How Often to Mow Lawn

Are you worried about maintaining your lawn and keeping it nice and tidy? You must have a lot of questions on your mind regarding the best time to mow and the methods and benefits of doing so.

In this article, you are going to find out How often to mow lawn? This guide will contain the following information as well:

  • Reasons to mow your lawn
  • Benefits of mowing the lawns
  • Best way to mow lawn
  • Equipment to use while mowing the gardens
  • Ways to get rid of insects in gardens

People love lush green lawns that are neatly trimmed and took care of. However, many people who move to new places with gardens or have not done this before find difficulty in this procedure. Therefore, they may hire gardeners for this purpose but you have to tolerate their tantrums in order to get the work done properly! Due to this reason, we have brought.

Why Should You Mow Your Lawn?

You may ask yourself what is the reason for cutting grass and spending so much on maintaining the lawn? This is not only for aesthetic purposes but also to keep the gardens healthy for a long time. The basic purpose of lawns is to enhance the natural beauty of grass, trees and flowers and make them appealing to people so that they enjoy their time over there. However, just like humans need food and water, plants also need them as they are living things. Along with this, you need to mow to lawn so that it receives proper nutrients and is safe from insect attacks.

How Often to Mow Lawn

Equipment To Use While Mowing the Lawn

Before you start any activity, you must prepare yourself for the proper equipment for it. Lawn mowersare mostly used for trimming the grass in the gardens. Some people also use large scissors to cut the grass but it is a cumbersome process. It is suited for small lawns for people who want some exercise in their gardens and are passionate to do the work themselves. The machines that have been developed for yard mowing are plentiful so we will have a look at the common types below:

  • Grass Shears

These are similar to scissors but their blades and handles are designed a bit differently to cater the grass. Usually, they have a lever to adjust the cutting size of grass. Modern shears come in electrical and cordless variants which are easier to use. They can be attached on long handles and users can mow the lawn while standing. They are small in size so you can store them anywhere without any issue.

  • Manual Handheld Lawn Mowers

The simplest form of lawn mowers are those which can be operated manually and consist of rotary or cylindrical type blades. The blades move in single direction which makes the operation easier and long lasting. They are attached to long handlebars and called push mowers as well. The benefit is that they do not consume any electrical energy and are environment friendly. Most traditional gardeners make use of these devices to trim the gardens. Overall, this is one of the best ways to mow lawn in households.

  • Electrical Lawn Mowers

As more and more tools are becoming electric these days, lawn mowers are no exception in this regard. Currently, you can find hundreds of electrical lawn mowers that can do most of the work for you and require very little effort from the user. You just have to plug in the AC supply and move the cord wherever you go to get non-stop power from these machines. If you like cutting the grass too short, you have the option to adjust the grass height from the levers or buttons present on them.

  • Battery Operated Lawn Mowers

The advancement in electronics has made rechargeable devices in almost every category. Therefore, if you like a seamless operation where you do not want to be messing up with long wires in your garden, you can buy a cordless mower which runs on battery and can provide you ample power for your tasks. Powered by lithium ion or nickel cadmium batteries, they provide a clean and reliable solution for yard mowing.

  • Petrol Lawn Mowers

Another category of lawn mowers is the one which have an engine inside them that runs on petrol. These machines are rugged and can be used for home lawns as well as large playgrounds and open gardens. However, users must keep in mind that they emit harmful gases into the atmosphere so they are not safe for the environment. Still, their long lasting build quality and ease of operation makes them a popular choice for garden lovers.

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How Often Do I Need to Mow My Lawn?

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions by people all around the world. There are multiple things to consider before we answer it.

  • Type of Grass

First of all, you have to see what type of grass grows in your lawn. Many people who move into houses with lawns do not know about this and they may mow the grass at the wrong time. There are basically two types: warm season and cool season grasses.

Warm Season:

  • Bahia
  • Bermuda
  • Buffalo
  • Centipede
  • Kikuyu
  • Augustine
  • Zoysia

Cool Season:

  • Kentucky Blue grass
  • Perennial Rye grass
  • Fescue

Most of these grasses have an ideal height of 1.5- 3 inches. Some types like Bahia, Buffalo and Fescue grow taller.  As seen above, they will grow the most during their respective seasons and you have to mow them according to their optimum heights. The majority of grasses have fast growth in summers so you would have to spend a lot of time in your garden during those days to keep it neat and tidy!

