10 Best Wireless Gaming Mouse Under 100

And you have a question! “I can easily spend over 10$ and buy a regular mouse from amazon, then why would I need the best wireless gaming mouse under 100? Well, my gaming enthusiasts, a wireless gaming mouse is specifically crafted for high performance, dynamic sniper shots, swift movement, and magnanimous detecting power.

Now, the frustration begins when it’s time to research and find out the wireless gaming mouse with side buttons, whether it’s ergonomic or ambidextrous. So, to help you through this, and making your gaming journey easier, today I am sharing reviews on the best wireless gaming mouse under 100$. Just on your budget!

Look before You Leap

If by any chance you have a money plant or an inherited amount, so that you can spend your money on junks and useless shits, then you can simply pick whatever you see popping on the internet.

But, if you are just a gadget maniac and also want to spend your money which really brings some values, then you better consider some crucial facts before jumping into the conclusion. See most of you have that friend who has an amazing set up including a gaming pc, a gaming keyboard or maybe he is literally “banging on” in twitch and earning money! Fascinating, isn’t it?

Let’s have a quick glimpse of 4 crucial facts you need to consider before buying your best budget gaming mouse.

1. Quality: Who wants to cry over spilled milk? That’s why before cutting the chase you need to have adequate knowledge about the quality. Otherwise, poor quality will render you nothing but trouble.

Now, the thing is there are a variety of quality gaming mice which leads you to confusion and hassles. Here all you need to do is to compare the price and features with quality. Suppose you have 70$ for your gaming mice and also, you’re preferring comfort and durability then you should lookup for the best-suited gaming mice in 70$ which renders authenticity and has vast customer satisfaction.

2. Budget: Well, no wonder budget is a primary issue to gaze upon while buying anything. Especially if you are still struggling in your corporate life or academic life then the money is a big issue.

Therefore, without being a freak or maniac to see something flashy and out of consideration sealing the deal, try to stick with your budget and lookup for the best deal which meets up your financial state.

3. Reality check: Before throwing the gauntlet, you better have a quick reality check. Meaning, the gear you’re supposed to purchase needs to be examined or you can look up for some honest reviews from your trustable gaming enthusiast friends.

Get your wireless gaming mouse tested! Though we’re here to provide you the honest reviews and roundups let’s be real here, you believe your friends more than us and mostly you have faith in yourself.

4. Accuracy is The Key: No matter how many bucks you spend over a gaming mouse under 100 or how much-modified gear you bring up to your table, you’ll still be the hopeless dummy here.


Because knowing the core aspect of pursuing anything is very important to bring out the best out of it. Therefore. First thing first figures out for which game and activity you’re willing to grab a wireless mouse. For instance, if you’re a traditional PUBG lover, then an ergonomic mouse like Razor Basilisk can be very fruitful for your performance as it requires firm shooting and gripping features.

On the flip hand, you might not know that that gaming mouse available in varied DPI options. Here if you are expecting a mouse that can excel on detecting and responding while playing, then choosing a higher DPI mouse is the one to go-to. I am pretty sure you got the point where you need to choose your gaming gear whether it’s a gaming mouse, PC or keyboard depending on your gaming activity.

The experts at makesfit have compiled a list of the top 10 best mouse for gaming in 2020 after taking various requirements of online gamers into consideration. Here are over top 10 picks.

10 Best Wireless Gaming Mouse Under 100


Image Product Detail Check Price
 Logitech G502
Logitech G502
Weight: 3.6g
Buttons: 11
Sensor: PMW3366 Optical Sensor
  Logitech G602
Logitech G602
Weight: 152g
Button: 11
Sensor: PMW3366
   Amazon Basics Compact Ergonomic Wireless
Amazon Basics
Weight: 0.5 lb
Button: 3
Sensor: Optical
 Razer Mamba
Razer Mamba
Weight: 133g
Button: 9
Sensor: 5G PTE (Laser)
  Logitech G900 Chaos
Logitech G900 Chaos
Weight: 107g
Button: 6
Sensor: 3366 Optical
  VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse
VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse
Weight: 4 ounces
Button: 7
Sensor: 4800 DPI
Weight: 135.5
Button: 8
Senor: 12000 DPI
Amazon Basics Wireless with Nano Receiver
Weight: 3.23 ounces
Button: 3
Sensor: Optical
Steel Series
Weight: 115 g
Button: 8
Sensor: 9800 laser
Logitech G903
Weight: 110g
Button: 11
Sensor: PMW3366

1- Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse

The reason why we have chosen Logitech G502 gaming mouse is because of the magnanimous outcomes at such price and its high performances.

best gaming mouse under 100

Moreover, it has gained the consumer’s heart in no time. Along with more than 4- star ratings it has a wide range of satisfied customers who thrives in Logitech gaming mouse for their live streaming and also for diverse usage.

This gaming mouse is fortified with an optical sensor on the calibrated surface. Hence, it renders the best portability and tracing power performance for any type of mousepad. You’d be glad to know that you don’t need to stick on an overweighed mouse. Because we know the pain of gripping and moving it upside down for long. It’s like a huge pain in the ass.

Therefore, Logitech has released this light-weighted mouse for gamers who want to bang on their game without any hassle and wrist ache. You’ll get a personalized feel while moving it in any motion for its outstanding balance tuning. Wait! How can we forget to mention the DPI intensity? As we said before that higher DPI’s offer the best detecting and swift motion tracking ability, this gaming mouse can switch up to 5 DPI settings.

Awesome isn’t it? Lastly, it’s supremely affordable wireless gaming mouse. You’ll get it under 80$ on amazon.

Key features

  • 11 programmable buttons.
  • Customizable surface.
  • 200-1200 DPI for constant sniping.
  • Precision guaranteed with dual-mode hyper cast scroller.
  • Great scrolling speed.

Why should I Buy This?

Advanced Hardware

As a gamer what is your prime aspect of purchasing a wireless gaming mouse? No matter which game you’re on or you’re expecting to earn money through live streaming, you’re gonna need ideal hardware. And luckily, Logitech ensures advanced and modified hardware establishment which mounts on your every gaming fetish.

Strain-free Gaming

If you are experiencing pain in your wrists or forearm then dude this is the right time to get over from it. How?

Because Logitech has structured by rubber textured muscles and it works tremendously on soaking the sweat of your palm. When you place your palm on that mouse, you’ll instantly grasp the handiness and ease. You don’t need to put any sort of pressure or extra control over it. Hence, it ensures strain-free experience every time while gaming. Here we can proudly say that Logitech is bound to be the best as an ergonomic gaming mouse. And, it has already surpassed every gaming mouse out there in a very short time.

Comfortable Grip

Adequately designed for controlling the grip with no extra pressure. Indeed, we all very focus while playing a game that needs detection and accuracy. But the irony is, we are prone to miss them most often because of poor gripping specifications. Therefore, Logitech eradicates this headache for you and provide you with the most secure grip you’ve ever endured.

Kick-ass performance

I am sure deep down you want to show your gaming skills to your folks and want them to cherish you for that.

Isn’t it? So, for this what you really need is high-performance capability.  And. To ensure that this gaming mouse has immensely amazed every gaming enthusiast out there with its bizarre performance. Furthermore, it doesn’t require any batteries. Thus, you’re completely free from expensive AAA batteries. You are ahead of your game!

11 programmable Buttons? Really?

Well, yeah you heard it right. Logitech g502 wireless gaming mouse has tailored 11 programmable buttons and you can customize them with your accordance, regarding your gaming style, type or other diversities. Luckily, the buttons are pre-configured so that you don’t bother to mess with the software. Dual Mode Scroll Wheel. Expecting click-to-click precision? Well, then Logitech exclusively has something big for you. It overpowers the utterly advanced gaming mice out there with super-fast speed for chasing the long-ass pages.

