The Best Coffee Grinder Under 100

Are you looking for the best coffee grinder under 100 budget?

You don’t need to spend thousands or even hundreds of dollars on it. Because we have compiled a list of top-rated coffee grinders under $100.

You’ve surely heard “If you’re going to do it, do it right”. What constitutes “proper” is more commonly arbitrary and relies on the condition. Let’s specify the “situation” here, we’re discussing grinding coffee beans. The performance and type of your espresso grinder have a lot t0 do with your desired coffee taste., so selecting the best coffee grinder under 100 is a significant step in the brewing process.

Not all of the burr grinders would perform as excellent as the quality ones can. So, we put the time & attention on the top 30 burr grinders, researched some experiment outcome and browse one hundred reviews to seek out the 10 best coffee grinders.

Although we used to remember the budget as we needed to focus simply on the best coffee grinders under 100 and after our hard work, we got a successful result with the best budget burr grinder.

If you don’t have enough time to read the whole article, you can quickly compare the table below and choose the best coffee grinder.

List of the Best Coffee Grinder Under 100

Image Product Description Check Price
Capresso 560.01 coffee grinder
Capresso 560.01
- Bean container holds 8-1/2 ounces
- Built-in timer
- Gear reduction motor
KRUPS F203 Electric Spice
- Electric grinder with 200-watt motor
- 2-year worldwide warranty
- 12 cups of coffee capacity
Bodum Bistro Burr Grinder
Bodum Bistro Burr Grinder
- Motor Specs: 720 RPM
- Compact in size feature
- Multi-purpose lid for the hopper
Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill
- Grind setting is easily adjustable
- Ceramic burrs are durable and easily maintained
- Features conical ceramic burrsN
Cuisinart DCC-450BK
Cuisinart DCC-450BK
- Built-in knuckle guard
- ON indicator light
- Ultra-compact
Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind
Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind
- 12 cup capacity
- Stainless steel blades
- Quieter than the leading competitor
OXO Brew Conical Burr
DR. J 12.5″
- High quality, consistent grind
- 15 settings plus Micro settings
- 20V/60Hz Voltage
JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder
JavaPresse Manual
- Built-in adjustable grind selector
- Take a full 1-2 minutes to grind
- Relatively easy to clean
- 18 click settings
 Mr. Coffee Single Cup
Mr. Coffee Single Cup
- Cord length: 25 inches
- 4-12 Cups capacity
- 1 year warranty
Mueller Austria HyperGrind
Mueller Austria HyperGrind
- Blade Grinder weighs 1.4 pounds
- One-Press Button
- It’s probably great for travel as well

Frequently Asked Questions:

The main and prime benefit of grinding your special coffee is that freshly ground coffee tastes better than pre-ground espresso. Regardless of the brewing variety and style, a cup of tasty coffee made from freshly ground-beans will taste advanced.
Off course, hand grinders or manual are economical substitutes to the electrical burr grinders. However, some of them are excellent for grinding enough beans to make a cup of coffee.
For cleaning your coffee machines once or twice in the month, by running the grinder cleaning pellets is an easy way to clean the machine. There is also another method, which takes time and labour intensive, but for a deep clean this method is best. PS – Do not wash the internal parts/burrs!
Depend on the material quality of your coffee grinder machine. There are some coffee machines are available in the market whose quality enables you to use them regularly. Always read the customer feedback and reviews about the life of product and durability before purchasing.
The size of grinder will depend on your coffee style and brewing variety. Use a coarse grind for immersion-variety brews, satisfactory grind for coffee, and medium grind for pour-overs as a basic rule.
Hell no! Sorry, couldn’t help myself. It’s disrespectful even to consider it. The blender processor is exactly a robust blade grinder. It will pulverize your beans rather than grinding them. if you go by way of the effort of buying freshly roasted, single-beginning (as a consequence, luxurious) espresso beans, it’s top-rated to purchase them pre-ground for the brewing-style you’ll be using. Although you utilize store-purchased espresso beans, it’s a lot better to purchase espresso grounds than to spoil them using grinding for your blender/food processor.

