8 Best Wireless Keyboards for Gaming

Are you looking best wireless keyboards for gaming? Here are top-rated gaming keyboards for your PC. Gamers are always looking to improve their gaming experience, from custom-built gaming rigs to highest performing hardware. Best gameplay is when you interact with the game in a seamless way to get the most immersive gaming experience. This requires more from a keyboard than a regular one.

Gaming Keyboards are custom-built with the intent of improving gaming skills. The best gaming keyboard can actually make you better at the fast-moving action games where every keystroke matters.
Like many other gaming peripherals, keyboards come in both wired and wireless versions. Many gamers for the reasons of less latency and better response time prefer wired keyboards over wireless variety. Today’s wireless technology has solved these issues to a great extent. Top rated wireless keyboard also have some obvious advantages.

Wireless Gaming Keyboards Advantages

Convenience: Wireless connectivity is convenient and offers more flexibility and freedom as you won’t have to be stuck at your desk and you can play from greater distances, for example, you could play from your sofa on a television screen.

Less clutter: Wireless gaming keyboards are aesthetically pleasing; Lack of wires can make your desk pleasant and clean. Choosing a wireless option will make your desk much manageable. A stylish membrane keyboard will become a reliable, sturdy device that can handle your gaming day in and day out. 

Improved Performance: Wireless keyboards are getting better by the day in terms of responsiveness, are just as good as their wired counterparts these days

Increased Compatibility: Wireless gaming Keyboards are more compatible and easy to pair with devices like tablets and iPads and smartphones. Smaller size screens of these devices are often harder to use with internal controls

If you are considering upgrading your best gaming wireless keyboard then we have reviewed some of the best wireless gaming keyboards available in 2019. We have created a comprehensive guide to explain all you need to know about these models. This List is created keeping in view performance needs and budget so that you can make a choice better suited to your needs.

Comparison Table Of Best Wireless Keyboards for Gaming

Keyboard Key Type Connectivity Backlight Battery  Amazon
Logitech G613 Mechanical Bluetooth & 2.4GHz No AA batteries View on Amazon
Logitech K800 Membrane 2.4GHz Wireless Yes (White) AA Rechargeable View on Amazon
ELOCIFIRE TKL02WS Mechanical 2.4GHz Wireless Yes (White) Built-in Rechargeable View on Amazon
Logitech K830 Membrane Bluetooth & 2.4GHz Yes (White) Built-in Rechargeable View on Amazon
CORSAIR K63  Mechanical Bluetooth & 2.4GHz Yes (Blue) Built-in Rechargeable View on Amazon
Logitech G915 Mechanical Bluetooth & 2.4GHz Yes (RGB) Built-in Rechargeable View on Amazon
Logitech K350 Membrane 2.4GHz Wireless No AA batteries View on Amazon
G-Cord GC-MK104 Mechanical 2.4GHz Wireless Yes (RGB) Built-in Rechargeable View on Amazon


Best Wireless Gaming Keyboards 2020

1) Logitech G613: Lightspeed Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Logitech G613 boasts two Logitech proprietary technologies, Romer-G mechanical switches, and LIGHTSPEED wireless technology. Romer-G switches have a shorter travel distance than regular keyboards and more spring to the actuation. Build quality is great and you can feel the quality and keyboard is very comfortable to use.

LIGHTSPEED™ wireless technology has an extremely fast report rate transmitting commands immediately without any lag or delay. Lightspeed dongle uses USB 3.0 port on PC and has quite a good range. The ability to switch to Bluetooth makes it easy to connect the keyboard to most laptops and tablets. It can easily pair with Bluetooth enabled device with Windows 8 or later, Mac OS X 10.12 or later, Chrome OS, or Android 3.2 or later, iOS 10 or later. Both the wireless and Bluetooth connections from the keyboard are encrypted ensuring secure communication.

