Is Acer a Good Brand?

Are you bewildered by the huge amount of companies for electronic products? There are so many choices available to consumers like Samsung, Apple, HP, Acer, Dell, and Lenovo. One of the strong names in this category is “Acer” which is a Taiwanese brand manufacturing electronic devices and hardware. Due to the excess of companies in the market, people want to know about the best products so they often ask, “Is Acer a good brand”? This article will explore the best laptop brands and find out “Is Acer a good brand for laptops”?

How Did The Acer Brand Develop?

Acer is a computer manufacturer based in Taiwan that was founded in 1984. Acer has a wide range of products, from laptops and tablets to smartphones. Acer’s products are available in many different sizes and shapes. They are known for being a bit pricey, but they offer great value for the money. Acer’s products are popular among consumers because of their sleek design and good performance.

In the mid-2000s years, buyer notebooks have been almost the sole improvement drivers for the PC business, and Acer’s phenomenally low overheads and dedication to the channel had made it one of the essential beneficiaries of this trend. Acer grew quickly in Europe somewhat by getting a handle on the usage of progressively customary spread channels concentrating on retail customers when a couple of rivals were looking for after online arrangements and business customers.

In 2007 Acer bought Gateway in the US and Packard Bell in Europe and transformed into the Number 3 world provider of PCs and number 2 for scratch cushion, and achieved basic improvement inefficiency. Acer has been trying to transform into the world’s greatest PC merchant, in the conviction that the target can help it with achieving economy of scale and amass higher margin. But such a reliance on the high-volume, low-regard PC promotion made Acer revealed when buying affinities changed. However, the question remains, Is Acer a good brand for a laptop? Let’s find out.

Best Brands of Laptops 2020

Every manufacturer wants its products to be number 1 amongst the customers. However, it is a fact that no brand can be number 1 in every category. Consumers are highly aware of their needs these days and they want the best laptop to buy. The following features are usually considered while evaluating if a laptop is good:

  • Battery Life
  • Processing speed
  • Design
  • Graphics
  • Connectivity
  • Cost

best acer laptops

To make things easier for our readers, we have compiled a list of the best laptops for the year 2019/20 for each of the above categories. It will take into consideration all of the above qualities in the device and then you can decide “Is Acer a good brand”?

Battery Life

Decent battery life is everybody’s need for laptops because they are used in different locations where we may not have access to charging facilities. Listed below are the 10 best laptop devices that can hold their charge for the longest period of time.

Is Acer a Good Brand

The entirety of the above PCs are tried with similar states of brilliance and execution settings and their occasions are great. As should be obvious there are 4 PCs from Dell, 3 from HP, 2 from Lenovo and 1 from Google. The challenge that is close right now is too soon to discover” Is Acer a good brand for laptops “? In spite of the fact that, there is no PC from Acer right now in this list, it doesn’t imply that it’s anything but a decent workstation. Along these lines, how about we proceed onward to our next classification which is the handling speed.

 Processing Speed

On the off chance that you’re crunching the numbers in a goliath spreadsheet, transcoding a monster 4K video or playing a mentioning game, you’ll need a PC that is outright quick. We use Geekbench 4 (and 4.1), a designed benchmark, to measure as a rule execution. We by then took the scores from all of the workstations we’ve attempted and recorded the principle 10 organized by best CPU execution. Exactly as expected, the workstations with the latest Intel Core i9 (H-plan) processors bested the overview, trailed by those with Core i7 CPUs.

acer laptop

The vast majority of the above are very good quality gaming workstations so their details are distinctive to typical PCs. They have the most recent age processors and substantial realistic cards which are on the whole exceptionally adjustable. Alienware is a sub-brand of Dell so there are 4 Dell workstations right now, from Asus and 1 from the various brands including Apple. It is intriguing to take note that there is no Acer PC present right now. In this way, it makes one wonder, “Are Acer Laptops good for gaming ”? Judging from the above list, the answer speaks “No”.


The design of the laptop is very important to consider because you are going to look at your laptop every day. If it is ugly in its looks, it would not have a good impression on the user. The similarity in designs these days among electronic devices is another reason why brands experiment in this category in order to make their products stand out. Therefore, we have made the choice easier for you by compiling a list of the 10 most beautiful laptops as agreed by the majority of technology enthusiasts.

  1. HP Spectre x360
  2. Razer Blade
  3. Asus Zenbook UX331UA
  4. Apple Macbook Pro
  5. Microsoft Surface Laptop
  6. Lenovo Yoga
  7. Dell XPS
  8. Acer Aspire S7
  9. LG Gram
  10. Samsung Ativ Book 9 Pro

The category of best looking laptops contains one from every mainstream brand and Acer Aspire S7 is one of them which is a breathtaking device. However, the design is a personal choice for people and it must not be considered a determinant of brand quality. We shall have to look at other categories to find out “Is Acer a good brand”?