  • High performance
  • Compatibility
  • Best for detecting games
  • Affordable Price.
  • Could be more better.
  • Some consumers faced lagging after couple of uses.

Our Thoughts

Honestly, we don’t captive any reason to not to buy this as it’s an ideal choice as such price. Though we have bigger expectations from Logitech in the future to create a milestone in the current gaming world!

2- Logitech G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse

Looking for the best wireless gaming mouse under 100 that gives you comfort and quality at a very affordable price? Then just go for Logitech G602 lag-free wireless gaming mouse. Just like it promises to be lag-free it doesn’t lag behind on its quality either. It is recognized by some professional gamers who have made this mouse a people’s choice.

wireless gaming mouse under

People not wanting to spend too much money on a mouse have already voted it to be one of the best mice in the market.

You use a mouse but can’t rely on how long will it last? Well, no need to worry here, the build quality of the mouse is pretty upright. Its parts are made out of different types of plastics and come with satisfying weight distribution.  

If multitasking is your forte then get on board with this one, because it’s supported by 9 extra buttons that can be customized to do whatever you wish to. Being armed with a delta zero sensor technology its responsiveness goes beyond expectations. If you’re someone who likes the mouse sensitivity to be average this one is a go-to option. 

Key Features

  • Enduring battery life
  • 11 Programmable controls
  • Delta Zero sensor technology
  • Quick DPI shifting
  • Performance and Endurance
  • Comfortable design

Why buy this

 A monstrous battery life

If you’re gaming then you need to put hours into it without hesitation. But what happens if your mouse gives up on you in the middle of the way? Don’t you worry the Logitech G602 gaming mouse has got your back here as it has got humongous battery life? Equipped with two different modes this mouse gives you the best kind of battery power you can possibly ask for.

Firstly, the performance mode gives you an exquisite 250 hours of constant usage around the clock. And guess what the gaming performance doesn’t even drop one single bit. And the endurance mode is for the time when it is sitting lonely without you at the computer desk. If you’re wondering how long will the battery last at best, then let me astonish you with the answer. The battery will last up to 1440 hours in idle condition.

This one here is a beast when it comes to the battery performance of a gaming mouse. It generally uses 2 double A batteries but you can remove one to adjust the weight of the mouse your accordingly.

Delta Zero sensor technology

Logitech G602 is the first wireless gaming mouse from Logitech comprising of the Delta Zero sensor technology. Here, the no acceleration feature plays a big role in gaming. As a gamer, you wouldn’t want your mouse to accelerate much.

As it takes away your freedom of placing your cursor whichever position you like. Although you can enable acceleration using the software options that come with Logitech. If you want to win those matches on PUBG, COD, and CS: GO then the delta zero sensor technology can be very handy for these fps games.

Rapid DPI shifting

Say you’re gaming and you require a higher sensitivity and moments later it requires a lower sensitivity what to do then? You can’t just possibly use two mice at once. That’s where the Logitech G602 “shines bright like a diamond” with it’s on the fly DPI shifting technology.

This allows you to change the DPI of the mouse on the go just with one click. One is a pixel-precise option that has 250 DPI movement and the other one is speedy 2500 DPI. All of these settings are customizable to fit your style of playing.

Additionally, you get to choose up to five DPI settings while you’re in the game itself. Now you don’t need to compensate anymore just click!

Comfortable Design and Sturdy built

Thinking of your comfort in mind Logitech has made the best design on this one. You won’t have to get your hands off of your best wireless gaming mouse under 100 due to distress.

Logitech G602 wireless gaming mouse makes sure you’re the last one standing in every game you play. With its grip design ensuring maximum comfort over hours of use. The buttons and the DPI controls are within your clicking range giving you no trouble to use them at all. Also, the slip-resistant properties allow you to have a strong grip over the mouse. Say goodbye to having pain in your hands because of long hours of gaming.

Value for money

You will always be wondering how come a fully equipped mouse like this costs so less. Getting all the features of this wireless mouse at a price of just $50 is quite a surprise for anyone.