G613 uses 2 AA batteries and its battery life is amazing. It doesn’t have any backlit illuminations and can be used for up to 18 months. LED status indicator light on the keyboard and Logitech Gaming Software will give warning notifications when the battery is at 15%. The battery area is easily accessible making sure that battery replacement is hassle-free.

Slightly sloped wrist rest is comfy but is fixed and increases the already bulky frame profile. G613 with separate media controls on the top left and six macro keys on its left is on a bit heavier side and larger compared to other keyboards weighing at 3.1 lbs. It has 6 dedicated G-keys that can be programmed with custom macros and in-app commands using vendor-provided “Logitech Gaming Software” (LGS). These G-keys can be assigned game-specific functions or commands for customizability and convenience.

It has great wireless connectivity and high-quality key switches and handles games very well. This combination of factors with rugged build quality makes the G613 an excellent wireless keyboard for typing and latency-free gaming experience.

Logitech G613 : Technical Specifications
​Dimensions 18.82 x 8.5 x 1.33 in
​Key Life 70 million click
​Net Weight 3.1 lbs.
Ergonomics Standard
Supported OS Windows 7/8/8.1/10, Mac OS X 10.10 or later, Chrome OS, Android 3.2 or later

  •  Excellent battery life
  •  Can switch between multiple Bluetooth devices
  •  6 programmable G-Keys
  •  Off/ON switch to save battery
  •  Sturdy and quality build
  •  A bit heavy and large
  •  Wrist pad is non-detachable
  •  No backlit illumination

2) Logitech K800: Wireless Illuminated Keyboard

The K800 has all-plastic chassis with an overall sleek and slim profile. Lengthwise K800 is sized as a standard keyboard, but a hard-wrist-pad adds on a little extra width. At the top is the power switch along with four extra buttons. The keyboard has traditional style sculpted keys with a matte-finish and laser-etched characters, and the backlight shines through them.Logitech K800

Brightly backlit keys with illuminated characters make it easier to use in dark rooms which makes it great for the gaming. Its built-in sensors can detect hand movement and hand proximity detection automatically illuminates the keys when your hands approach the keyboard. Backlight settings are customizable by Logitech’s SetPoint driver software adjusting backlight timeout delay and brightness according to individual preferences.

The K800 uses Logitech’s unifying receiver, a 2.4GHz USB dongle that provides better connectivity and allows you to connect multiple mice and keyboards to one computer. All I had to do was plug it into a USB port and the keyboard was up and running.

Logitech’s unifying receiver, a 2.4GHz USB dongle provides better connectivity and allows you to connect multiple mice and keyboards to one computer. The long-range wireless connection virtually eliminates delays, dropouts and provides a strong performance.

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K800 uses AA nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries and LED battery life indicator on the keyboard conveniently shows the remaining battery life. At the front is a charging slot with a mini-USB connector and charging cable connects to standard USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 computer port on the other end. The cable only charges this keyboard providing no communication between the keyboard and computer. A single charge is enough for almost 2 weeks of normal computing but it depends on the extent of use.

Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 makes it ideal for use for PC gaming. It does not have full compatibility with Mac OS which is a limitation that must be considered while making the final choice. PerfectStroke key system with membrane keys can also be a disappointment for the gamers who prefer solid feedback from the mechanical switch keys.

The overall performance of Logitech K800 is impressive with decent gaming capabilities making it a good choice as a gaming wireless keyboard. Its key features auto-illuminated keys, easy recharging, and powerful wireless connectivity make it the most versatile keyboard available in 2020 providing quieter, more comfortable gaming experience.

