How To Fix a Laptop Screen Without Replacing It

It is really distressing for you to find out a laptop screen cracked. I have been in this situation during my university studies when I was due to give a presentation and saw my broken laptop screen. After trying my best to find replacements online, I thought to myself, “How to fix a laptop screen without replacing it”? In this article, I will tell you all about what happened after this and how I got to repair my laptop screen easily within 5 hours!

I will start with the basics about laptop screens about their build materials, strength, and types and then we shall move to the method regarding how to fix a laptop screen without replacing it?

What is the Laptop Screen Made Of?

Laptop screens are made of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) which can exist in various forms. Some of these include backlit screens, touch panels, and active-matrix displays. LCDs are panels that use the reflective properties of light crystals as they do not emit light directly. Usually, they are backlit by Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). In addition to this, laptop screens can have a capacitive touch interface just like mobile phones.

More recently, some brands have introduced LED screens on a laptop that can provide much better picture quality. However, this technology is new and it is yet to establish itself in the market. Whatever the type of display a laptop uses, this guide will tell you how to fix a cracked screen by the easiest method.

How Can a Laptop Screen Get Cracked?

There are numerous reasons for a cracked laptop screen. Some of them are very obvious to a normal user however; some are quite unknown for the majority of people. Therefore, it is critical to know the reasons for a broken laptop screen.

  • The first and most frequent reason for a broken laptop screen is due to excess pressure applied to it. This can happen when you drop the laptop accidentally or something hard or heavy hits the device.
  • Another reason is also due to pressure but it can happen when a laptop stays in a bag or closed space for an extended period of time. The screen can get damaged while the laptop is being transported or when we remove or insert it into the bag.
  • Laptops are made from delicate parts. The hinges where the screen is pivoted from is one of the weakest parts in the device. If you open and close the laptop in a hasty and aggressive way, you can break the hinge mechanism which can cause damage to the laptop screen. It can cause one side of the screen to bend and thus introduce a crack in it.
  • Apart from physical damage, a laptop screen may stop functioning for various other reasons like an internal problem in the motherboard or video cables for the display or exposure to high light intensity.

What Happens When an LCD Laptop Screen is Cracked?

The fluid precious stone control vessel is broken, and those dark splotches of ink that describe a genuinely harmed LCD start spreading through the splits and spilling outside of the glass substrates.

Tragically, regardless of whether the glass was to be glued back together and the fluid precious stone arrangement topped off, the large number of transistors along the split have been unsalvageably cut off (1080p showcase has 2,073,600 pixels and 6,220,800 sub-pixel transistors) – sewing those together is much the same as a neutral medical procedure.

Since there are simply such a large number of little associations required to empower a LCD board to work by any stretch of the imagination, it is likewise why there are for all intents and purposes no phony or fake workstation screens. A main edge mechanical office with clean rooms and mechanical filtration frameworks is required to make a cutting edge working LCD.

Right now a few touch screens can be supplanted independently from the LCD module – yet even those are gradually turning out to be more slender and progressively refined – some LCD modules as of now incorporate the touch-screen in its development – and in those cases, the touch screens must be supplanted together with the LCD.

Supplanting an LCD is as yet a greatly improved option in contrast to supplanting your PC. In addition to the fact that it is better for nature, however, you additionally hold every one of your records and settings; you find a good pace gadget that you are utilized to, and with such a significant number of recordings posted by our cheerful clients supplanting their screens without anyone else without precedent for their lives – it is likewise reasonable for note that fixing your own stuff can be similarly as fulfilling and energizing as looking for another gadget! Better to fix a cracked broken laptop screen yourself!

What to Do With a Cracked Laptop Screen?

If you suddenly open your laptop and find the screen cracked or damaged, do not panic. Things may not be as bad as they seem. The first thing to do is to assess the damage and ask yourself: What could have happened that my laptop screen broke? It must be one of the reasons mentioned above. It is important to see if there is any internal damage to the laptop or not.