1- Capresso 560.01


Capresso 560.01 coffee grinder

  • Gear reduction motor
  • 100-watt conical burr grinder with 16 grind settings
  • Precision steel, conical burrs
  • Commercial-grade conical burrs ensure maximum coffee flavour
  • Bean container holds 8-1/2 ounces
  • Safety lock
  • Grounds container holds 4 ounces
  • Built-in timer


The Capresso 560.01 is one of the popular coffee grinders for pour-over coffee. It is an outstanding choice for particular and controlled coffee grinding. For someone who has been grinding coffee for months or years. For anybody who has been grinding coffee for months or years. You can’t settle down for something that produces static or overheats.


The Capresso Infinity Conical Burr presents the cleanest grind there is. The Capresso Infinity Conical Burr presents the cleanest grind there is. It’s the quality conical burr grinder under $100 for that very motive. The sturdy stainless-metal conical burrs never give up.

It’s smoother, quieter, and more constant. It additionally preserves the aroma of espresso even if they’re slightly oily. No sediments get left in the back of. Not like many electric burr grinders, this one just isn’t too speedy. So, it’s in no rush to get you your flawlessly exceptional or coarse grind.

Although it takes its time, it rarely looks ready. The time is valued at it when you consider that it produces the richest ground espresso. Being each appealing and durable, it compliments most types of espresso brewing methods.

  • Little static build-up
  • Doesn’t build up heat
  • Automatic operation
  • Affordably priced
  • Consistent grind
  • Wide range of grind choices
  • Cleaning could be a tad difficult due to static electricity
  • Doesn’t produce an extremely coarse grind

2- KRUPS F203 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder

KRUPS F203 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder


  • Electric grinder with 200-watt motor provides fast grinding
  • Oval design and stainless-steel blades uniform grinding
  • Large grinding capacity yields up to 12 cups of coffee
  • Versatile unit grinds spices, nuts, and grains
  • Lid activated safety switch; 200 watts
  • 2-year worldwide warranty


This KRUPS model can grind entire espresso beans speedily and powerfully; it does up to 3 ounces 85 grams in seconds. Regardless of the powerful 200W motor, there can be little noise in the grinding process. Now you can brew your coffee with freshly ground beans in the early morning without waking anybody up!


We can guarantee that this coffee bean grinder will deliver out the highest taste you deserve in a cup of coffee. The grinder shouldn’t be the best simple to use due to its single push button, but it’s also versatile, all at an affordable price – you can additionally use it for grinding seeds, spices, nuts, and herbs. So, if you’re looking for a coffee grinder for spices, try this one!

Extra Features:

What about its smart features?  The is a best blade coffee grinder points a Lid-activated safeguard switch. That suggests the blades, made of sharp, stainless steel, only spin when the lid is securely placed, thereby boosting defence.

The overall design and the egg-shaped shape of this grinder gives you consistent grinding.

There is no problem if you want to customize your grinding. Whether you wish the smooth taste of espresso or Turkish-style coarse grind, you can have what you want with this grinder.

  • Compact but all-purpose
  • Powerful 200-watt motor
  • Large capacity for brewing 12 cups of coffee
  • Lid-activated Safety Switch
  • Warranty
  • Can generate too much heat while grinding and scorch beans
  • Does not produce 100% coarse grind

3- Bodum Bistro Burr Grinder

Bodum Bistro Burr Grinder


  • Grind Settings: 12
  • Multi-purpose lid for the hopper
  • Motor Specs: 720 RPM
  • Burr Specs: 35 mm Stainless Steel, Conical
  • Grinding Button: Timed grinding only (5 – 20 seconds)
  • Conical stainless-steel burr for perfect grinding
  • Coffee catcher is made up of anti-static borosilicate glass
  • Silicone band for a proper grip
  • Compact in size feature


Are you into the French press variety of coffee making and its speed, simplicity, and tasty coffee? This Bodum Bistro Burr grinder is a manageable and reasonably priced option to grind coffee for your French press.

Setting and Performance:

The Bodum bistro coffee maker gives you 14 grind settings, from coarse to great, permitting you to move from French press to AeroPress readily. The narrowed stainless-steel burrs help to furnish a regular grind. Even in coarse settings, utilizing the Bodum electrical Bistro espresso grinder outcome in a rather uniform grind, a foremost element for the best French press espresso.

