10 Best PC Gaming Headsets Under 100

Are you stuck in the process of selecting the best pc gaming headset under 100?

Selecting the best option is going to give you benefit, so, it’s a good sign that you’ve found your way here for picking right one. There are numerous numbers of products available that tend you to make a wrong choice and that decision lead you to lose more than winning. Suddenly all available options are seeming to rise in the quality when we start searching for best pc gaming headsets under 100.

You don’t need to mention your wasted money on awful items. Using this complete guide best pc gaming headsets is a step towards the right direction. We just featured the 10 of the absolute top-rated and best pc gaming headsets rather than crushing you with a lot of different products.


We’ve reviewed respectively these best budget gaming headsets based on comfortability, sound quality, mic-performance, and feature-set. And we have also restricted this guide up to $50-$100 price range gaming headsets. But the below-listed products will likely fulfill your needs if you need the best gaming headset for pc.

How we tested 

To give you the most authentic information about products, we don’t rely on comprehensive research, we purchase a wide range of products tests them in every aspect. To ensure that what we are saying is right and correct, we always buy the product first to check them properly unless we get sent them.

To get a better idea about products, the testing procedure is enormously important for we PC and you the Computer loving nerds, about what feature makes a headset truly the best option. we use the hell out our newly purchased products until we restrict our selection about 5 to 10 best products, for ensuring you that we are providing the well-informed and up-to-date advice.

let’s get the show on the road without further ado, and stare at our top picks for best pc gaming headsets under 100.

10 Best PC Gaming Headsets Under 100

1-Mpow 071 USB Headset

In our list of 10 best PC gaming headsets under 100, the first one is Mpow 071 USB Headset. As one of the leaders of audio products, this headset is a beloved deal utilized by numerous gamers with all the main features that a quality gaming headphone has. Noise reduction, 3.5mm Jack and USB option, comfortable, side compatible with PCS and tablets.


  • SNR: 50db
  • Microphone Impedance: 2.2K
  • Rated power: 10mW
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20 KHz
  • Maximum power: 20mw
  • Microphone Sensitiveness: -463dB
  • Loudspeaker diameter: 40mm
  • Loudspeaker sensitiveness: 103dB3dB
  • Loudspeaker Impedance: 16
  • Plug: USB plug 3.5mm audio plug
  • Cable length: 7.9ft (2.4m)

Mpow 071 USB Headset

Stereo Audio Performance

Mpow USB gaming headsets is accomplished of gives you top-notch audio with crisp and clear, and adjusted tone while you are on speaking on skype with the help of 40mm superior driver and skilled sound preparation.

You can see Mpow 071 USB Headset review in the video below.


Designed for Lasting Comfort 

Comfort during your long talking session the PC gaming headsets headband and earpads are covered with foam and skin-friendly protein leather.

Plug and Play No Need to Download Driver

the featured USB connections enable you to get connected rapidly. The 7.9feet (2.4 meters) wires give you the flexibility to move around while you are gaming or talking.

Adjustable Boom Microphone

The single-pointing mic is designed for reducing background noise and no interference from other directions. For delivering best audio adjust the mic near to your mouth.

Wide Compatibility

This gaming headset is capable of almost all platforms and operating system such as Mac, iOS, Android, Windows 2000, Windows 7,8,10, XP, Vista, Tablet PC.

  • • Works for both USB (w/controller) and computer audio connections (wo/controller)
  • • Audio is crisp, clear, and plenty loud enough
  • • Comfortable over the ear design, instead of on the ear
  • • Blue/Red light on the controller for mic mute and unmute
  • • mic is very easy to position, and it stays where put
  • • It is wired, so you have to the plugin

2- SteelSeries Siberia v2 Full-Size Gaming Headset (White)

One of the best pc gaming headsets under 100 of SteelSeries Siberia line, which reformed the gaming headset with unmatched sound quality and comfort. The headsets include a lovely and crispy design, an excellent sound performance, and the durable comfort all in one package. This best gaming headset for pc was crafted in collaboration with professional gamers to certify that the design and soundscape would satisfy the need of gamers and audiophiles.