Logitech K800 : Technical Specifications
​Dimensions 8.19 x 2.31 x 18.44 in
​Net Weight 2.2 lbs.
Ergonomics Standard
Supported OS Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or later

  •  Hand proximity detection
  •  Adjustable brightness
  •  Quite and smooth typing
  •  Easy pairing process
  •  Not fully compatible with Mac OS
  •  No Bluetooth

3) VELOCIFIRE TKL02WS: Best Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

TKL02 Wireless mechanical keyboard is a Tenkeyless keyboard providing a standard layout without the numeric keys. Overall, the design is very crisp and compact with no annoying icons and logos. TKL02 can fit nearly anywhere making it perfect for scenarios where space is scarce.Best Wireless Keyboards for Gaming

The best wireless keyboards for gaming as a whole is very clean and minimalist with the simple all-black color scheme. It is made out of slightly textured black plastic with minimal flex, and it doesn’t pick up any fingerprints or smudges. It’s slightly ergonomic in design and the keys have a slight concave to them.

Backlighting is extremely simple with No fancy lighting effects and it works out well enough for the application of backlit keys in a dim environment. TKL02WS white backlighting can only be turned on/off and there is no brightness control. There is a multi-color LED for the space bar, which acts to tell you whether the keyboard is on in wireless mode or not.

Wireless connectivity is through 2.4 GHz USB receiver giving a fair performance up to 5-meter range. Wireless connection is quite stable and lag-free in close range but it could be a hit and a miss on long ranges

The keyboard supports NKRO with Anti-ghosting which are much-needed features for gaming. Compatibility is almost universal working with Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Linux Mac OS. It uses items brown mechanical switches, a lighter mechanical switch with subtle tactile and audible feedback. The keys felt really responsive, and the tactile sounds are nice to hear.

TLK02WS has a built-in mAh lithium battery at 1850 mAh which is rechargeable by USB-C charging port on the rear. This board can also run in wired mode but you only need wires when you need to charge the keyboard. While in charging mode connected to USB cable the default mode is switched automatically to wire mode when the charging completes it is automatically switched to wireless mode.

TKL02 is an entry-level mechanical keyboard Great wireless gaming keyboard under $50 featuring brown mechanical switches, and a sleek minimalist look. Someone who is a beginner or on a budget, it’s worth it, affordable for a wireless mechanical keyboard. Overall, TLK02WS is a great option in terms of a budget wireless gaming keyboard.

VELOCIFIRE TKL02WS: Technical Specifications
​Dimensions 14.4 x 5.3 x 1.6 inches
​Key Life 16.5 million keystrokes
​Net Weight 2.2 lbs.
Ergonomics Standard
Supported OS Windows 7/8/8.1/10 , Mac OS, Linux / IBM PC


  •  Wireless or wired modes
  •  Best cheap wireless Keyboard under $50
  •   Light brightness is adjustable
  •  No Numpad
  •  No palm-rest

4) Logitech K830: Best Wireless Keyboard Under 100

Logitech K830 is compact and sleek keyboard with standard and familiar QWERTY layout. Keys are shallow and low profile giving smooth and decent typing experience. Number pad is replaced with a fully functional touchpad which is smooth and responsive with accurate cursor control and multi-touch gestures like swipe scroll and zoom. It offers full functionality with left-right mouse buttons plus buttons for mute, volume up, volume down providing better multimedia control.Logitech K830

The K830 connects wirelessly with PC using Logitech’s proprietary Unifying wireless technology. A small “Unifying Receiver” or USB dongle plugs directly into the USB port. This USB wireless receiver provides 2.4GHz wireless connectivity with a range of about 10 meters. The keyboard’s receiver supports a maximum of six compatible Logitech keyboards, mice and other gadgets.

It’s a huge plus to add more devices without sacrificing additional USB sockets. USB extension cable for the Unifying receiver is also provided to place the receiver somewhere more exposed and convenient to help with better signal reception. K830 also supports Bluetooth connections just by the push of a button enhancing its connectivity to all Bluetooth enabled devices. It is compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1/10, Android 5.0 or later Chrome OS.