While it’s affordable for almost any type of gamer either professional or unprofessional, it does give you the experience and quality of some high priced mice found in the market. In some cases exceeds their performance and your expectations as well

  • User friendly texture
  • Tremendous battery life
  • Great price
  • Not as many buttons according to the price.

Our thoughts

One criticism I can make on this mouse is that it’s not fair to the mouse that it costs only $50. With all that being said I would say this Logitech G602 gaming mouse can be the best buy for your gaming setup.

A mouse that fits right into your hand and gives you full control over the dynamics. It seems like something you’ll be interested in, isn’t it?

3- Amazon Basics Wireless PC Mouse

AmazonBasics compact one of the best wireless gaming mouse under 100 does exactly that. It’s so small in size that it fits right into your hands.

But why would you buy a gaming mouse just because of its size?

Well, the size isn’t the only good thing about this one. AmazonBasics compact wireless mouse has its distinctive feature of fast scrolling and a forward/back thumb button.

best wireless gaming mouse 2019

Its ergonomic design fits into your hand perfectly that ensures comfort for the user. The best thing is its price which is just under $16

Key Features

  • Compact Body
  • Fast and smooth scrolling
  • Safeguards comfortability
  • Connection without obstruction
  • Affordability

Why buy this?

Easy handling

Enough with lengthy mice that get out of your hands every now and then. AmazonBasics compact wireless mouse fits into your hands so perfectly that you won’t be able to let go off it even if you want to. This cute little mouse can be handled pretty easily without any hassles.

Runs like an actual mouse

Don’t worry your mouse isn’t actually gonna run away. But when you use the mouse and see the cursor moving to and fro you might feel like that happening.

With its fast scrolling technology, you can surf the web pages like never before. It’s not only fast it also ensures smoothness while using.

Comfort is key

You wouldn’t want your mouse to feel uneasy in your hands as you will be holding it for the most part. This one here just does that. The ergonomic design of the mouse gives you a contented feeling of handling the mouse. Never get tired of holding the mouse again.


Enough with the built let’s dig deep and see how it performs. Furnished with an optical sensor of 1600 DPI provides tracking and precision as smooth as butter. You don’t have to give up precision for the sake of fast scrolling here. You get both.

  • Quick scrolling
  • Best for shooting games
  • Rapid clicks without lagging guaranteed
  • Batteries can die after several use.

Our Thoughts

For your daily basis uses and office work this one is a great choice within the price range. But if you’re talking about dedicated gaming then I wouldn’t suggest this one be your choice.

4- Razer Mamba 

Razer is renowned for manufacturing gaming products since its beginning. So, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see one of their product making it to the list. Comfort is undoubtedly a key factor for any mouse. Whether you use it for your work or gaming.

The Razer Mamba tournament edition features a matte plastic surface at the top with the sides being coated with a comfortable rubber. Which feels so great to hold it in the hand and doesn’t get slippery at all.

best gaming mouse

The outlook of the wireless gaming mouse is just exquisite. You can pass your day just admiring its beauty. It enhances even more when the lightings come up. These lights are customizable to the in-game actions as well.

Well, you won’t be running out of buttons while having this one in your arsenal. With, 9 programmable buttons you can assign any individual function to just a simple click.

Finally, the best feature, the sensor. Let’s just say it has the swankiest sensor out there. With an adjustable dpi of 16000, it takes away the game on sensors.

Key features

  • Unsurpassable Accuracy
  • Instantaneous Reaction
  • Comfortable built
  • On-board memory
  • 9 programmable buttons
  • Customized lighting options

Why buy this?

Accurate as a sniper

While gaming you will surely want to kill those targets without any hassle.  For that, your aim needs to be right on target with swift movements. How do you do that without a mouse that isn’t accurate?  

No need to worry because equipped with a 16000 dpi sensor Razer Mamba Tournament Edition surpasses every other mouse on accuracy. Just look at your target and move the mouse, Razer Mamba Tournament Edition will take care of the rest.

