10 Best Portable DVD Players [Buyer’s Guide]

It can be a difficult task to do. Especially when you are on a long road trip that gets boring and stupid. With one of the crucial prime 10 best portable DVD players in 2020, that you can keep your kids engaged and from distracting you at the same time you drive.

These best portable DVD players can go with you anywhere and be certain you don’t miss out on your favourite films or television programs. They come with handy specifications that make sure all people can enjoy utilizing them.

Below, Our research team compiled a list of what we believe are the top 10 best portable DVD players currently on sale and a purchasing guide in which that you would be able to make up you possess mind about which one you can purchase for yourself.

In this informational article our all featured product is based on truly and purely facts, unbiased research and simple numbers so, we’re making a bet that anyone of them has the competencies to fulfill your expectations and then some. But first, let us take a brief look at what you will have to be watching for.

Comparison Table

Image Product Description Check Price
DBPOWER 11.5″ Portable DVD Player
- 2500 mAh lithium rechargeable battery
- Supports multiple media formats
- 5 inch 800*480 Swivel Screen
- Provides multiple ways to play
HD JUNTUNKOR 12.5″ Portable DVD Player
- Unique Button Design
- Pure HD Cinema level screen
- 3 Power Charging Methods
- 5 Hrs Rechargeable Battery
SUNPIN 11″ Portable DVD Player
3- SUNPIN 11″
- Two headphone jacks
- 270-degree rotation
- Supports multiple DVD formats
- The battery lasts up to 5 hours
  COOAU Portable DVD Player
- Eyesight Protective Screen
- Built-in stereo speakers
- Display Type: 9.5’’ LCD
- Resolution: 1024*800
- Swivel Screen: 270 rotation
Sony DVP-FX980
Sony DVP-FX980
- 4-hour rechargeable battery
- Flip screen
- Built-in the headphone jack
- Nominal Voltage: AC 120/230 V
APEMAN 7.5” Portable DVD Player
- Compact and super lightweight
- 270-degree rotation
- Supports multiple DVD formats
- USB and SD card slots
- Remote control
 DR. J 12.5″ Portable DVD CD Player
DR. J 12.5″
- A large 14.1-inch HD screen
- 270-degree rotation
- 2500mAh rechargeable battery
- USB and SD card support
ZESTYI 11″ Portable DVD Player for Kids
- 800*480 Native Resolution
- Region Free DVD/CD Player
- 270°Swivel Screen
- Built-in 3 hours Rechargeable Battery
17.5″ Portable DVD Player
17.5″ Portable DVD Player
- Supports Three power systems
- 270° rotation and 180° flip feature
- SD card and USB support
- 1200*1800 high-resolution
Sylvania 7″ Portable DVD Player
Sylvania 7″
- Built-in Stereo Speakers
- Built-in Rechargeable Battery
- Fully Compatible with DVD, CD, MP3

Top 10 Best Portable DVD Players Reviews

1- DBPOWER 11.5″ Portable DVD Player

DBPOWER Portable DVD Player


  • 2500 mAh lithium battery which is rechargeable
  • Car charger, AC power adapter three power supplies
  • Supports multiple media formats
  • 5 inch 800*480 Swivel Screen
  • 270 degrees rotation and 180 degrees flip
  • Provides multiple ways to play
  • Support break-point memory function


With the help of built-in 2500mAh lithium rechargeable battery, this portable enables you for 5-hours of continues watching. comes with car charger, AC power adopter and three power supplies that provide you with extra power when the battery drains. This rechargeable best portable DVD player for kids support different type of multimedia, and you can never lack a connection.

This portable DVD player with 9.5-inch and 800*480 swivel Screen allows you to experience the best real-time images. For maximum comfort and have a clear view from multiple angles this portable screen rotates up to 270 degree and 180 degrees flip. It featured with break-point memory function that allows you to go back to where you left after an interruption.

The useful remote lets you quickly correct any adjustments your child did with the built-in controls. Earlier than someone complains that you could reset the DVD player back to the place you had it. Once that’s carried out, every person can watch the 9 1/2-inch display with its 800 by 480 decision.