Battery plays a huge role in any wireless keyboard’s performance. Rather than using AA or AAA batteries that would have to be replaced frequently, the K830 contains a pre-installed Lithium-Polymer rechargeable battery that could be charged in a few hours. According to Logitech, the keyboard works for about 10 days on a full charge however it can reduce significantly depending on backlight use. For recharge just connect it to a PC or other power source using a micro-USB to USB cable. It is important to remember that USB cable for charging only and keyboard will not be recognized as an input device as connectivity is only via wireless USB dongle.

The main feature of The K830 is auto adjustable backlighting based on the room light conditions. Whenever the light sensor senses low light or darkness it effectively illuminates the keys, including the letters. Backlight illumination feature can be turned on/off or adjusted to low, medium, and high visibility using the secondary function key in conjunction with the F5 and F6 button. The built-in sensor can detect hand proximity and automatically increase and decrease brightness when you move hands toward or away from the keyboard.

Overall Logitech K830 keyboard has a good build quality and, excellent feel to the keys. Its compact, lightweight design with rounded corners feels comfortable with the ease of setup and great wireless range it works well for all of your typing and gaming needs. Features like easy media controls, Premium Back-lighting and Bluetooth connectivity make it a great wireless gaming keyboard around 100$.


Logitech K830: Technical Specifications
​Dimensions 15.1 x 5.59 x 1.65 in
​Key Life 5 million keystrokes
​Net Weight 1.77 lbs.
Ergonomics Standard
Supported OS Windows 7/8/8.1/10, Android 5.0 or later Chrome OS


  •  10 meter wireless range
  •  Built-in trackpad
  •  Smart Illumination
  •  Good battery performance
  •  No Numpad
  •  Not fully compatible with Mac OS
  •  Key spacing not comfortable

5) Corsair K63: Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Corsair K63 is designed with simple, sleek and minimalistic features keeping in mind the comfort for long gaming sessions. It’s tenkeyless (no Numpad) style, straightforward and clean design makes is the most compact wireless gaming keyboard around making it ideal for gamers by improving mouse handling and space. It is capable of handling heavy usage and abuse thanks to its sturdy and solid build keeping it firmly in place.CORSAIR K63 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Both top corners of the keyboard have extra buttons including media keys, lighting control, volume controls keys and windows lock key that disables the windows button to negate miss-clicks. The keyboard comes with a rubberized wrist pad attached to the bottom comforting and supporting while typing or gaming for long hours. Wrist pad is detachable and can be easily removed making it ideal keyboard for using it on the lap while sitting casually on the couch.

The best wireless keyboards for gaming are fully mechanical with Cherry MX Red switches offering a solid balance between linearity and responsiveness giving excellent quality and consistent readings. Cherry MX switches are linear which means there is no tactile bump that is perfect for people who are looking for a quieter keyboard. Availability of anti-ghosting and encryption modes ensures secure and smooth operation which will last for up to 50 million keystrokes.

The K63 supports both Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless link as a lower-latency option with a great range of up to 33 feet. USB wireless receiver provides a strong wireless connection with fast response time free of interference and Bluetooth increases its compatibility with smaller devices without USB port. A USB cable provided with the keyboard can also connect it to PC as a wired option even when it’s charging.

Favorite feature on the K63 is its really cool looking backlight illumination. K63 lacks full RGB capability instead has single-color blue backlighting for its keys with adjustable brightness settings. Blue backlight certainly looks clean and perfectly suited for a living room environment. By using Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) software different lighting patterns can be selected and customized. CUE software is versatile and easy-to-use to set up different profiles with their own individual macros with a dedicated button on the keyboard

K63 has a 2950 mAh built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery and comes with USB charging cable. There’s a power switch on the rear, as well as a micro-USB port for charging. The battery life of K63 is not its strong point and mainly dependent on the blue backlight. According to Corsair, you can expect 10 hours of battery life on full brightness illumination, up to 25 hours on the lowered brightness level and 70 hours with backlight deactivated.

