PS5 Design Reveal: What does PS5 look like?

Have you been wondering how the Sony’s next generation console will look like? After all, it’s the most hyped topic these days. Well, the wait is over because PS5 design reveal took place on 11 June, 2020.

In this article, we shall discuss the most asked question these days, what does a PS5 look like? Moreover, we will talk about the following topics as well:

  • Key design features of PS5
  • PS5 controller design
  • Changes in design from previous consoles
  • Difference between PS4 and PS5 designs
  • Expected Release date of PS5

Rumours have been floating around regarding Sony’s PlayStation 5 for years. Many companies, artists and technology enthusiasts have been busy in predicting the design and specifications of the console which shows the hype it has built worldwide. The features were released few months back and now we have been shown the official design of PS5 by Sony few days ago. So, let’s talk about the design elements of the upcoming console.

PS5 Design Leaks

Every major gaming console by renowned brands is speculated well before we get to see the actual product. Sony is no exception and the PS5 has been subject to major design leaks from many years. Let’s look at some of the designs below:

Look at this design that was leaker in early 2020. Can we expect the new PS5 to have such a simple, square look? Probably not, since users will not like such a old design on a console in 2020.

This design has been floating around the Internet for quite some time. You will find it on almost every tech forum but sadly, it is not even close to the final look of the console. However, this rendering is actually quite attractive but Sony is not going to make anything like this for the present.

There are tens of other designs available on the Web when you search for PS5. For many years, it has kept the fans thinking, Is there an official PS5 design? No need to keep your imaginations rolling because now we know the official design which we will discuss in the section below.

How will PS5 look like? (PS5 Design Reveal)

PlayStations have always had a uni-colour, rectangular look in terms of design. Almost all consoles were in black colour which made things a bit boring. Sony has realised this issue so the new PS5 will have a completely new design. According to Sony’s PS5 reveal event in June 2020, the new console will arrive in a dual colour scheme. The outer casing will be of white colour and the internal part having the buttons and lights will be in black colour. The best part is that the white section curves outwards on both sides which give PS5 a unique look.

ps5 games

As seen from the above figure, the looks are stylish and subtle. The front of the device has only 2 ports: USB Type C and Type A port. There are 2 buttons for power and play while the rest is plan black look. Sony has launched the PS5 in standard and digital editions. The standard one has an optical disc drive which sticks out on one side and looks out of place in other otherwise clean design. The digital variant does not have this disc drive do the design is more symmetrical. Most games can be purchased and downloaded online which has reduced the demand of physical CDs so we can expect a lot of users to choose the digital edition over the standard one.

Can PS5 be placed horizontally?

In all the photos up till now, you have seen the console placed vertically which is a bit different from the past when all products were shown in horizontal positions. Many users have limited space in their TV trolleys or tables so they like to put the devices flat with the surface. However, placing them vertically will actually consume less space and look better so it is not a bad option. Still, if you like to put the PS5 horizontally, you can do so as Sony released an image showing it. What does PS5 look like in horizontal position?

The device rests on a black piece which is most likely the same stand that you see in the vertical photos. The width of the console is larger at the ends due to the curved design. The blue lines on the sides are the cooling grills which give it a very stylish appearance.

PS5 Controller Design

The DualSense controller for PS5 was released earlier this year and it has become since remained a hot topic for discussion. The PS5 design controller carries the same colour scheme from the main console. The major portion is white while the joystick area and trigger buttons are black in colour. Although the shape is similar to previous controllers, it does have more curves towards the bottom to give it a rounded look. The aim is to improve the grip for the user. There are several other changes as well like improved haptic feedback system, built in microphone, new light bar position, replacement of Share button with Create button and updated trigger mechanism.

Expected Release Date of PS5

With the PS5 design confirmed, users are anxiously waiting for the console to be available in the market. Sony has announced the Holiday 2020 season for the release of PS5. This means that we can expect the console to arrive in October to December this year. Keeping in view the festive occasion of Christmas in December, it is more likely that this will be the month when you will actually be able to buy this highly awaited console.

Final Verdict

The PS5 design reveal was a major event of this year. Gaming enthusiasts have been waiting for years to catch a glimpse of the actual console they will be using. Now that you know how will PS5 look like, it is time to start preparing for the day when the device becomes available for purchase. The design preferences are based on individual likes and dislikes which means that some may like the new look of PS5 while some may not.

However, one thing is for sure that the new console’s appearance is definitely different from the past. Sony has experimented dual colour scheme for the first time along with other changes. Time will tell how users will react to this device eventually!

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