Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure

Breaking down the facts about affiliate disclosure, you must abide by the rules of FTC (Federal Trade Commission) for disclosure compliance, which was published in 2015.

Moreover, the rules are fortified to confirm the fact, that all the respective reader or viewers are aware of the underlying propaganda. As in, whether the blog is sponsored, affiliate linked, endorsed or collaborating with a specific company.

Practising the compliance by FTC, please follow the farther information, blogs and posts from my site.

Affiliate Links? What does that mean?

Well, in simple words, if you click on a particular product link, it will take you to the affiliate company directly, where you can see the product description, the pricing, ratings and information regarding that product.

Am I buying from you?

No. I will provide the links which will lead you to the affiliate company directly. They are the sellers. But, I will get a small commission from every sale.

Why any affiliate company will pay me any compensation?

They will share a small compensation because I let the customers visit their website and pick their product. So, the deal is “helping to get a purchase”.

Which Affiliate programs are included?<

There are two affiliate programs “x” is optimizing. One is Amazon affiliate link and second is the product affiliate link.

What is the difference between the Amazon affiliate link and product affiliate link?

see, Amazon Services LLC Associates Program is specifically crafted for potential niche owners to get compensation or fees by helping them to get consumers through linking with Amazon. Hence, as a participant of their program, I will get a small commission from them for each certain sale.

And, product affiliate link means that, through clicking any product link and assuring the purchase by any customer, I will get compensation from the sale.

Note:You won’t get any discount by clicking through the link. Pricing will be no indifferent.

Do you sponsor any affiliate programme/company or retailer brand?

No. Honesty is the standard of “x”. I want to ensure authenticity and provide honest reviews without any bragging or flattening. No self-loathing or self-marketing as well.