth laying nominal games. Supported by popular software Company-Canonical. And now this OS is taking over by Ubuntu services providers.

it is an open-source Operating System that can be downloaded easily and use for free, while it is used and shared by the majority of users. It has an onboard firewall and Antivirus software, putting it on the safest and secure OS list. Most importantly, you will get five-years of security patches and updates.

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You can download and use it for free due to its open-source OS, used and shared by a lot of users. It has its antivirus and firewall software that makes Ubuntu OS faster, secure and safest operating system. Most importantly, you are going to get five-years of protective coverings and updates.

Furthermore, more than 50 languages supported by the Ubuntu operating system. Ubuntu is particularly suitable for any PCs, Laptops and even with smartphones too. Searching for the free OS, it is the best Operating system. Due to its open-source, attracting the majority of users — also, its forceful edge and included security features makes the Ubuntu ultimate choice for gaming.


There are advantages and disadvantages to every operating system. But overall we can say that Mac OS is not the best option for gaming. Apple (Mac OS) doing a great job with the graphics card and giving you more memory but Mac OS is not a gaming platform at all. The Mac OS will provide you with the heck of a job in the field of video editing and photo editing, but in gaming competition, it is not the best option.

If you have any questions or queries related to the best OS for Gaming 2020, please let us know in the comments section below. We hope that you found this article helpful.


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