The beauty of lights

Imagine you’re gaming and the wireless mouse you’re holding reacts to the in-game actions with its lights. No need to imagine anymore, you actually get this feature now. With customizable lights, you can have different lights for different actions. It comes with 6 presets. When the feature is on it feels like the mouse is talking to you and reacting to stuff with its lighting language.

The Ergonomic Structure

Having a comfortable built affects the performance by leaps and bounds. In terms of gaming, ergonomic builds are the preference according to professionals.

You can game for hours with the advance ergonomics build and better side grips. No more missing your shots due to mouse slipping away from hand. Also, say goodbye to tiresome arms and straining palms as well.

Cloud filled with memories

The Razer Mamba Tournament Edition comes with a hybrid on-board memory and cloud storage. Wondering what’s the point of having memory storage in a mouse?

Well, having the memory storage lets you keep track of the buttons that you bind with actions. You can assign macros and all these are automatically saved in your profile configuration to the cloud. Also, the on-board memory lets you save up to 5 profiles so you can access them from anywhere even without an internet connection.

Buttons or fingers? Can’t tell

When you are clicking you won’t be feeling that you are doing something unusual. The buttons are made in such a way that they feel like a part of your hand while using. It has 9 programmable buttons that can each be assigned with different actions. With all that buttons gaming becomes a very easy and fun thing to do.

  • Standard for all sort gaming.
  • Goes with windows 7 very well.
  • Sufficient storage.
  • Proper junk at highest DPI settings
  • Lighting feature is unnecessary but attractive

Our Thoughts

Like I said before Razer is a company that makes one of the best gaming products in the world. As they are solely dedicated to gaming they provide the quality and hold a recognized position in the gaming community. Even after all this, you get to have this professional quality mouse just under 50$ which may seem like a dream.

My honest opinion is if you’re thinking of a gaming mouse then look no further because The Razer mamba tournament addition is the best mouse you can buy for gaming without any doubt. My honest opinion is if you’re thinking of a gaming mouse then look no further because The Razer mamba tournament addition is the best mouse you can buy for gaming without any doubt.

5- Logitech G900 

 Looking for a best wireless gaming mouse under 100 that can be wired and wireless at the same time and doesn’t lack in performance either? I have got the perfect choice for you here then. 

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum is a professional quality mouse that supports wired and wireless both functions. Which gives you the certainty of having a wire and also the mobility of a wireless mouse at the same time.

Logitech G900 Chaos wireless gaming mouse

Trust me when I tell you, this isn’t the only that makes this one different.

In fact, it’s used by top eSports players around the world. When millions of dollars are up for grabs in a competition they choose this to be their weapon of choice.

Usually, ergonomic builds are the preferable choices for gaming. But this one right here can easily be your choice even after having an ambidextrous design. Let’s dive into the things that make this mouse professionals’ choice for their A1 performance.

Key features

  • Adjustable DPI
  • Wired plus Wireless supported
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Customizable RGB lights
  • The customizable physical button layout
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Adjustable DPI range of 200-12000 DPI

Why buy this?

Professionals Choose this

In high-pressure moments of competitions, professionals go for this one. With its reliable wireless connection, it gives you an optimized performance even in the full mobility condition. For long hours of gameplay, this best wireless gaming mouse under 50 is packed with a rechargeable battery which can go up to 32 hours of constant usage after one recharge. You can change this once and go on for an entire competition weekend. Maybe your favourite streamer is even using this one you never know.

Customizable Ambidextrous body

Have you ever thought of getting a mouse with a customizable body? You don’t need to go very far now I have got one for you right here. The Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum comes with an ambidextrous body that actually can be customized to fit your hands. It gives you the feature of fully configurable buttons. Now don’t go to the buttons anymore bring them closer to your preference.

And with an ambidextrous body it allows to have left- or right-handed use that cooperates with almost every mouse grip style. So enough with adjusting your hands to the mouse now, it’s time to adjust the mouse to your hands.