  • Length of Grass

We should first discuss that there is actually no perfect height for grass in your lawn. It depends on the grass type, weather, soil, sun shade, etc. Generally, the height of 3-4 inches is considered good for your garden. However, some species of grass grow longer so you have to cut them accordingly otherwise their growth may be disturbed.

You have to keep the grass at medium height because if you let it stay long for a long time, more insects may find their homes over there which can cause problems for the household. Short grass is also not suitable because it may burn easily by the sun and weed growth can be encouraged in these situations.

  • Use of Lawns

You may have noticed that grass in school playgrounds is wiped off days after the schools reopen following the holidays. If you get the chance to see them in summer holidays, you will witness a scene of forest inside your playground! Therefore, the higher the use of lawns or gardens, the more frequently you would need to maintain them. Even if children play sports in their lawns, the grass can remain short in length and develop rough patches.

  • Weather Conditions

Many people often ask, can we cut wet grass? We would answer this simply, “NO”. It is not a good practice to mow the lawn in rainy conditions because the mower will not be able to chop off the blades from the grass. This is because the grass tends to lean towards the ground due to the weight of the water which may remain for some time after rainfall. There is also the risk of fungus developing on the lawn because the wet grass can accumulate on the ground and block the air supply to the ground.

Moreover, if you are using an electrical mower in rainy conditions, there is a risk of electric shock from the wires running all over the garden. The water from the ground can travel to the internal components of the lawn mowers and damage them or cause rust in the long term. Therefore, it is advisable that users should mow the lawn in dry weather to be safe from all these problems.

  • Time Interval

Users must keep in mind that the time intervals depend on the lawn’s growth. In normal conditions, you can mow your garden once every 2 weeks and that would be enough to keep it strong and healthy. If it the peak season for growth, you can do this activity every week. However, you must not be cutting grass too short in one time. Experts recommend that you should not cut more than 0.3 inch of grass in one go.

How To Protect Your Lawn From Insects?

Apart from cutting the grass, people have to fight with insects because they can provide a lot of trouble for lawns. These include mosquitoes, bees and other animals like mice or snakes. They cause danger for the people in the surroundings and also suck in the nutrients from the plants. The best solution is to use an insecticide solution on your lawn. You can pour in the solution all around the lawn once every month and it will be sufficient to keep these little monsters away from the garden.

In order to keep large animals like cats or dogs away from the lawn, do not keep any eatables in it because they are an attraction for the animals. If you have a picnic or BBQ in your yard, try to clean up everything afterwards so that the next day you do not find uninvited guests in your premises!

Best Way to Mow Lawn

Let us summarise all our findings so that you know exactly what to do while maintaining your lawn. Following are some lawn mowing tips that you should always try to practice:

  • Choose the right lawn mower for your lawn. Small premises can be dealt with using handheld push lawn mowers. However, if you have the budget to spend, you can buy electrical or petrol lawn mowers as well because they are more effective in large areas.
  • Mow your lawn once every 2 weeks in normal conditions. During the high growth season of grass, try to trim the lawn once every week so that there are not excessive levels of insects residing in between.
  • Do not mow the lawn in rainy or snowy season. It is harmful for the health of grass and your lawn mower as well.
  • Use insecticides to treat insects and mosquitoes on the gardens.
  • Water your plants on regular basis

Final Thoughts

Gardening is a hobby for people all over the world. It is part of the lifestyle for many as people like to spend time with plants and enjoy nature. Even if they are not able to afford large lawns at their homes, people try to keep plants in pots and spend time in local parks or playgrounds. On the other hand, there are people who have large gardens at their houses but they do not take care of them which turn them into rough and ugly patches. So, it is important to know the details about the procedure, time frame and conditions for mowing the lawn.

In this article, we have explored some important questions regarding the maintenance of gardens. You have found out how often to mow lawn, how to remove grass from yard and how often you should mow your lawn in winter plus many other things as well. It can be concluded that there are multiple variables to consider while you work on the garden. You must research on the type of grass, nutrients it requires and possibility of insects that can attack. After that, you should invest in the right lawn mower, pesticides and other tools before you actually go out to work.

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