Corsair K63 is an excellent wireless gaming keyboard with sleek, minimalistic design and certainly a reliable and quality product. K63 is a full-featured wireless gaming keyboard with a mechanical Cherry Red switch working like a charm, handling movement and actions with ease making it the quintessential gaming keyboard.  With many great features, The Corsair K63 is a relatively affordable option for a wireless gaming keyboard under 100$ and the money invested is well worth it.

CORSAIR K63: Technical Specifications
​Dimensions 14.4 x 6.8 x 1.6 inches
​Key Life 50 million keystrokes
​Net Weight 3.26 lbs.
Ergonomics Standard
Supported OS Windows 7/8/8.1/10

  •  128-bit AES encryption to protect your keystrokes
  •  Can be used as Wired keyboard
  •  Great gaming experience
  •  Responsive mechanical switches
  •  No Numpad
  •  Battery life is short on backlight
  •  Key spacing not comfortable

6)Logitech G915: The Wireless Gaming Keyboard

The Logitech G915 LIGHTSPEED mechanical gaming keyboard is latest Logitech’s “G” series keyboard engineered for extreme durability and responsiveness for the best gaming experience. It is highly efficient, extremely responsive and latency free with dual wireless/Bluetooth connectivity.Logitech G915

The core of the Logitech G915 is its low-profile design with the skinny and sleek build, especially when compared with standard mechanical keyboards. The G915 is just incredibly thin barely thicker than most of the smartphones. The frame is aluminum-magnesium alloy on the top and plastic on the bottom. There are metal braces running through the inside of the keyboard to support the rigidity with absolutely no flex or sway in the keyboard.

G915 is a true luxury product with the premium build for the quality-minded gamer. Keyboard’s overall aesthetics are really pleasing. Each key has an ultrathin keycap with a nice matte look and oleophobic coating resisting fingerprints and smudges. Illuminations backlight shines clearly through the keys making them really visible and comfortable to use.

The keyboard utilizes the latest GL mechanical switch which is a collaborative effort of Logitech and Kailh, designed for a thin profile with minimal travel and actuation distance. GL switches are available in three flavors – Clicky, Tactile, and Linear. Each switch type featured in the G915 offers the same travel, actuation distance, and pressing force. The only difference between the keys is the overall tactile feedback and sound. These switches deliver reliable performance and extremely fast response time.

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One of the most noteworthy features of G915 is LIGHTSPEED wireless connectivity which delivers highly efficient, perceptibly latency-free and almost “wire-like” performance. The G915 is also able to connect over Bluetooth to multiple Bluetooth enabled devices. This essentially means that you can connect to two devices at the same time one through the USB connector and one through Bluetooth. Dual wireless/Bluetooth connectivity is extremely flexible allowing multi-device connectivity to suit individual needs like connecting to smart TV and PC at the same time. With the flick of one soft-touch rubber buttons on the keyboard, You can easily swap between Bluetooth & Lightspeed instantly without any delay.

Logitech’s new G-Hub Software suite is vastly superior to anything its competitors’ offerings. It is versatile, easy to install not complicated to use allowing easy integration with other Logitech products as well for tasks such as syncing lighting and more. You can program a variety of different color effects, from per-key lighting to reactive rainbows that ripple across the keyboard when you type. You can also record macros and set up profiles for individual games and programs. You can manage the color profile by customizing the lighting on every key with up to 16.8 million colors. It also allows setting custom macros, effects of the RGB LEDs and managing game-mode settings.

Logitech surely understands how to make quality gaming peripherals and G915 is a top-of-the-line wireless gaming keyboard with no compromises handling different game genres with ease. It has tons of flexibility nailing almost every feature perfectly fantastic looks, beautiful color scheme, and offers great battery life even with full RGB lighting. It comes with a hefty price tag but if you don’t mind that then G915 surely is the best wireless gaming keyboard for you.