Stay close or take a step back? Do both now

Staying close to the computer table or just relaxing on the chair taking a step back using the mouse in both the state is an advantage. Giving you the option to use the mouse with wire and also wireless gives you this real advantage.

It is almost like having two mice with you all the time. And the performance stays the same all the way. Want to save battery power? Well just connect the mouse with the wire and use it as a wired mouse. Feel like you need more flexibility while moving well remove the wire and go for the wireless mode. Don’t need to buy two when you can get the features of two in one.

  • Customization facility
  • Comfortable grip
  • Attractive price
  • No charging doc available

Our thoughts

These are just some noticeable partial features of this mouse. It does have many other features like advanced sensors, clock tuning, RGB lighting. I can bet you that choosing this one will never be a mistake. Or else wouldn’t have been suggested by the professionals themselves. And at what price? Just $99.95 which isn’t much for a mouse of this caliber.

6- VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse

VicTsing wireless gaming mouse useful for streaming laptops We can all agree that at one point in time we all got a little bit annoyed with the noise of clicking. But now I have something that takes away the worry. This one is a mouse that produces no sound upon clicking. VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse with Unique Silent Click has the feature that almost eliminates the clicking sound of a mouse.

best wireless gaming mouse under 100

If even the slightest of sounds bother you in gaming then this one is a clear choice for you.

And this is not the only reason I give you to go for this one. It also comes with an energy-saving chip. This puts the mouse to sleep when it sits idle for about 8 minutes or so.

Also, the kind of look this mouse has will give you a feel of having a premium mouse with all the cool features. Most importantly it’s your wallet-friendly mouse. You can get it from Amazon for just $16.99. Let’s look at some indistinctive features before buying it.

Key Features

  • Adjustable DPI
  • Silent Clicking
  • Energy Saver
  • Elegant design
  • Affordable for anyone.

Why buy this?

Adjustable DPI

You’re playing a game, the situation requires a change of mouse sensitivity. Now you have to go to the game settings and change the sensitivity there. Wait, no need to do that anymore, because now it’s just one click away. With VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse with Unique Silent Click, you can change to 5 different DPI options with just clicks. No more pausing the game now. Do your thing on the go.

Energy Saving Chip

The energy-saving chip takes away your worries of the battery draining down. VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse with Unique Silent Click will automatically go to sleep after 8 minutes of sitting idle. This is an immense help for those who take a few minutes of break in between games. From now on save power and play more.

Get the late-night gaming

No sound on clicks, complete silence. This the most unique feature of this mouse. This feature allows you to have a noise-free environment for your focused gaming experience.

You wouldn’t want your mouse going click! click! When you are trying to be the little silent assassin. Having said that, it doesn’t affect the durability of the mouse. Not even a little.

Looks so good must be expensive

The mouse looks just like every other wireless gaming mouse. It has got a professional gaming mouselook. With a durable build. The design is really attractive and comes in various colors as well. And the price is also much attractive. You get this one for just $16.99 which is great value for your money. You won’t have to be disappointed after getting this one in your gaming setup.

  • Late night gaming with dazzling lights
  • Budget friendly

    Our thoughts

    With all the cool features like letting you become a ninja by achieving complete silence, this one takes the cake away. It will be a great choice if you’re not looking for anything fancy. After considering all the factors I can say it’s the best choice and a budget beast. Well, a silent one actually.

    7- CORSAIR M65 Pro RGB

    If you are into fps gaming then you might want to check this best wireless gaming mouse under 100. The CORSAIR M65 Pro RGB has a distinctive design with angular cutouts at the back and has curved side grooves that support your thumb and pinky. The element used to build the body is top notch aluminum unibody design with a rock-solid foundation.

    best wireless gaming mouse under 50

    Want to change the weight of your mouse? Finding it too heavy? Well, you can certainly do that with this one here.