Exactly when you need the best introduction, brightness is simply a bit of the condition. You also need to think about concealing augmentation capacity. This is what disconnects a troubling survey understanding from a truly enchanting, can’t-take-your-eyes-off the-screen event. Right now, use the Red Green Blue (RGB) concealing exhibit to measure this quality, with 100% being our recognized least.

Is Acer a good brand for laptops

The above data shows that Dell has a leading position in terms of best laptop brands for screen graphics. The use of new technologies like Optical Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) in laptop screens is a new concept but it has dramatically increased the graphics performance of the devices. Concluding from the list we can observe that there is again no laptop from Acer so the answer to the question, “Is Acer a good laptop brand” for graphics with solid “No”!


Did you ever comprehend the essentialness of ports on your workstation? Or of course, Have you anytime thought about how life would have been without the nearness of such data association ports? Disregarding the way that we on occasionally even consider their monstrosity considering the way that ports are authoritatively seen in practically every device nowadays whether it’s a 90’s PC or an awesome quality as of late made workstation model. In any case, the advancement about the development of these ports is something really up these days!

acer laptop brands

In the present article, I’m going to take you on a visit around the best workstations with Thunderbolt 3. The upsides and drawbacks of every workstation discussed making it less difficult for you regarding why you should go for a particular model and why you should skirt one.

  1. Lenovo ThinkPad P52S
  2. Apple MacBook Pro 15”
  3. HP Omen 15”
  4. MSI GS65
  5. Asus Zenbook Pro
  6. Dell G5587
  7. Apple MacBook Air 13”
  8. Eluk Omen
  9. Lenovo Yoga
  10. Lenovo ThinkPad T480

One can’t prevent the significance of claiming ports in a PC. The Thunderbolt 3 is the most recent improvement which has given higher availability by more prominent information speeds. Lenovo is a solid contender right now it has 3 PCs surprisingly here. Macintosh has 2 workstations right now HP, Eluk, Asus, each have 1 PC with outstanding amongst other availability. The pattern is moving towards least ports in versatile gadgets yet there are individuals who like the old fashioned workstations with a lot of ports for availability.


This is the most significant area for the peruses of this article since everyone needs the best worth item at the least cost. The inspiring news is that you’ll have to recognize fewer tradeoffs with the spending workstations of today than you did previously. Intel’s Atom, Celeron, and Pentium processors (which power most of the under-$500 PC set) have created to the point that they can support an enormous bit of your web scrutinizing and basic effectiveness needs without feeling lazy.

The most forward-thinking consolidated GPUs can hold fast in program based Flash games and even some online games like World of Warcraft. The more noteworthy degrees of the prevalence of AAA titles, in any case, despite everything require a discrete GPU, which you won’t find at this moment.

  1. Acer Chromebook 514
  2. Dell Inspiron Chromebook 14
  3. Lenovo IdeaPad 130s
  4. Lenovo Yoga Chromebook
  5. Dell Inspiron 14 5000
  6. HP Stream 11
  7. Lenovo Flex 11
  8. Acer Swift 1
  9. Dell Latitude 2 in 1
  10. HP Pavilion x360

The exceptionally advancing spec sheets will add cost to a PC notwithstanding, you can increase a good gadget at a low cost. Brands like Acer are focusing on this section with their Chrome books which has permitted them to build up a flexible stance in the market. The best Acer laptops are set serious in the value section by conveying the highlights that a typical client requires and being in the scope of most of the individuals.

Best Acer Laptops 2020

Now that we have seen the best brands of laptops overall, we move onto the specific devices by Acer that stand out.  Below is a list of the best laptops made by Acer:

  1. Predator Helios 300

This is a top of the line gamer-focused laptop. When people ask, are Acer laptops good for gaming? , there is only one answer which is this laptop. The price tag for this laptop is relatively reasonable at $999 which makes it a budget gaming laptop. It has 16 GB RAM and is powered by Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1660Ti graphics card. The laptop has an extremely fast refresh rate which is 144 Hz and is essential for good gaming performance.

  1. Acer Swift 2 50WL

This laptop is again a premium device manufactured by Acer. The highlight of this laptop is its inherent 4G modem which makes it a powerhouse performer. The 8th generation i5 CPU that runs it makes this one of the best laptops as per its price ($700).

  1. Acer Aspire 3 Ryzen

Simple in design but a killer in performance, this is the motto of this laptop. It has a maximum clock speed of 3.6 Ghz by its AMD CPU and can be bought in various RAM versions. These start from 8GB and go up to 32 GB and 0.25 to 1 TB storage. Therefore, the highest spec model is extreme in its numbers even if we compare it to gaming laptops.