  • The setup and installation process are straightforward and easy to understand
  • Features last break memory function
  • The long life span of the battery for up to 5 hours
  • Can be used pretty much anywhere
  • The swivel screen is large enough and offers a good resolution for enhanced image quality
  • Not compatible with Blu-ray
  • Replacement battery not available

2- HD JUNTUNKOR 12.5″ Portable DVD Player

HD JUNTUNKOR Portable DVD Player


  • Unique Button Design
  • Pure HD Cinema level screen
  • 3 Power Charging Methods
  • Break-point Memory
  • Supports Huge Array of Multimedia
  • Lithium-ion/polymer battery watt-hour is 17.76 WH.
  • input current : 0.65A
  • Input voltage :100-240Vac
  • USB/SD Card Reader
  • 5 Hrs Rechargeable Battery


This is a top-grade portable DVD player featuring a great design for an excellent performance. It comes with a rechargeable battery which grants as much as 5 hours of playtime. The dual-use design makes it better than most of its opponents. Moreover, the product features a self-produced LCD screen for convenient navigation and operation.

The 270-degree rotation offers options for full and 1/2 viewing. The twin charging options make it even better and extra appropriate. Something else, this product is featured with a distinguishing button design for smooth operation and navigation. The double viewing choices make it ideal for all users.

  • Customized Car Headset Mount
  • Support Array of Multimedia
  • Sync Screen Playing
  • Sometime Volume too low

3- SUNPIN 11″ Portable DVD Player: Portable DVD Player for Car and Kids

Portable DVD Player for Car and Kids


  • 5-inch TFT screen with enhanced brightness
  • Two headphone jacks
  • 270-degree rotation
  • Last memory function
  • Supports multiple DVD formats
  • Remote control
  • USB and SD card slots
  • The battery lasts up to 5 hours


For portable entertainment on a price range, a player with Blu-Ray help doubtless won’t be valued at the large additional cost. And what about if the portable DVD player delivers you some extra features and enable you with great viewing experience? Then the SUNPIN DVD is the gadget in which you will get all these features.

The 9.5-inch TFT LCD screen provides you with a solid picture quality with greater brightness. You’ll be able to get first-rate audio from the built-in speakers, however as a bonus, dual earphone jacks let two users listen from separate sets of headphones.

Except enjoying most regular CD/DVD codecs, the SUNPIN Portable DVD player also supports a variety of digital media files from a USB drive or SD card. Include in the package is an A/V cable for sending the display to a tv, a headrest mounting case for watching within the backseat of an automobile, and an automobile charger for powering it up on the road. It weighs not up to three pounds and plays as much as five hours before wanting to be recharged, so it makes a nice journey associate. This portable DVD player is available in black, blue, red, and red colour options.

  • Great price
  • Quality image
  • Great customer service
  • Easy compatibility
  • Great for kids
  • Great for road trips
  • Quality for price is fantastic
  • Reduced battery life
  • The screen can easily break in certain conditions

4- COOAU Portable DVD Player

COOAU Portable DVD Player

• Eyesight Protective Screen
• Built-in rechargeable 2500mAh lithium-ion battery
• Built-in stereo speakers
• Offers you a game joupported
• Display Type: 9.5’’ LCD
• Resolution: 1024*800
• Aspect Ratio: 16:9/4:3
• Swivel Screen: 270 rotation
• Power: 110/220V (12V DC Power Adapter)


A compact and transportable home entertainment which you can convey with you anyplace you go, this best portable DVD player crafted with USB port for providing you with the opportunity of watching the movies that saved in your digital media. you would be able to watch your favourite movies for hours on this unit, due to the long battery life of as much as 5 hours.


If the battery runs empty, though, you could constantly plug it in making use of the car charger integrated within the package. The large 12-inches screen offers you clear, crisp and sharp picture quality. To make it even better, the quality of sound/audio is just as remarkable even if there is noise on the highway.