One simple way is to connect the laptop to an external monitor or television using VGA or HDMI cable. Some of the newer models have a screen sharing option as well where you can use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to share your screen on another device. If your display is working properly on an external device, then the hardware components including the motherboard and cabling are working fine and the problem is only with the screen.

If the display is showing some issues on an external screen as well, then it means that there is some problem with other components like graphics card, motherboard o0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000r sometimes software issues.

After you have ensured all of the above, now we come to the main part of this guide.

How to Fix a Laptop Screen Without Replacing It?

For small cracks in laptop screens, you can use materials like special liquid adhesives that are used to hold optical panels. There are also other remedies like applying baking soda, plastic bag and sandpaper on the cracked panel but it will solve your problem only temporarily. The procedure below describes the process of How to replace a laptop screen with a replacement by doing all the work yourself. It is important to know that the nature of cracks is mostly not repairable on the existing panel therefore, you will need to eventually replace it with a new one but doing it yourself will give you certain benefits as mentioned in this section:

Important Tools to Fix Cracked Laptop Screen

Before you set out to work, keep the tools with you that you will need to work on the cracked laptop screen.

  • Table or another level working zone: You’ll need a spot to sit (or stand, if that is your thing) with a level region to take a shot at your workstation. This gives you the motivation to tidy up off that muddled lounge area table or work area.
  • Little head attractive screwdriver: Not little like a smaller than normal screwdriver from an eyeglass fix unit, yet I’d state between that size and a fair-sized screwdriver would work. In the event that you don’t have an attractive head screwdriver, attempt to discover a magnet sufficiently large to charge the driver’s head. This encourages the screws to adhere to the head, making it a lot simpler to evacuate and supplant the screws without reviling as they fall everywhere.
  • Self-locking pin or needle: This is for evacuating the spread stickers that are concealing the screws on your workstation’s encompassing spread, called the bezel.
  • Plastic putty blade or another slight article: This is discretionary; to help in prying separated the screen bezel from the case. Actually, the tiny nails ordinarily work. On the off chance that you do utilize another article, guarantee it’s meager enough however not all that sharp that it will leave scratches or other proof of prying.
  • Little bowl or another holder: This is for reserving the little screws—and guarding them against inquisitive felines and kids.

The following steps must be followed after you collect all the right tools:

1) Keep in mind that the laptop must be disconnected from the AC supply. Remove the battery as well do that the electrical connectivity is completely off.

2) Have a look at the side bezels of your cracked laptop screen. There you will find small stickers on each side. If they are not present, you can identify tiny protrusions on the bottom side of the screen casing.

3) Take a needle or similar sharp object and insert it into those stickers or protrusions and remove the covering very carefully. After removing it, place it separately onto a safe place and remember the top sides. You can use a marker to make small markings on one side.

4) The screws for the display unit will now be visible to you. Use the small screwdriver to remove them one by one. Hold the screen from the opposite side to give it some support while you are taking off the screws.

5) Place the screws in a small bowl or container so that you do not lose them afterward.

6) When you expel every one of the screws, delicately pull the screen from the plastic bezel. The best way to deal with complete it is to utilize your finger, to move around the whole bezel delicately. When you separate the screen from the bezel pull it away cautiously. On the off chance that in the event that, the screen doesn’t turn out, check if any screw is as yet attached.

7) At the point when you expel the bezel, you will locate a metal casing encompassing it. You have to tilt the screen with the goal that the metal casing will be obvious. The screen of your workstation will tenderly jump out of its shell, and the wire’s interfacing screen and PC will be noticeable.

8) You will locate the two fundamental links. The initial one is the video link, and another is the power link of the inverter. You have to evacuate the PC and screen associating wire. Leave the inverter wire for what it’s worth.

9) As you remove the previous screen, pick up the new one and place it inside the casing. Repeat all the procedures by tightening the screws, connecting the wires and firmly setting the outer casing.