You must not fear that the amazing espresso grounds will hang to the catcher considering it’s fabricated from anti-static borosilicate glass.

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More handiness features are available for you to realize, for example, the crafted push button and featured pre-set timer, grinding the certain amount of coffee you need and striking a stop to wasted beans. So, in case you are additionally looking for the best home coffee grinder under 100 dollar use and aren’t too worried about consistency, then try this one!

  • Good grind consistency
  • Stainless steel conical burrs
  • Does not waste beans
  • Little cleaning or maintenance
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for standard homebrew styles (including French press)
  • Can not grind for Turkish coffee or cold brew
  • Less durable due to the thin glass

4- Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill

Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill


  • Features conical ceramic burrs
  • Grind setting is easily adjustable
  • Ceramic burrs are durable and easily maintained
  • Conical burrs will consistently yield an even grind, even and especially for espresso
  • The grinder is 172 mm wide, 93 mm deep, and 214 mm high
  • Dishwasher safe


This new model of coffee maker is from Hario Skerton Plus is under $100 however offers satisfactory worth. Additionally, it is the satisfactory manual burr coffee grinder for Keurig. One difference from electrical grinders is that you simply ought to be liable for getting the grind size you wish to have.

The ceramic pointed burrs grind coffee to a uniform size; for that reason, it could control most brewing methods well, Apart from the French press, because there’s a little inconsistency.

Design and Portability:

Manufactured with a non-slip rubber base, that helps to maintain the mill in place throughout the grinding process. Need to pack and lift it even as touring? That is effortless due to its compact design, which contains the crank handle which can detach conveniently.

Very easy to use, carry and clean. We believe that is a first-class manual espresso grinder.

  • Compact, easy to carry
  • Uniform grind
  • Non-slip rubber base
  • Dishwasher safe
  • You need to practice to set the grind size just right
  • Produces noise

5- Cuisinart DCC-450BK 4-Cup Coffeemaker

Cuisinart DCC-450BK 4-Cup Coffeemaker


  • Stainless steel carafe
  • Auto shut-off (30 minutes)
  • Brew Pause technology
  • Built-in knuckle guard
  • Dripless pour spout
  • ON indicator light


This Cuisinart DCC is a 4-cup coffee maker with a stainless steel flask. It has a knuckle guard and a no-drip spout. It is an extremely-compact coffee maker that can stay anywhere in the house without taking up much space.

Built-in with a great feature which is the pause-brew function., for the time being, you can stop the brew, if you need a cup of coffee before the carafe is full, without coffee dripping out.


No timer function is featured in this coffee maker, maybe a downside according to the editor, but it does feature a 30-minute shut off function. It gives you sufficient time to empty the container before the item starts to get cold. The stainless-steel flask is more sturdy and safer than the glass and plastic.

The water gets to an adequate temperature to brew a robust cup of coffee, however. Be certain to not touch the carafe on the bare metal in view that it’s going to be hot during the brewing process.

  • Ultra-compact
  • Pause function – great for pre-infusion.
  • Stainless steel carafe – keep the coffee hot!
  • Can be a bit difficult to clean
  • Doesn’t come with a manufacturer warranty

6- Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind

Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind


  • Quieter than the leading competitor
  • 12 cup capacity
  • Removable grinding chamber
  • Grinds coffee and spices
  • Cord storage
  • Stainless steel blades
  • On/Off button


If you are searching the best coffee grinder under 100 for precision coffee grinding the Hamilton Beach Custom Grind Coffee Grinders is the ideal option for you, which will enable you to get the exact quality you want every time. guarantee perfect results, well-defined fineness settings, and clear cup markings ensure particular measuring.

Removable grinding chamber:

The grinding chamber removes for handy filling of whole beans or spices as soon as completed, eliminate the chamber for effortless cleaning. You could grind as much as 9 tablespoons of beans, sufficient for 12 cups of espresso. A secret away cord storage at the bottom of this coffee grinder store the cable precisely and out of sight when it is not in use


This Coffee Grinder is very easy in use and too much easy to clean. They offer hands-free operation with auto shut off with secret storage for cords. Some grinders even contain a stainless steel crushing chamber that can be removed for easy cleanup in the dishwasher.