  • 50mm driver units
  • Dual Analog 3.5mm
  • Retractable / Unidirectional mic picking
  • Closed ear headphones
  • Integrated volume control located on the cord
  • 6 x 9.4 x 4.7 inches Product Dimensions
  • trademark headband suspension

SteelSeries Siberia v2 Full-Size Gaming Headset


You will instantly fell in love for the comfort element of this Siberia v2 when you put these on for the first time. This pc gaming headset is built around the most comfortable headband for the headset in the world-Siberian suspension system. Extremely lightweight and Designed for absolute comfort. So, you can easily wear them for a long-lasting time for gaming sessions.

SteelSeries Engine Software:

The steelSeries software engine should be download and install for customizing the LED behaviour and audio presets (bright, dim, steady pulsing, slow, fast, light up to beat of the music, and disable completely etc.). Such options are pretty cool. With modified equalizer settings you can change the specific base on which the application is manufactured.

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The best thing about this product is the controls of mic and volume is in the cable rather than on the earcup. The cable is on the short side but doesn’t worry you’ll plenty of slack with the help of an extension.

The built-in mic isn’t a studio-level microphone, but it works seamlessly for what it’s designed for. In case you are talking on skype or using the microphone for team chat, it gives you very clear sound and high-quality audio signals.


The headset is mostly made by plastics. But still, there are acceptable ways to make an item out of plastic. The look is astonishing and feels amazing. It’s pretty light.

  • • Excellent build
  • • Inline cable controls
  • • With a few exceptions, overall audio quality is adequate
  • • Blue on the silver colour scheme a visual stunner
  • • Looks and feels incredible, despite being primarily plastic
  • • Lightweight design is safe, very comfortable
  • • Bass a little muddy
  • • Minimal noise cancellation

3- Logitech USB Headset H390 with Noise Cancelling Mic

If you are looking for a reasonable USB gaming headset that is incredible for occasional use then you have considered this best low budget gaming headphone surely. This amazing low budget pc gaming headset with mic is affordable and have a great quality of sound. And this feature makes it a perfect choice for voice calls, Skype, webinars and much more.


  • The padded headband and ear pads
  • 100H 10 KH Frequency response (Microphone)
  • Sensitivity (headphone) 94dBV/Pa +/ 3 dB
  • Sensitivity (microphone) 17 dBV/Pa +/ 4 dB
  • Convenient inline volume and mute controls
  • Rotating noise-cancelling microphone
  • 6 ft / 2.3 m cable and wireless length
  • Compatible with all Windows, Mac OS X (10.2.8 or later
  • USB A compatible (1.1 and 2.0)

Logitech USB Headset H390


The Logitech USB gaming headset has delicate and comfortable pads on the ear cups that easily sit on your ears. As compared to our other best picks in the best pc gaming headsets under 100, this item is not comfortable for long use, you can utilize comfortably for a short period of hours. The Modifiable headband features swivel-mounted are easy to clean.


The rigid and left-sided mic can be placed for better voice capture the built-in boom mic can tuck out of the way when the mic is not in use and you aren’t speaking. But when you start your conversation with someone else, the noise cancellation technology makes it possible to sound good.

Use and Controls:

The Logitech H390 gaming headset is very easy to use and control. The remote has the volume control and with the mute button. This feature makes the Logitech H390 very simple to adjust the calls volume without any disruption.

  • • Comfortable with noise-cancelling mic
  • • Excellent price if you need a headset for work or productivity
  • • Good quality audio both ways
  • • Plug and play
  • • Quality feels nice and sturdy like it were to last
  • • The clip on the inline control is not spring-loaded

4- HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset

The HyperX cloud alpha gaming headsets offer comfortable earcups, exceptional looking design and great sound quality at an affordable price.