    Enough with the build though. It also packs punch with its 12000DPI optical sensor that makes it an extremely accurate best mouse for gaming under 100 purposes. You get a mouse-like this for just $60. That’s actually pretty cool right there.

    Key Features

    • An Advanced Optical Sensor with 12000DPI
    • A-Grade Aluminum Structure
    • The unconventional weight tuning system
    • Powered with corsair utility engine
    • A specialized sniper button

    Why buy this?

    Rock-solid body

    You would want a durable and strong mouse to handle all the stress of gaming. This one right here does its job perfectly. Built with Aircraft-grade aluminum body with advanced weight tuning technology this on gets right to the top. It’s also comfortable with the design being gamer-friendly.

    Snipe like never before

    With a specialized sniping button on the side, this one becomes a snipers favourite choice right there. If you’re someone who just loves to stay on the lookout and take out enemies in single bullets. Then you will surely want to aim with this one here. All the other buttons are also well placed and very much responsive.  

    Track them right away

    Having a 12000 DPI optical sensor makes this mouse very much preferable for the FPS gamers. In FPS games you are always in need to look out for the enemies. But just finding them doesn’t cut the deal. To kill those spontaneous fast-paced enemies you’ll surely need the fastest tracking technology you can get. Which is the CORSAIR M65 Pro RGB? It can help track your enemies faster and kill them with ease.

    Friction? What’s that?

    Being equipped with extra-large glide pads this mouse can have swift movement around the mousepad. You can hardly feel any friction there. So no more getting stuck on the mousepad and getting killed for no apparent reason.

    • Best for sniping
    • Lag free
    • Smooth scrolling
    • No carrying case
    • Side panel edges can bother the user

    Our thoughts

    Depending on your choice of gaming type and style this can make your game or break your game. For the FPS gamers, this is a must-have option because it is specifically made for fps games in general. And considering the price, it sure is a competition for the high-end gaming mice.

    8- Amazon Basics Wireless Computer Mouse

    A mouse that is just simply nothing fancy. Well, might sound interesting and attractive to some. This is just that right here. The AmazonBasics wireless computer mouse is a simple looking mouse with no fancy designs or functions.

    wireless gaming mouse

    It can be a handy one to use for your day to day activities and lightweight gaming.

    This comes for just $10 with some features that give you the worth of your money. Let’s take a look at some of the features here.

    Key Features

    • Inexpensive
    • Reliable
    • Easy to install
    • Comes with a nano receiver
    • Great compatibility

    Why buy this?

    Affordability Ensured

    If you want a quality best budget gaming mouse within a small amount of money. Then this one is your choice. Just for $10, it gives you the value for your money. It does solve your requirements of having a quality mouse for your projects and office works.

    Easy installation

    The AmazonBasics Wireless mouse is very easy to install. You can start using it without any hassle. Doesn’t have a ton of options to go through. Just follow the user guide and you’re good to go.

    Compact in size

    The size of the mouse is just great. You can easily handle the mouse. It fits right into your hands. A great choice for people preferring small mice. It’s very easy to control.

    Comfortable design with a nano receiver

    The AmazonBasics Wireless Computer mouse under 100 has a very simple design. It doesn’t have any fancy architecture. Just a plain simple body with a sleek design. That looks really good from the sideways. The weight is also very light. It also comes with a nano receiver that can be kept in the PC USB port while not in use as well.

    • Handy
    • Standard for newbies
    • Decent appearance
    • Poor DPI settings.
    • Insufficient durability

    Our Thoughts

    If it’s about gaming then there are way better choices and this doesn’t even cut out to be a gaming mouse. I would never suggest this one for gaming. Nonetheless, this mouse is a great choice for simple office works and also very reliable.

    9- Steel Series Sensei Wireless Laser Gaming Mouse

    Sensei is a brand used by professional gamers and eSports athletes. They are known for their professional-grade gaming products. So, it wouldn’t be a wonder that you find this mouse very much appealing. If you have the urge to compete in the gaming fests then get started with this one.

    best gaming mouse under 30

    Have problems with handling a mouse? Then you just got lucky to have this.