  • Cheap & easy to use
  • Easy to clean (dishwasher friendly)
  • Grinds to a VERY FINE point, nearly dust. Love it
  • It can also stop grinding earlier if you want to make it not quite so fine
  • Cord hides inside the machine
  • The cord is short.
  • A bit small

7- OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

OXO BREW Conical Burr Coffee Grinder


  • High quality, consistent grind
  • Durable 40-millimeter stainless steel conical burrs
  • 15 settings plus Micro settings
  • Hopper holds up to 0. 75 pounds
  • Product Dimension – 12×7.4×16 inch
  • The container accommodates up to 110 grams
  • 20V/60Hz Voltage


The OXO Brew Conical is the perfect match for OXO Pour Over Coffee Maker. Because of its user-friendliness, efficiency, and effectiveness. For the “under 100” category, it’s quite a steal. You have 15 + Micro settings. A coffee bean container with 12 ounces of capacity. It’s a whole package!

One-touch Process:

The one-touch start button function remembers the last grind. So, it picks it up from there itself. From the top (lid) to the down (base), It’s a compact and dependable burr coffee grinder under 100. You can grind a good amount in less than 30-seconds. So, it’s not too slow nor is it too fast.

While we all know what a “speedy” coffee burr grinder can do? Create static, burn, and spoil the quality of the beans. Gratefully, it’s so much quieter than other espresso machine coffee grinders. it creates perfect stability between satisfactory and coarse coffee. You wouldn’t want to miss it.


Although the ground container is somewhat smaller than some other grinders, it is crafted from stainless-steel material for the ultimate eradication of risk age. On the other hand, you don’t need to regularly set the settings, because the timer remembers the last setting as if you can start grinding every day.

  • Good for single dosing.
  • Lightweight and small footprint.
  • It’s not all noisy.
  • Consistent grounds
  • The ground container is hard to lock in place.
  • The bottom burr blade is not removable for cleaning

8- JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder


  • Built-in adjustable grind selector
  • Convenient removable hand crank
  • Manual grinders are typically very durable, lightweight, and easy to travel with
  • Take a full 1-2 minutes to grind
  • Relatively easy to clean
  • 18 click settings
  • Compact and Affordable

Compact, affordable and slim. The JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder is a small, lightweight grinder perfect for those coffee lovers who aren’t too concerned with the style of coffee grinders but still need something efficient and portable.

Design and Performance:

it’s great for packing on the go because it is made up with a durable stainless-steel frame with a ceramic tapering burr and a removable hand crank. Thanks to the dual plate system which makes it more stable during grinding and produces reliable outcomes.


The adjustable knob is featured in the JavaPress under the burr that is used for changing your grind setting in one click system but is weary – they may take a little bit of time getting used to. It may look very simple but don’t be fooled, this coffee beans grinder has been on the market for a short time and we can see why – ideal for those coffee lovers who want hassle-free, practical, affordable quality grinds.

  • Affordable price tag
  • Compact and stainless-steel design deliver durability as well as portability
  • Features durable ceramic burrs for better consistency
  • Compact design means you can’t grind large amounts of coffee beans at once
  • The hand crank can sometimes slip from your hand during grinding

9- Mr. Coffee Single Cup Coffee Maker with Built-In Grinder

Mr. Coffee Single Cup Coffee Maker with Built-In Grinder


  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Cord length: 25 inches
  • Removable, dishwasher-safe grinding chamber
  • Cord storage
  • 4-12 Cups capacity
  • Safety On/Off Switch
  • Blade Grinding Technology
  • Design and Structure

The Mr. Coffee single-cup grinder is BPA-free and made of stainless steel. Also, it’s aesthetically attractive and lightweight too so, which you could quite simply position it for your kitchen counter or move it around in case you want to set. Apart from this, cleaning the Mr. Coffee is the best coffee machine with grinder & single cup coffee maker with a built-in grinder is very simple as it’s dishwasher safe, and the filter basket can be lifted out for an excellent speedy wash. Additionally, it has a double-walled travel cup, allowing you to dispense your espresso correct into it to sip on the go!