  • 50mm Dual Chamber Drivers
  • 13 – 27,000 Hz frequency response
  • Detachable braided cable
  • Impedance: 65 ohms
  • inline audio control
  • 98dBSPL/mW sound pressure level at 1kHz
  • Sensitivity 43dBV (0dB=1V/Pa,1kHz)
  • Detachable noise cancellation mic
  • 50 – 18,000Hz microphone frequency
  • Multi-platform compatibility — dominate on PC or console

HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset

Design and Comfort:

The HyperX Cloud Alpha best gaming headset is the most premium looking headset. Regarding style and sound quality for the price, the HyperX alpha is very difficult to beat. This headset top-notch design gives a representation of its sun-$100 value, thanks to the tough metal edge, a smooth red and black paint job, and absolute most comfortable leatherette earcups out there. Having a limited colours range.

Microphone and Cables:

The 4-foot 3.5mm cable gives you plenty of slack for your console. Featured with inline remote for volume and muting the mic on the go. It’s removable compare to previous HyperX models, which makes it a better option for travelling. The microphone gives you the decent, clear and crispy sound during voice recording and twitches streams without any worrying of background noise.

Sound Performance

Thanks to new Dual chamber driver technology, which provide you with the clearest, crisp and less-distorted sound and enables you to separate the bass from mid and high. While wearing this gaming headset you will be able to pinpoint the each and individual sound exactly coming from. And this was the main area where this headset blows away.

  • • Soft and cushy ear cups
  • • Discord certified
  • • Comfortable for smaller heads
  • • Impressive audio quality
  • • Versatile cables
  • • Lack of USB connector

5- Corsair Void Pro RGB Wireless Gaming Headset


  • PC with USB port and OS compatibility
  • Legendary CORSAIR build quality
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz 20 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 38dB (+/ 3dB)
  • Headphone Drivers: 50mm
  • Microphone Frequency Response: 100Hz to 10kHz
  • Microphone Impedance: 2.0k ohms

CORSAIR Void PRO RGB Wireless Gaming Headset


Microfiber mesh fabric and memory foam ear cups ensure that you can stay in the action longer, never surrendering to discount.


Legendary CORSAIR build quality featuring metal structural components and glass fibre infused plastic to ensure long term durability.

Sound On:

Custom tuned 50mm neodymium speakers’ drivers combined with Dolby headphone 7.1 surround deliver immersive audio with wide range and accuracy.

Rally your team

Our unidirectional microphone cancels ambient noise so you can talk strategy with perfect clarity.

Voice clarity:

In the heat of battle, you can’t afford to miss a play. Listen to the closely-our crystal-clear mic and audio quality have the power to turn the whole game on its head.

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  • • Awesome build quality, Rugged and sturdy
  • • Fully adjustable
  • • Mic lifts which auto-mutes it
  • • Zero drops in call quality
  • • Very snug fit over the ears, which blocks out a lot of sounds even when your game
  • • Customizable lights
  • • The power button is a bit awkward

[/i2pros]• The lack of software to tweak settings [/i2pc]

6- AILIHEN C8 Girls Wired Headphones with Microphone and Volume Control

Headphones are very useful in many ways. You can focus on your work and get closer to our music while wearing headphones. Stay creative and keep the music going with AILIHEN C8. This wired headphone is foldable, that enables you to store it in your bag easily when travelling.

AILIHEN C8 Girls Headphones with Microphone

Sound Quality:

In our expert’s opinion, the most significant aspect of any headphone is the sound quality. This headset gives you fair listening experience. The device emphasizes the bass and needs high frequencies. The powerful sound performance with moulded highs and deep bass let you hear the original sound of music.


The gaming headphones are crafted by lightweight plastic material. it looks premium with the glassy metal finish over the ear cups. the ear cups are cushioned with soft rubbery cushion similar to the leather soft padding providing exceedingly comfortable for long listening sessions.