    It has double sensitivity which automatically adjusts according to actions. It also comes with an adjustable lift distance.

    The cutting-edge laser sensor gives out a superior performance. The ambidextrous design makes it compatible with both hands. Also, the illumination features are distinct attractions of this mouse. Let’s dig deeper to see what more does it offer.

    Key Benefits

    • No lag wireless connectivity
    • Illuminating charging base
    • 8 programmable buttons
    • 30 million clicks
    • Ambidextrous design
    • Fast-charging and long battery life

    Why buy this?

    Lag-free stress-free

    The wireless connection provided by sensei is top-notch. It doesn’t seem to have any lag while using in wireless mode. The 2.4GHz gives it a prodigious connectivity speed. And the Sensei tag is a quality in itself. So they provide what they promise.

    Professional Grade

    The mouse has equipped with such features that even the professionals use this for their million-dollar competitions.

    Highly Customizable

    This one has a high customizing option using the SteelSeries Engine 3. It can be used to track battery life. The illuminating colours and pulsation effects can also be customized using the software. Get your authority over your mouse.

    Top-notch battery performance

    Right out of the pack Sensei wireless gives you 16 hours of battery life for your long haul wireless gaming. Although the battery life can be increased up to 20 hours using the battery save mode. It can be turned on using the SteelSeries Engine 3.

    • Perptual clicks without hanging
    • Great price
    • Smart design
    • Poor in detecting ability.
    • Could be more better.
    • Won’t be a great fit in Mac or Windows 8

    Our Thoughts

    There is not much to say about this one. It already comes as a convincing package right out of the box. The quality speaks for itself as the top professional gamers are using it for their important tournaments as well.

    10- Logitech G903 

    Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED is the perfect choice for your gaming passion. Logitech themselves claim this one to be their fully-featured gaming mouse. As this one carries out the lack of most of the mice present in the market. Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED gives you the best accuracy and responsiveness while gaming.

    Gaming mouse

    The best feature comes with an extension called Powerplay. Using this on you will never need to charge your mouse again to do wireless gaming. Does it provide precision and accuracy?

    Well, it sure does. Equipped with an advanced optical sensor accustomed to the DPI of 12000 gives you exceptional accuracy at any speed. These aren’t the only things you get with this. There’s a lot more to it let’s find out

    Key Features

    • Lightweight yet strong
    • Super speedy wireless
    • Wired and Wireless
    • Infinite Power
    • High-End optical sensor
    • Power Efficient
    • Vastly Customizable

    Why buy this?

    Rapid Response

    Want your mouse to act as soon as you move it?

    Well, it does that. Having the lightspeed wireless technology you don’t get any delay in the mouse action. It’s highly responsive. So no need to wait for your mouse to act. Just think of what to do next.

    Infinite Power

    How about having the best wireless gaming mouse under 100 that has infinite power and doesn’t require to charge? Yes, this promises to do just that. Getting equipped with a feature called Powerplay this mouse gains an infinite power source. It’s almost like Thanos after getting the Infinity stones. This is the best feature out there by far. No competition here.

    Customizing as your own

    You get a whole set of customization options with this one. Like every other high-end mouse in the market, this one also comes with customizable lights. It gives you a quality feel of having a gaming mouse. You can also configure the 11 programmable buttons and DPI shifting and also the onboard memory function.

    Power Efficient Technology

    As a gamer, you will surely want your mouse to be efficient. The Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED also comes with clock tuning technology which can decrease the power-draining of the sensor. Hence, you get a longer performance even when you’re not using the power play feature.

    • Minimizes power draining
    • Durable enough at such price
    • Can lag after multi-use
    • Constant clicking might rupture speed

    Our Thoughts

    I don’t need to tell you that this wireless gaming mouse is capable of handling your hard-ass gameplay with ease. You already have the idea now. This was surely voted as the best for reason. Having this as a gamer might prove to be an asset to your gaming.

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