Entire beans are immediately modified into contemporary grounds so, which you could decide upon from the two options of brewing. One is to grind and then brew or instantly brew with average ground coffee. Either way, a sufficient cup of tasty coffee is guaranteed. Furthermore, the brew sizes may also be adjusted as much as 16oz, making it just excellent to fill large coffee cups or travel mugs.

One-touch operation:

The one-touch operation of this amazing coffee grinder makes it willingly usable even by using an amateur, and that you could revel in splash-free brewing of wealthy-tasting and a whole-bodied cup of espresso in simply 15 seconds, or normally even lesser. It has an adjustable cup tray to accommodate extraordinary cup sizes too.

Now, that you can, fortunately, brew up your desired brew in a fast, affordable and hassle-free method. simply, all you have to do when an espresso craving arises is to, activate the grinder machine, put in some coffee beans or ground espresso, brew it, and pour the fresh blend into your favourite mug!

  • Comes with light indicators
  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Has a removable filter basket
  • Is easy to clean
  • Comes with a brew and pause feature
  • Comes with a 24-hour delay feature
  • Comes with programmable features
  • The pot can be hard to grip if you have large hands

10- Mueller Austria HyperGrind

Mueller Austria HyperGrind


  • Blade Grinderweighs 1.4 pounds
  • Product measures 7.8 x 4.5 x 4.2 inches
  • One-Press Button

Steady Grinds every time:

Not like many others available on the market, the Mueller Austria HyperGrind offers you ideal consistency & precision manage over the coarseness of your Pour Over, AeroPress, Drip, Cold Brew, French Press, Keurig okay Cup, Percolator, Turkish, Espresso, Chemex, Herb, or Spices grind every time!

Compact & Elegant:

Takes up minimum counter area and will also be with no trouble stored in cabinets and drawers but with its exceptional modern-day Eurocentric styling, you simply might need to leave it out in the open.

Quality Above All:

Crafted with the equal spirit as normal German precision product, the Mueller Austria HyperGrind Precision Grinder is designed and proven to utilize three authentic grade examinations to live longer and outperform than the competition!

  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use and grinds consistently every time
  • Quick, quiet and efficient
  • It’s probably great for travel as well
  • Ground coffee can get into the motor over time

How to Choose the Best Coffee Grinder?

[Buying Guide]

Although the best coffee makers grinders under 100 are relatively simple machines, there are still a few causes that you must examine before buying one to make certain that you are getting your cash’s worth. To support you’re making the right choice, we will list the important points you need to consider are below:

Grind Settings:

If the Coffee grinders give you the versatility will be an ideal choice because it will enable you to try a variation of brewing methods.

Automatic Shut-Off:

Buying a coffee grinder for yourself then you have to compare the energy efficiency of the products. Most new machines have efficient features, so you don’t have to worry about receiving high electricity bills.

However, you might wish to look for those grinders with an automated shut-off function. This also stops your coffee maker from using up more energy even after it is done brewing. There is a safety feature that is added to a machine that will help you in case you forget to shut off or unplug your coffee maker.


The size depends upon how much beans and ground espresso you want at a specified time. The gap available for your kitchen or at any place you want to use the grinder will affect the potential as well.

Grind Size & Consistency:

You have to grind beans properly before making your espresso and get the grounds constant in size as immediately as possible. The quality of the grind is also an imperative factor for a good cup of coffee, and most of the burr grinders will do that very well.

Ease of Use & Cleaning:

That is too apparent! You will enjoy and respect your grinder if you do not believe pissed off when you use or clean it.


Do you require a retro, the manual operating coffee burr grinder that doesn’t most effectively seem fashionable but it additionally means that you have a greater perception of the brewing system of the beans? Or, perhaps you just searching for comfort and quality, and would get an electrical burr grinder that may do the whole thing for you? You opt for it!

Final Words

For a coffee addict like us, coffee is what runs in our veins. That’s why the flawless cup manner the world to us, and is viewed foremost for survival.

However, there’s no such factor as the best coffee grinder under 100 there are many and it’s entirely in your hand to recognize that which will fit your needs and to not. Navigate our shortlist, get some help from our unbiased buyer’s guide and you’ll be directed in the direction of your superb buy in no time at all.

Happy Grinding!


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