Easy to carry, store and offers simplicity and portability to its user. The plush circular earcup was easily folded up in your palm. Very lightweight so you can bring it with you anywhere where life takes you.


The nylon coated audio cable is featured with buttons for adjusting the volume level and pause and play buttons. You can also switch between calls and music through these buttons easily without any trouble.

  • • Very comfortable to wear
  • • Sturdy, easy to fold up and store right in the box for travel
  • • Very lightweight and LOUD
  • • Worth the money
  • • Mic is a little bit noisy

7- SteelSeries Arctis 5 Gaming Headset

The SteelSeries Arctis 5 Gaming Headset delivers you the sound that you can adjust to your liking, an incredibly comfortable design and remarkable microphone at an affordable price. The Arctis has no exemption, this amazing game headset put the other competitors in to shame when we talk about comfortability.


  • Microphone input impedance: 2200 Ω
  • Microphone frequency: 100 – 10000 Hz
  • Microphone sensitivity: -48 dB
  • output channels
  • Headphone frequency: 20 – 22000 Hz
  • Ear coupling: Circumaural
  • Connectivity technology: Wired
  • Cable length: 3 m
  • Connector contacts plating: Gold

SteelSeries Arctis 5


If you are looking for headsets that have the top quality which is enough for play videos and podcasting than you have to keep looking but in generally the Arctis 5 gaming headset was more than capable for communicating with your gaming partners and your teammates should hear you clear and loud. it’s wireless, and a gaming headset.


This gaming headset is one of the well-assembled products. The built quality appears to be upper-level.

Sound Quality:

You want to hear the closest players strides coming towards you, or want to know the sort of drumbeat in song, then this headset is the best option for you. Best sound quality means superior benefits. Want to know the coming threat or exact location in the video game, this was the main reason why you have that upper hand. Very accurate beat and well-balanced sound, almost designed for the FPS shooters.


This Arctis 5 Gaming headset is manufactured to be so light. The material feels a bit cheap but in fact, it is really solid, so you will forget that you are wearing them. The fabric AirWeave ear cushion keeps your ear dry and cool with athletics-inspired performance. The foam is wrapped in the moisture-wicking, and breathable fabric coated with a special thermoplastic material for isolation.

S1 Speaker Drivers:

Make a soundscape that gives a natural and exact reproduction of all considered sounds, not simply explosion. The S1 speaker drivers deliver you the competitive advantages of unbelievable sound clearness. You will hear a thing, every detail, every beat, manufactured to produce ultra-low distortion audio.

  • • Great audio
  • • Suspension headband keeps the headset light and comfortable
  • • New Clearcast microphone is a major step forward
  • • Sensible software
  • • Long, convoluted cables

8- Sennheiser GSP 302 Closed Back Gaming Headset for PC

The GSP 300 series uses Sennheiser’s famed acoustic technology to enhance every gaming session with even greater clarity and realism. You will hear all the sounds and sounds very fantastic. Enables you Easily pick the footsteps from closest enemies due to stereo sittings. All the outside noises are blocked.


  • Closed-back headset with Memory foam
  • best in class noise isolation
  • Intuitive Volume control
  • Split headband for comfort
  • 10 to 15,000 Hertz Microphone frequency
  • 15 to 26,000 Hz headphones frequency
  • 113 dB Sound pressure level
  • -41 dbv per pa Microphone sensitivity

Sennheiser GSP 302 Closed Back Gaming Headset for PC

Crystal-clear Communication:

For a definitive group performance, this GSP 300 is furnished with a communicate quality noise-cancellation mic that decreases the background noise., a short boom arm that removes the breathing sounds for clearer in-game interaction. To mute, just lift the arm and you are off the air.

Perfectly Adjusted

Manufactured with an aviation-inspired split headband which decreases the pressure for the best comfortability for long gaming sessions. The premium fit is additionally guaranteed by a sharp ball-joint axis that makes it simple to perfectly point the speakers to suit your face shape.