Logitech G915: Technical Specifications
​Dimensions 20.2 x 9 x 1.2 inches
​Key Life 50 million keystrokes
​Net Weight 3.63 lbs
Ergonomics Standard
Supported OS Win 8 or later, MacOS 10 or later, Chrome OS, Android 4.3 or later, iOS 10 or later

  •  Full RGB backlighting
  •  Excellent support software
  •  Great Battery life
  •  Excellent mechanical switches
  •  Very expensive

7) Logitech K350: Best Wireless Keyboard Under 50

The Logitech K350 is a QWERTY style wireless keyboard designed for Windows-based systems. It is has been around for quite some time now and considered a very comfortable and reliable device. Logitech’s Wireless K350 offers a solid keyboard design but the primary downside for this keyboard is its size, it’s large and a little on the heavy side with its overall bulky frame it can hog a lot of desk space.Logitech K350

The keyboard has very good build quality, the material of the keyboard being a stiff plastic and actual keys feel great when making keystrokes and also very comfortable. Key is slightly raised and gives you a response when you use them but aren’t as loud as a mechanical keyboard but do give you some actuating feedback, unlike a complete membrane keyboard.  The key noise level is low but you still get the tapping sound when you press a key down.

The main design features for the K350 is its ergonomics that include a comfort wave design and a palm rest. The curve or “wave” gives your fingers a natural place to go on the keys. Wrist rest is semi cushioned and no detachable which supports the wrists during long typing sessions. Two separate adjustable feet create a sloping effect for a more upright typing posture.  A cleverly designed key layout gently angles your wrists toward a less stressful typing position. It accommodates the different lengths of fingers and varying height of the keys match up with each digit in a more natural fit and provides little more comfort in your day-to-day typing.

The K350 keyboard connects to a PC via USB unifying receiver is a wireless 2.4GHz USB dongle that plugs into a standard USB port and works instantly without the need for drivers. Wireless connection is quite strong and stable quickly reconnecting after going to sleep following periods of inactivity. It has an instant media access key on the top for volume control and media playback. K350 also features programmable F-keys increasing flexibility, especially while gaming.

Logitech K350 is a best cheap wireless keyboard uses Two AA batteries for power which Logitech claims can keep the keyboard going for up to three years with moderate use. There is an additional tab for the battery showing how much battery power is left. Batteries are easily accessible providing the ease of replacement when needed.

Logitech K350 best wireless keyboard under 50 lacks traditional macro keys and not fully compatible with Mac OS. Given these shortcomings, it may not be the ideal choice for hardcore gamers. It does have conveniently placed WASD keys with large space keys making it the best budget wireless gaming keyboard for the price under 50$.

Logitech K350: Technical Specifications
​Dimensions 18.9 x 2.9 x 9.9 inches
​Key Life 50 million keystrokes
​Net Weight 3.3 lbs.
Ergonomics Comfort Wave Design
Supported OS Windows  XP/7/8/8.1/10

  •  Ergonomically minded design
  •  Excellent wireless connectivity
  •  Battery life up to 3 years
  •  Not compatible with Mac
  •  Battery not rechargeable
  •  No backlight illumination

8) G-Cord GC-MK104: Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

G-Cord GC-MK104 is a mechanical wireless gaming keyboard with prime quality build and aesthetically clean and pleasing looks. It is designed in standard rectangular shape 104 keys QWERTY style with a number pad. MK104 incorporates aluminum frame which gives it a sturdy and rigid feel. The keyboard has nice rubber pads underneath to prevent slipping and also has sturdy riser tabs to adjust the height.

Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The G-Cord mechanical keyboard Switch system is purpose-built to deliver extremely low friction, extended durability. The key feels smooth and fast with nice feedback sound, making every click crisp and very responsive. Keystrokes are super-fast 1 ms report rate and there is no drop or lag making it highly efficient.

G-Cord GC-MK104 has built-in 1300MAH large-capacity lithium rechargeable battery that can supports up to 240 hours for heavy use and up to 600 hours for normal use. On the front, it has USB to Micro USB port which can be used for the recharging and wired connectivity as it perfectly while charging.

