How to Charge Laptop Battery Manually
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How to Charge Laptop Battery Manually?

If you are looking for a detailed guide about “How to Charge laptop battery manually”? Then welcome, you are in the right place. Here you will get all info and possibilities of charging the laptop batteries manually.

Laptops serve you with pleasure on all occasions, and especially in these times, if you ever get stuck in a situation when your laptop battery not getting charged or there is a lot of work to do, and suddenly your laptop battery is dead. Or worse, losing the charging cable of your laptop.

You might be facing too many issues, so you’ have to look at the battery or charge laptop battery manually. Additionally, you can fix an insignificant situation or able to afford the extra cord, and it can take the time to unravel or order the new section.

It can be a very alarming situation for you when you are not able to your files and professionals stored on your laptop. Luckily, several hacks are available for helping you in these situations and save your day and give the opportunity of charging the laptops manually and efficiently.

Problems leading you here 

Now you are thinking about how and why your laptop would stop charging? There are some possibilities for that reason, such as:

  • Your laptop Battery is expired
  • Having a low-quality charger
  • The charging cord can be loose
  • Damage in internal power connecters
  • The wall socket can be dead

Best Solution for How to Charge Laptop Battery Manually

So, finding out the best solution for your problem, make sure that you have reviewed and checked all the mentioned possibilities.

(Editor’s Note:  here we will recommend, to keep an extra laptop battery with you to avoid such a situation where you feel sorry to your clients or your employer. Especially when your laptop is alarming you for faulty charging because it’s better to be safe rather than sorry.)

1. Charge Laptop With USB – C

Before the latest versions of laptops’ models, you couldn’t charge your laptop through USBs, but now the manufacturers have placed the USB-C port in the latest versions of the notebooks for your ease. And these are different from the previous conventional USB port.

When are you looking for an alternative solution for how to charge the laptop battery manually? Or outside the laptop, then the USB charging is the essential preference you considered for that purpose. But, Unfortunately, the USB port is the other way for theft from connected devices and always blamed for copying the data from smartphones and other related gadgets.

Although, in recent year’s things has been changed dramatically due to advancing technology. The arrival of Type-C USB technology has made sustainable alternative ways to charge the laptop battery. You will need a Type-C USB charger cord for that purpose, which is easily accessible nowadays to everyone, or you can purchase a budget-friendly USB charging cord from your local market quickly.

But the main factor you have to note here is that you have the laptop that featured with USB Type-C port and can charge rapidly from it. The latest versions of MacBook Pro 13”, Asus C302 Chromebook Flip, Dell XPS13, and almost all the latest versions of laptops featured with Type-C USB port for charging capabilities.

2. Solar Charging

Thanks to advanced technologies, now you can quickly charge your laptop with solar energy, and it is the most popular way to charge the computer among laptop users. The solar technology is eco-friendly that use the most lavish and natural resources. This technology works like any other solar energy kit because it converts the sun rays to energy due to embedded solar panels.

laptop battery charge manually

It has tremendously improved the latest solar technology devices that produce relatively flexible, smaller, and productive photovoltaic cells. It has a portable and foldable design so you can carry them around with you anywhere. Having the best plan and can charge most of the laptops effectively.

3. Universal Power Adapter

Before we go further, remember two things,

1- The Universal power adaptor isn’t an alternative possibility for charging the laptop precisely.
2- You need to be very careful because it can be dangerous for your laptop and yourself.

These universal adaptors can do some useful tricks if the previously mentioned option Type-C USB port is not available on your laptop. The producer of product assembled the battery to go with its custom connector, and it can be a safety risk for your laptop as well for you if you are going to utilize a third party solution around.

Additionally, the main thing is here that the universal adapter isn’t the wide-ranging, so you have to ensure that the adapter you are selecting for your laptop is working fine and best with your laptop model. They give you temporary techniques to charge your laptop, but they are familiar with specific models.

Some models are built for Chromebook, HP laptops, Lenovo laptops, and Dell laptops, but you can’t find the exact model that is built for your laptop model. And if you see something for your laptop, then make sure you read all the reviews and customers’ feedback about any glitches and some other problems after using or altogether not working.