This is awesome because any other transportable DVDs on this price variety cannot present such audio quality to the unit. The swivel feature of the display is also first-rate because it makes it possible for all viewers to look at movies in exclusive angles. This additionally prevents glare that may happen when the sun shines and hits the screen. If you want to plug it to your tv, you can also accomplish that, seeing that it supports this operation.

The volume is okay, but it requires some more boost to it. For this reason, a pair of earphones or perhaps a transportable speaker must be ideal. It would also be even better if the subtitle function does no longer show up correct away because it is a trouble to maintain turning it off.

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  • Long battery life that goes up to 5 hours
  • The screen is impressive with its clear and vivid picture quality
  • Excellent swivel function for the screen for a great viewing experience
  • The volume would be better if it could be louder
  • The subtitles appear instantly, which can be annoying for some users

5- Sony DVP-FX980 9-Inch Portable DVD Player

Sony DVP-FX980 9-Inch Portable DVD Player


  • 9-inch (diag) High-resolution widescreen monitor
  • USB Port
  • 4-hour rechargeable battery
  • Flip screen
  • Built-in the headphone jack
  • Nominal Voltage: AC 120/230 V


The best featured asset to this DVD player is the FX980’s screen, when you consider at high resolution of 800×480 the most high-notch performance DVD player do not need this variety of excessive output. you will be capable to watch your favourite films or television shows in splendid image quality and sharpness. Additionally, the 9-inch monitor screen enables a 16:9 aspect radio, which offers you the capacity to observe films within the structure they have been supposed to be watched in.

Supports a massive number of files and codecs, such as DVD, DivX, MP3, AUDIO CD, XVID and AVI Playback; you can’t only watch movies and television shows, but additionally, listen to music or show snapshots. Plus, it has effortlessly handy touch keys which might be placed across the screen’s frame, on a bezel which lets you use them with ease. Besides, FX980 has 2 constructed-in microphone jacks, so that you could take heed to music or watch films without disturbing surrounding people, or share with friends and loved ones.

Battery life in this player is around four hours, which means that you will be capable to take it with you in your travel while not having to worry about recharging it. It comes with a home charger, a car charger, an AV cable for you to plug the DVD player right into a tv set, and remote control.

  • 800×480 high-resolution widescreen
  • 3 pounds of weight
  • Excellent image quality
  • Good sound quality
  • Motor buzzes

6- APEMAN 7.5” Portable DVD Player

APEMAN 7.5'' Portable DVD Player


  • Compact and super lightweight
  • 5-inch LCD screen (800 x 480 resolution)
  • 270-degree rotation
  • Supports multiple DVD formats
  • USB and SD card slots
  • Resume function
  • Remote control
  • Gaming function
  • Lasts up to 4 hours on a single charge


The smaller the display is, the less expensive the participant might be. The APEMAN PV1060 portable DVD player features a 7.5-inch monitor that can swivel to adjust in line with your viewing choice. So, if you don’t mind watching with a smaller display, the APEMAN portable DVD player has to be the one for you.

The screen’s smaller compared to other DVD portable players available in the market however it comes at an extraordinarily inexpensive rate. So, it won’t harm your pocket budget.

This best rechargeable portable is compact, lightweight that makes it extra easy during your journey or watch movies around the house or anywhere you go. The edge also makes the controls much effortless to activate – the play, reverse, stop, or forward and the audio control. The remote control is included in the package. Also, you won’t have any complication with the movie formats you’re playing considering that it’s compatible with distinct media formats.

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  • Portable Design & Good Companion
  • Easy Operation & Multiple Enjoyment
  • Durable & Swift
  • Fully Equipped & Convenient Charging
  • Various Compatibility & Quick Service
  • File format problem occurs sometimes

7- DR. J 12.5″ Portable DVD CD Player

DR. J Portable DVD CD Player


  • A large 14.1-inch HD screen
  • 270-degree rotation
  • 2500mAh rechargeable battery
  • 8M AC power adapter
  • 8M Car Charger
  • Last memory function
  • Supports multiple DVD formats
  • USB and SD card support
  • AVI output


Due to broad compatibility with a huge variety of multimedia, besides normal DVDs, DR. J genuine 10.1” HD DVD player now also helps SD card and USD flash drive, that being said, which you can simply revel in your appreciated movies, song, graphics through loading and inserting into the player.

