How to Connect Keyboard and Mouse to Xbox
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How to Connect Keyboard and Mouse to Xbox

Using a gaming controller is all fun until you realize you cannot navigate through the dashboard easily or enter text in any game. We know that most gamers use a gaming controller with their Xbox. But some people don’t, and they have better control over their game.

Don’t envy them, even you can use a mouse and keyboard with your Xbox. However, we don’t guarantee it will work for you as each keyboard and mouse has different compatibility. Moreover, many games don’t support it. Still, if you know your keyboard and mouse are compatible with Xbox, you must read our guide. Here we will explain how to connect the keyboard and mouse to Xbox, so you can use a gaming console and a keyboard mouse pair together.

How to connect a wired keyboard and mouse to Xbox?

Connecting a wired keyboard and mouse to Xbox is a pretty straightforward task. There are only a few steps to follow. However, it won’t work if your keyboard or mouse is way too old or isn’t compatible with Xbox.

Below are the steps you should follow for connecting the keyboard and mouse to Xbox.

  1. Check for the USB ports at the back of your Xbox. Most of the Xbox models will have at least four USB ports.
  2. Take the wire of your mouse and keyboard and plug it into different USB ports, respectively. Moreover, we suggest you get a gaming keyboard and mouse for better gaming.
  3. That’s all. You have connected your wired keyboard and mouse to Xbox. Even so, check if they are working or not. If not, try reconnecting them or using other ports.

How to connect wireless keyboard and mouse to Xbox?

Connecting a wireless keyboard and mouse to Xbox is also an effortless task, but you will require two extra USB dongles. If you do not know, Xbox doesn’t support Bluetooth connectivity.

Here are some easy steps to follow to connect the wireless keyboard and mouse to Xbox

  1. Like the wired keyboard and mouse steps, check for the USB ports. Make sure your Xbox has at least two USB ports.
  2. Secondly, you will require two external USB dongles, one for the keyboard and one for the mouse. If you already have them with your keyboard and mouse, use them and if not, get them early.
  3. Plug the USB dongles into the USB ports of the Xbox. Further, you need to wait for some time as connecting the keyboard and mouse wirelessly requires some time.
  4. Lastly, check if they are working or not. If not, repeat these steps, or your Xbox is not compatible with your keyboard and mouse.

Which games can I play using a keyboard and mouse?

It’s kind of sad to know, but you cannot play all games on Xbox using a keyboard and mouse. That’s because the developers didn’t have a thought that people will use any other controllers other than their traditional gaming controllers. However, the good news is that there are some games that you can play on your Xbox using a keyboard and mouse. However, some games might ban you if you are found playing with a keyboard and mouse. Anyway, Here is the list of some of the popular games you can play.


  • Minecraft
  • Fortnite
  • Call of duty
  • bomber crew
  • Sea of thieves
  • Deep rock galactic
  • Warface
  • Warframe
  • Moonlighter
  • Vigor

Check this best mechanical keyboards for Fortnite article to find out some of the best gaming keyboards that will work for all games which are listed above.

Limitations of using a keyboard and mouse

According to us, using a keyboard and mouse is more comfortable than a gaming controller. However, not everyone, including Microsoft, has the same opinion. Most of the Xbox games don’t support the keyboard, or even if it does, they might not support mouse navigation. Yes, it’s true. Many games have mouse navigation disabled, so even if you use a keyboard for playing, you will require the gaming controller for navigation. Furthermore, Xbox doesn’t come with Bluetooth connectivity, so you need to use a USB dongle while using a wireless mouse and keyboard, which will add extra cost.

Moreover, using a wireless keyboard doesn’t guarantee a stable connection as it can get disconnected while playing. Similarly, if you want to use Bluetooth earphones, you will re0quire a dongle


Using a keyboard and mouse with your Xbox will give you better control over your gaming. However, unlike other gaming consoles, Xbox doesn’t fully support using a mouse and keyboard. Still, you can use them if they are compatible. Also, make sure the keyboard and mouse you are using are of good quality. Lastly, we tried our best to keep this guide easier for people with minimal technical knowledge. Therefore, we hope you understood it well and would love to read more such guides from our site.


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