4. An Air Adapter

Few latest versions of laptops are built with the opportunity of charging with universal chargers that are used in the car or airplane. But if you want to use this method, then you’ll have to be running your automobile. Same as charging the laptop with the USB cord, you have to ensure the charging connector you are using for charging is capable of your laptop model or not.

As any altered charging resolution, you’ll need to make sure the car charger you prefer works as assured. Almost all chargers that are crafted for the car are specially designed for your power card to work correctly. So you need to choose the best one for your laptop that charges without a power cord.

5. External Battery Charger

From the website of the laptop manufacturer, you can easily find and purchase the external battery charger. You can also select from third party-chargers, but you have to ensure that the charger you are choosing works okay with your laptop models because the batteries of laptops are crafted for different machines. Always ensure to examine the connectors for the external battery and check with the cell connectors.

You can find a universal connector sometimes, but it isn’t effortless to find such connectors and able to use it with your laptop. So it is advice from our experts to check the charger disclaimers for connecting with the battery of your laptop.

6. Ac Adapter Hookup 

You can find on your laptop batteries and AC adopter hookup for charging. Most laptops are manufactured with this incredible feature on their cells, that solve the charging problem for you. You don’t need to buy an extra battery or connectors with such a connection. It will charge your laptop batteries manually by just plugging the charger to the adaptor port.

 7. External Battery Pack (Power Bank)

Yes, in the latest models of laptops, you can choose the power bank to charge the laptop battery. All those laptops which are featured with The type-c USB port can be changed easily from the power bank by utilizing the USB port.

Those old laptops which are only power jack to charge won’t be able to avail the opportunity rather new arrangement that helps remote and trouble-free charging.

8. Super Laptop Batteries

It is also a superb opportunity to have an ideal battery. It’s the kind of cell with a purpose to keep the laptop juiced up for 7 to 10 hours. The large laptop batteries present a decent alternative to charge your cells without utilizing the typical charger. We will recommend you to go for this option if your laptop has the opportunity of eliminating the battery. You have to remove the laptop battery and replace it with the super laptop.

Remember one thing, charge your other battery with an external charger while you are working on a laptop that is placed with a supercell. So you will have a powered up laptop for your routine work.

Factors That Affect Battery Life

If you utilize your laptop regularly for web browsing, watching movies, video editing, and documentation, etc. then the temperature of the battery will remain between 40-degree and 50-degree. So the battery of your laptop will stay for a long time due to a bearable and safe amount of temperature.

How to Charge Laptop Battery Manually

While, if you use it for high-end tasks such as interpreting the content for a long time or playing 4K games online, then the temperature of laptop batteries may reach up to more than 60 degrees. Your battery life will affect by such a high amount of temperature generation. So, if you want a longer battery life while playing online games, then balance the work on the system.

Guidelines For How To Charge Laptop Battery Manually

1. Avoid heating up 

Nowadays, almost all cells are Lithium-based, which can probably be risky at the same time when dealing with outside the laptop. Cover up the array appropriately while you attempt to juice it up manually to be used.

2. Sunlight exposure is hazardous 

Keep the laptop battery hide from direct sunlight, while charging the laptop battery utilizing any possibility that is mentioned above even with solar panel, because the sunshine can make things cluttered for you. Even during the hacks, the safety of yours and others should be at the top to prevail.

3. Don’t mix up wires 

The lithium batteries are more likely to explode if misconnected. Keep in mind that don’t mix up the wires while preparing the necessary doings because t can create hazardous results and can hurt you.

You can see video as well for charge laptop battery manually…!

Wrapping it Up

So, these are the basic things and possible ways about the “How to Charge laptop battery manually”. It is straightforward to eliminate and attach the battery in the laptop. For that purpose, at the back of your laptop, there is a sliding button. Just press that button at sideways, and you will quickly eliminate the battery from the battery slot. If your laptop battery is featured with an AC adapter port, then with the convenience, you can charge it manually and quickly.

When you want to charge the laptop batteries manually, the earlier stated tricks will help you to solve your charging problems. Cells always create problems for users because they are required on the go, and continuously, also they can do downhill with regular usage. So it is always recommended by every expert to take care of laptop batteries before it gets too late.

We hope you will like this informative article of “How to charge laptop battery manually”. If your answer is yes then, please share thoughts with us in below comment section below as well as share this article with your loved ones.


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