Built-in with two strong stereo speakers, this HD DVD portable player brings you sound experience to a higher degree. There is also a headphone jack on the aspect of the potable player for you to plug to your headphones. The sound not only depends on the specific device but also depends upon the DVD sound supply.

This amazing portable DVD player helps to play a song, exhibiting images and texts. Not most effective constrained to video files, but you would be able to additionally use this portable video player to view and play your different layout records on the LCD screen and the useful handy remote will easily direct you to the location these records saved.

  • Multi-regions disc supported
  • 2500mAh rechargeable lithium battery
  • Double speaker with louder and crisper sound
  • 3 power supply modes
  • No WiFi connectivity
  • Feels a little heavy

8- ZESTYI 11″ Portable DVD Player for Kids

Portable DVD Player for Kids


  • 800*480 Native Resolution
  • Region Free DVD/CD Player
  • 270°Swivel Screen
  • Built-in USB Port and SD Card Reader
  • Built-in Shock Resistance
  • Built-in 3 hours Rechargeable Battery
  • NTSC Video System


ZESTYI DVD players have built-in headset jacks, which is common and compatible with the most headphone. ZESTYI is an authentic vendor for portable and comfortable DVD player products, but no longer include headphone.

No need to buy a case for the portable player, saving an extra 15$ cash for you. The swivel display can be turned around and fold into as a tablet. the vehicle headrest mount holder has two long-lasting straps so that it may be mount to the vehicle headrest with ease, rotate and fold the monitor into a tablet, then put it into the mount holder, enjoy your favourite films on a road trip.

This best portable player Can play CD, DVD, VCD, DVD-R, MP3, WMA, JPEG, DVD-RW, VCD, S-VCD. Support 3 Power Systems – Car Charger, Rechargeable Battery, & Home Charger/ Having the capacity of USB/SD card (less than 32GB), more suitable for your family using on vacation.

  • Nice clarity screen
  • Buttons are large enough for kids to use easily
  • Cute cartoon shell, a perfect present for kids and children
  • Lightweight for kids to take
  • 270 degree vertically & horizontally swivel the screen
  • Volume is OK and acceptable but could be even louder

9- 17.5″ Portable DVD Player with 15.6“ Large HD Screen

Portable DVD Player with Large HD Screen


  • Supports Three power systems
  • SD card and USB support
  • Supports most DVDs from 6 regions
  • 270° rotation and 180° flip feature
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up for 6-hours
  • 1200*1800 high-resolution 15.6-inch screen


this model from Boifun is one of the largest and best portable DVD players with a 17.5″ screen on the market. This best portable and rechargeable player is manufactured with advanced features such as a 1280×800 HD swivel screen, a 5000mAh battery that can last for up to 6 hours on a single charge, and 270-degree rotation.

This DVD player helps a kind of codecs and you can play content material from an SD card or USB stick due to the integrated ports. There’s additionally an anti-shock feature that’s designed to ensure proper disc reading regardless of how much the auto shakes throughout the process.

Lastly, compatibility, portability and a straightforward operating classification make this the best portable DVD player for kids and older members of your family.

  • Anti-Shock protection
  • Comes with AV cables for TV connection
  • Supports Gaming
  • Supports a wide array of formats
  • Great for families
  • Its size makes it a bit too big for regular-sized cars like sedans
  • Not compatible with Blu-ray

10- Sylvania 7″ Portable DVD Player (with Handle) SDVD7049

Sylvania portable dvd player


  • 7-Inch Portable DVD Player with Chrome Handle
  • Fully Compatible with DVD, CD, MP3
  • Built-in Stereo Speakers
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery
  • Package Includes: AC power wall adapter, DC power car adapter, Earphone and Remote Control


Get the perfect viewing perspective you wish to have by tilting and swiveling the screen of this portable DVD participant by way of Emetic. The monitor measures 7 inches in length, which is a decent dimension for observing movies or films at the same time you are on the go. With a one hundred eighty-degree swivel function, you could adjust the attitude of viewing the records in accordance with what’s most at ease for you.