  1. Predator Triton 500

This laptop answers the question, Is Acer good for gaming? excellently. The device has a whopping 144 Hz display refresh rate and can be bought with different specs up to 16 GB RAM and 1TB disk storage. Out of the available RAM, 8 GB is dedicated to video only. But, the price is comparably huge at almost $2500.

  1. Acer Spin 3

As its name suggests, you can spin the screen all the way to 180 degrees and enjoy a tablet like an experience.  The device is below $1000 and has a Core i7 CPU which is the tremendously fast processor. It comes with a stylus that can be used for precise tasks. The 16 GB RAM and SSD storage are enough to keep this laptop running smoothly for any type of application.

  1. Acer Spin 5

The Acer Spin 5 is a compact device having the functionality of both a notebook and a tablet. It can be purchased in either 256 or 512 GB of storage with 8 to 16 GB of RAM options. Other features include an Ethernet port for wired internet connection, HDMI port, and USB connection ports.

  1. Acer Switch 7 Black Edition

At present, the fundamental 2-in-1 in their lineup, the Switch 7 Black Edition (approx. $1271) is an excellent contender to the well known Microsoft Surface Pro at a much lower cost. With 16 GB of RAM, a huge segment of a terabyte of limit, and a 4-GHz processor, it’s unfathomable enough for about any business activity.

  1. Acer Aspire 5

At just a small price tag, the Aspire 5 AMD (approx. $315) is about as sensible as a fit Windows device can get. It isn’t fit most games or resource overpowering applications, yet its 4 GBs of system memory and Ryzen 3 CPU are adequately just to pass on a quality experience.

  1. Aspire 5 73 WC

One of their latest contributions, the Aspire 5 73WC (about $650) sneaks up suddenly because of its very good quality i7-8565U chipset, half-terabyte NVMe drive, and 12 gigabytes of double channel RAM that heap programs and complete foundation assignments effortlessly. The design of this laptop is a highlight

  1. Acer Chrome book 15.6 inch

The Acer Chrome book 15.6 inch is a cheap yet capable device for everyday use. It is priced at under $200 so it makes it an excellent choice for students. The RAM is 4GB and a maximum clock speed of 2.48 GHz. There is connectivity through 2 USB C ports and one standard USB Type-A port. So, the device offers decent performance at a decent price tag.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is Better HP or Acer?

One has to narrow down the features in order to decide which brand is better under different conditions. If we compare budget laptops, HP is a better option because it offers decent batteries even in their budget laptops. But, when it comes to innovation in design and gaming laptops, Acers wins the game as it experiments with designs and its Predator Series is a good choice for gamers.

Is ASUS better than Acer?

ASUS is a brand that is well known by gamers because it manufactures high-end laptops that offer excellent performance in this category. Acer, on the other hand, has a wide range of devices to its credit. It has budget chrome books, sleek design Aspire series and premium gaming laptops in their Predator series. Therefore, the market for ASUS laptops is generally limited to Acer overall.

Is Acer good for gaming?

Acer has a dedicated line up for its gaming laptops known as Predator. The devices in this category like Predator 300 and Predator 500 are outstanding for video games due to their high-end processors and graphic cards. The gaming laptop market has fierce competition these days from brands like ASUS, Dell’s Alienware and Razer.

Do Acer laptops last long?

This is a question which majority of the buyers will ask. The simple answer is that it depends on the usage. If we use a laptop for what it’s meant, it can last for 10- 15 years easily. When it comes to Acer, users have reported that their laptops easily last for 5-6 years with normal usage. However, if a person starts playing video games on a non-gaming laptop, this will affect the device within days so be careful to know the limits of an electronic device.

How to fix the Acer Laptop?

Acer has a well-established support system to help you in case there is something wrong with your laptop. You can communicate with their representatives through social media, calls or official websites. If you want to get your laptop repaired by a third party, that is also possible because Acer laptops are well known to everybody in this business by now.


There are a lot of reasons why Acer stands separated from various associations. Their gear is of worthy quality and attempts to last. Moderateness is what issues the most, and Acer offers us the best gear in a low worth sticker price. Acer offers a great base of parts.

They go with a notable processor and high screen quality. The plans are stunning. These workstations feature some unfathomable and smooth features. These PCs are significant, lightweight and streamlined. They are smart and have long battery life.

Chrome books, 2 in 1 notebook, Aspire series, Swift series, and Predator Series, Acer sells laptops in every category that a user can wish for.

The customer support is really helpful. You can get to them whenever you need. So, we can say that overall Acer is a good brand of the computer!

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