Comfortability is the main key in these headsets. You can wear these for 4+hours long and will not feel any weight on your ears. Very comfortable around the ears. Keep your ears from sweating and dry.

  • • Sennheiser, at this price, with a 2-year warranty
  • • Mic quality is fantastic, amazing for a headset
  • • Plug and play, low impedance, an easy mode for anyone with basically any PC setup
  • • Great seal on the closed cans. The sound simply won’t bleed into your mic, no matter how loud
  • • Not compact
  • • The cable is short

9- Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 Headset (JUG-00013)


  • Pivoting boom microphone with 180-degree movement
  • flexible 6-foot cable
  • Leatherette ear pads for improved comfort
  • in-line volume controls
  • Clarity, Comfort, and Convenience
  • built-in unidirectional microphone with acoustic noise cancellation
  • Premium stereo sound
  • Optimized for Skype


Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 Headset

If you need to talk, listen to music or want to play the game, then do it right in full engagement. Feel free with LifeChat LX-3000 gaming headset and enjoy the quality sound, made with superior total comfort leatherette ear pads. You can get connected very rapidly with USB connections. The noise cancellation microphone ensures you’re heard clear.

This USB Microsoft headset is furnished with a 6-foot long cable and the buttons and in-line remote is featured on it that work both on IOS and windows laptop easily.

The built-in foam pop filter noise cancellation microphone is completely adjustable that works pretty well. The sound quality on the noise cancellation mic is damn near excellent – while on the other side the listeners can listen to everything very clear without any muffled sound. Very comfortable and fit easily on head. the sound is excellent, the bass is heard great.

  • • Attractive and comfortable design
  • • Excellent audio quality
  • • Noise-cancelling microphone
  • • Easy set-up
  • • Windows Live Messenger integration seems unnecessary

10- Panasonic Cordless Telephone Comfort-Fit Headset

The Boom Microphone is specially designed in such a manner that it is certainly not missing a word you say. The KX-TCA430 headsets provide a lot of freedom with connectivity take head to your favourite track with this over-the-head design headset.


  • Telephone Headset for Panasonic Dect 6.0 Phones
  • Connection Standard 2.5mm Microphone Adjustable noise-cancelling boom Hands-free Usage
  • Reversible
  • Volume Control

Best PC Gaming Headsets Under 100

A single gaming headset for a couple of functions/devices that’s comfy in long (stupid) back-to-back calls, capable for travelling well, and does no longer have downtime or outages {like a Bluetooth headset that again and again needs a recharge and (and has to travel with additional parts).


Some of the critics say that this gaming headset is inexpensive and convenient to break. The headset is manufactured from plastic. If plastic equals cheap to your mind, it is low-cost, and so are headset costing hundreds of $. They’re all made from plastic. But as plastic contraptions go, this feels pretty sturdy. This from a person who owned a prior variant of this very same gaming headset and ripped it apart in a fit of pique.

Sound Quality:

Great sound, they are very comfortable and the fit is great, the mouthpiece is bendable to get it towards your mouth if individuals have problems listening to you. Works perfectly with my Panasonic satellite phone system. the phones capabilities, call blocking, intercom, etc., are very good,

Volume and Mute Control

The Panasonic KX-TCA430 calling set is crafted with a volume/mute button located on the wire, effectively available. Additionally, it comes with an adjustable clip…. clip the wire to your clothing to hold it out of your way while you’re busy with your fingers.

  • • Adjustable
  • • Works for lefties and righties
  • • Build quality seems good
  • • Inline volume controls and mute
  • • Reasonably priced
  • • Sound quality is pretty good
  • 1. · The volume makes some time problem

Gaming Headsets Buying Guide

  1. What is a gaming headset?

For those people who still don’t have any information or idea about this, a gaming headset is a similar product like any other normal headphones, but with quite more. For communicating with your gaming partner, they have a built-in microphone which makes it clear that the build-in microphone is one of the most significant components of the gaming headsets.