What’s more, there are a number of ports integrated for extra options relating to gazing from this DVD participant. There is the headphone port, the television-out port, and the DC9 port. These ports have exact capabilities and features to satisfy your desires.

With a lift case incorporated, the DVD player stays free from dust and particles that may compromise its efficiency. That you may additionally location the headphones (included in the package) and the DVD player to the case each time you journey. There is one more space left within the bag the place you can organize a number of small and foremost gadgets.

  • Light and maybe swiveled for the optimal angle
  • Includes a carrying case and headphones
  • 180-degree swivel function
  • In case you accidentally press several buttons, it is tricky to get it started with the right region code flashing on the screen

Features to Consider in Good Portable DVD Players [Buying Guide]

Finding the best portable DVD players for you is not easy given how many different models in the market right now. But if you know what to look for, you should be able to eliminate a considerable number of these and finally end up with your best choice. Whichever that maybe is largely subject to your individual preference as a buyer. However, there are some mandatory features that all buyers will want to see on their devices.

Finding the best portable DVD players for you will not be convenient given how many special models that out there right now. But when you understand what to search for, you must be equipped to get rid of an enormous number of those and eventually emerge as along with your best choice. Whichever, that maybe is essentially subject to your individual preference as a customer. Nonetheless, there are some mandatory points that everyone will wish to see on their gadgets.

Let us have a brief look at them right now.


Of course, whether it is marketed as portable, then it better be portable. Portability in a DVD player relies on weight, Size, dimensions, and the number of attachments that go with it.

All portable DVD players are small sufficient to be carried around. However, the dimension is just not the whole thing. Other reasons corresponding to packaging, several components and charging apparatuses also help to check just how usable your DVD player is external the house.


A lot of portable DVD players can play a wide variety of formats with clarity. This involves video formats as well as audio files. This implies your portable DVD must double as an MP3 player when the get together requires it, and without draining the battery existence.

Screen size

Ideally, you want as a big a monitor as you could get as long as it which makes it cooler to focus on displayed portraits peculiarly in a moving vehicle.


This is another common factor that is wanted in any small DVD players. The controls should be distinctive and user-friendly. The lesser buttons there are to manage all the key services, the simpler it is to use them. As a driver, it is a characteristic you’re going to respect very a lot. It will also give the player a cleaner, artistically good-looking profile, something that can often go underrated in a customer’s valuation process. You may not want to admit it as it seems like a minor detail but looks matter.


Working well on the first or 2d day will not be sufficient. Refer the reviews of earlier users to discover if your player can participate in regularly over a long period.


Get yourself a good quality portable DVD player that can play most DVDs and CDs. We say “almost” because it’s very infrequent to discover a portable DVD player that’s suitable for ALL formats.

Extra Features

Look out for any extra or “precise” points in the portable DVD players which are designed to make things less complicated for you or improve the DVD player’s performance. For example, there are numerous portable DVD players available in the market that come with A/V ports so that it’s simpler to connect them to your television set, and don’t forget to investigate if it has a remote control.

Some models even come with Dolby Digital audio decoding aspects for prime-quality audio output. A factor/Digital or S-video output can also be worth watching into as a characteristic that enhances reliability.


This can be a common feature to look for in whatever that cost money and with top-notch portable DVD players, it’s no exception. There’s several price mobility with best portable DVD players so be sure to check as many as which you can before making your purchase.

Final thoughts

With regards to browsing for the proper portable DVD player, it may be a frightening task in particular if it’s your first time. There are matters you have to don’t forget if you want your browsing to be less difficult. Things to take into account include a rechargeable battery, connection ports, USB support, SD card capability, disc format compatibility, display size, screen resolution, remote control and parental defence. With this in mind, you must find an excellent portable DVD player. Still, having difficulties? I suggest one of the best portable DVD players reviewed above in your journey.


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