Wireless connectivity is via 2.4 GHz USB dongle which is plug and plays and very easy to setup. Wireless connection is very stable and strong up to 8 meters registers every keystroke efficiently.

RGB illumination is quite bright and you can switch between the lighting effects to 6 predefined LED effects. The colors itself are static and you cannot change the actual color the LEDs, you can change the lighting effect only.

G-Cord GC-MK104 is a great cheap gaming wireless keyboard with great overall performance. Its compact design and RGB illumination make is a good choice for a couch wireless gaming keyboard with usb port. It is the best choice for a wireless gaming keyboard under 50$.

G-Cord GC-MK104: Technical Specifications
​Dimensions 17.2 x 5.3 x 1.5 inches
​Key Life 50 million keystrokes
​Net Weight 2.59 lbs
Ergonomics Standard
Supported OS Windows XP / VISTA / WIN7 / WIN8 / WIN10/ Mac OS X/ OS X/ mac OS/ IBM

  •  Solid build with aluminum frame
  •  Work wired or wirelessly
  •  Excellent Battery life
  •  Universal compatibility
  •  No Bluetooth connectivity
  •  RGB colors not changeable

Qualities of a good wireless gaming keyboard

What exactly are the qualities of the best gaming keyboard? A wide range of wireless gaming keyboards are available on the market. Before picking up the best gaming keyboard for your need consider these factors

Responsiveness: Lag and latency are the true measures of quality when it comes to the best wireless gaming keyboards. In the gaming world, split-second reactions are a matter of victory or loss. Technology has come a long way and good quality wireless keyboards have no noticeable lag and very responsive but could be costly. Cheaper wireless keyboards are often not up to the mark when it comes to latency and lag.

Budget & affordability: How much you are willing to invest in a very important factor when you are looking for the wireless gaming keyboard. Best quality wireless keyboards come with a lot of innovative functions, great build quality supporting software and other bells and whistles that can make your gaming experience really special but at a higher price. Cheaper gaming keyboards often have minimal functionality with compromised performance.

Ergonomics: Long gaming sessions for several hours a day on the computer can easily make your hands and wrists grow tired and ache very quickly. Ergonomics is the practice of providing favorable comfort and avoiding unnecessary stress or injury. The stress of continued use can easily wear on your hands and wrists. Ergonomic keyboards are specifically designed to add comfort and reduce stress on the hands, wrists, and forearms. Ergonomic keyboards offer the ability to easily reach keys and allow you to hold a natural posture can relieve this stress.

Mechanical versus Membrane switches: Mechanical switch gaming keyboards is a best wireless mechanical gaming keyboard which is best for gaming as they provide better tactile performance and great typing feedback and tend to be expensive. Membrane switch keyboards are often having soft and mushy feeling which may be good for beginners or casual gamers.

RF versus Bluetooth: Wireless gaming keyboards generally come in two varieties: radio-frequency and Bluetooth. The main difference between these devices is how they connect to your computer: RF requires a USB dongle to connect and generally has a better range operating using a 2.4GHz frequency. Bluetooth can connect to the built-in receiver available on most modern computers and touchpad for added convenience as it does not require a USB port. High-end wireless gaming keyboards under 100$ normally have both options.

Power & battery: All wireless keyboards require batteries to keep them powered through extended periods of use. This can be in the form of rechargeable/non-rechargeable batteries. Battery longevity is one of the most prominent components to consider when choosing the best wireless gaming keyboard. Replacing or recharging batteries can be annoying and costly therefore long life and rechargeable batteries are always preferable and more suitable for long gaming sessions.

Final thoughts

Well, folks, we complete our list of best wireless keyboards for gaming. Is there any other keyboard you think we should have included in our list? We would also like to hear what’s the best keyboard for gaming according to you?

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