10) Switch on the laptop and make sure that the display is working properly. Check it with different colors on the screen.

The Benefits For a Cracked Laptop Screen Repair

1.) It sets aside cash                 

During these troublesome occasions supplanting your messed up screen yourself is substantially more savvy than taking your PC to a pro shop or obtaining a substitution model. The fix shops, approved help focuses and the PC makers utilize similar laptop screens that substitution screen providers are selling.

2.) It is straightforward and simple

Changing your workstation screen is a lot more straightforward than is frequently at first idea. In the wake of utilizing this instructive screen swap video for direction, a huge number of people groups have expressed that, while at first hesitant, they couldn’t accept how simple the procedure was. Here are some certifiable screen substitution tributes from others who have changed their own workstation screen utilizing an online screen provider.

3.) It spares important time

Having a messed up workstation screen obviously implies that you can without much of a stretch fall behind on work/school/or college cutoff times. Taking your workstation to a mechanics shop implies it could be out of administration for a considerable length of time or even weeks.

Notwithstanding, our conveyance administration guarantees that items requested before 2 pm (inside the UK,) will be with you the following day. Utilizing the rules we give, it should just take 15-20 minutes to supplant the old screen with the new and have your workstation running easily once more. Furthermore, recollect utilizing an online screen master implies you are bound to get the right substitution screen, the first time.

4.) There’s no danger of your workstation being lost

It occurs. Things can disappear by post or dispatch. In the event that you send off your workstation to a fixed expert, or they gather the PC from you – there is constantly a little danger of the PC disappearing, regardless of whether the thing is identifiable. The organization’s protection *should* spread this (on the off chance that they are a genuine organization and have protection), anyway there is no protection for your information or personalizations.

5.) It might gain you regard

Among companions or relatives in wonderment of your recently procured specialized capacities until they find for themselves how basic the procedure can be as well. Perhaps you can make some additional money for yourself and change your companions and colleagues’ screens in the working environment, or any other individual you know. Why not put an advert in your neighborhood paper?

6.) It can ensure quality and consolation

You may not believe the nearby auto shop with your PC. There have been many announced instances of information security encroachment and the robbery of classified subtleties, for example, monetary data. While this is no chance speculation of the lead of fix shops as a group, a few stories do exist of workstations being sent in to correct a minor deficiency, (for example, a standard screen change,) and being come back to the client with their whole hard drive cleaned.

On the off chance that you change your screen yourself, you can be guaranteed the procedure will consistently be completed with suitable quality and care.

7.) Quality Screen Assurance

You will consistently be ensured to get a fresh out of the plastic new, not reconditioned part from any legitimate online PC screen provider, and you will see the thing and its quality before fitting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are several ways you can fix a cracked laptop screen. The easiest way is probably to replace it with a new one. However, it will cost you some bucks therefore if you are a DIY kind of person, you may experiment on fixing the broken laptop screen. See the above guide for a detailed review on how to do it yourself.
The most obvious answer is to throw away the old screen and buy a new one. If you want to do this effort yourself, then prepare all the tools, remove the screen bezel and casing, insert the new one, test it and enjoy your new screen.
Normally, screen replacements will cost you around $80 to $ 150. However, the amount may rise in newer displays such as high quality 4K displays or OLED panels. If you add labor in this cost, then the total bill would be approximately $250 to $300. Therefore, it is a good idea to follow this guide, How to fix a laptop screen without replacing it, and save your precious money.
There are different ways you can fix a cracked laptop screen. The easiest way is probably to replace it with a new one. However, it will cost you some bucks therefore if you are a DIY kind of person, you may experiment on fixing the broken laptop screen. See the above guide for a detailed review on how to do it yourself.
For small cracks in laptop screens, you can use materials like special liquid adhesives that are used to hold optical panels. There are also other remedies like applying baking soda, plastic bag and sandpaper on the cracked panel but it will solve your problem only temporarily.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this guide, please let us know in the comments section below. We hope that you found this guide useful and informative.




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