While the all available PC gaming headsets are observed by its sound quality, the top pc gaming headsets demands for clear, stable and better sound quality that blocks all external unnecessary sound to deliver you detailed crisp voice transmission.

Now, when you are going to buy the best budget gaming headset, these below mentioned some important facts are needed to be considered. 

Platform Compatibility:

Your top pc gaming headsets can work with Play station, PC, Xbox One, Mac and many other platforms.


For releasing the pressure on your head, the pc gaming headset with mic should be comfortable.


The built-in mic has to provide you with clear and crisp communication along with high-end noise cancellation.


The best budget gaming headset shouldn’t be made of low-quality materials. To find out if a headset is durable or not, take a look at the warranty that accompanies it. Do not feel 100% safe if it does not come with a warranty.

Sound Quality:

Your best pc gaming headset must be able to get detailed sounds in games.

Read Reviews

Always look for reviews that the product gathered from its consumers besides looking for warranty. You will be to find that if the product is worth your time or not. Always pick that one which has more positive reviews.

Do Not Let Price Fool You

The costly gaming headset doesn’t mean that it will be a high-quality product, same as a low-value product means you are buying the low-quality headset. Never let the price fool you. Do proper research for purchasing the best gaming headset.

  1. What’s the difference between gaming headsets and music headphones?

The main difference between pc gaming headsets and simple music headphones is that the simple headphones don’t have a microphone while all gaming headsets are featured with the microphone.

In a simple word, that pc gaming headsets are an ear-worn speaker just like a simple music headphone, but due to built-in microphone, it allows you to communicate during games with a partner. Since all PC gaming headsets require players to interact with each other, all gaming headsets are equipped with a microphone to help such correspondence between all team members.

When we talk about the requirements and quality of these two types of headphones, the music headphones generally focus on primary thing, that is stereo sound quality which is the basic thing for tuning in to music and films.

But when it comes to gaming headsets, there are a lot more aspects to consider, i.e. an outstanding sound quality along with noise cancellation mic too.

  1. What headsets work with PS4?

The PS4 has the standard of 3.5mm jack, and that is normally used by all headphones, therefore all users can utilize any headphones with their PS4.

  1. What headsets work with Xbox One?

Unlike the PS4, on your Xbox One, you can’t utilize all your typical headphones. The Xbox doesn’t have the standard of 3.5mm jack. You have to purchase the official connector from the Xbox store if you want to connect any gaming headsets to the Xbox One, or just search google for the cheaper alternate connector for Xbox to get the job done.

Or invest in Xbox official headset which has official connector itself.

Let’s Wrap it up

All the gamers in the world regardless of whether they are professional or just amateur ones, love the sound of virtual gunfire. They love the magical quests they go on and the swoosh of the swinging swords as they engage themselves in virtual but seemingly real an exciting PC or console games. All those players are agreed on the notion that the sound of the game plays a major role in the excitement and thrill felt by gamers.

It doesn’t make a big difference which stage you’re playing, simply get this and value it for what it is since you won’t improve the deal than the SteelSeries Arctis 5 for below under $100.

it will just depend on your preference if you’re up for anything else. Any you pick, this is not the wrong answer at all:

  • If you want the best value out, the SteelSeries Arctis 5is a headset to behold.
  • If you wish for something low-priced but still want the same competent overall quality like Arctis 5, the Sennheiser GSP 302 is your best choice.
  • If it’s a great wireless gaming headset for the PC you’re looking, go for the Corsair Void Pro RGB Gaming Headset.
  • If you’re a PS4 player looking to purchase a much more reasonable wireless gaming headset, the HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headsetis your new best friend.

That’s it for this best pc gaming headsets under 100 articles. With any of these headsets with you, you’re guaranteed to have a much more immersive gameplay thanks to the stellar sound quality and comfortable ergonomics.

Which of our best pc gaming headsets under 100 do you think is best for you? Let us know down in the comments.








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