25 Useful Inventions That Make Life Easier

The desire for convenience and efficiency is the main source of inspiration for inventors. After all, people are attracted to technologies that simplify life.

Let consider 25 brilliant innovations that meet different needs: from water purification to one-
time charging. These are vivid examples of how talented people find problems, develop solutions, and implement them for the benefit of humanity.

Smart Socket

Technical progress has also reached such a simple thing as an outlet. First, the smart device is
equipped with a timer that allows you to turn on and off your devices at the right time. When you
leave the house, you will be sure that the iron and stove are de-energized. Also, the timer helps to
save electricity.

Secondly, the socket controls the voltage in the network, and your expensive devices are not in

Smart Temperature Controller

A useful device that allows you to automate the air conditioning system in the house. The
thermostat controls the temperature of the house, transmitting data directly to the smartphone.
– Programming on your own;
– Aability to control the consumed energy;
– Remote temperature monitoring and control;
– The reduction of energy consumption.

Smart Fridge

Unlike electronic vacuum cleaners, a smart refrigerator is still exotic for wealthy geeks. But in a
couple of years, this technique will be equal to the advanced models of ordinary refrigerators,
and then it will become the standard at all.
Smart refrigerators select the optimal temperature for all compartments, taking into account the
products inside, determine the humidity level, and enable uniform cooling on the shelves. These
devices have a fault diagnosis system, and you can control smart refrigerators from your

Innovative models that will soon be on sale allow you to view the contents of the refrigerator on
your smartphone, control the expiration date of food, and even make shopping lists.

Kettle with Wi-Fi

Today, even an inexpensive kettle from popular brands can be safely connected to the network.
And not only the kettle, but also, for example, a slow cooker.
Why do your kitchen utensils need Wi-Fi? First of all, this is a real paradise for the lazy. Lie on
the couch, go to the gadget app and turn it on. Secondly, the network connection allows you to
determine the operating mode, including temperature. For example, boiling water or just
maintaining the temperature.
In some models, you can directly specify the required water temperature. For green tea, the
temperature is not very high; and for black tea, you need boiling water.

Video Peephole

Even the simplest device for a few hundred dollars has a whole set of nice features. At the same
time, it is indistinguishable from a standard peephole and will not confuse neighbors.
A color monitor will help you see in detail what is happening behind the door. It is easy to install
and works on regular batteries. More expensive models are characterized by high image clarity, a
GSM module for communication with the guest, a wider viewing angle, the ability to record
photos, IR illumination, and USB charging.

Smart Lock

In science-fiction movies, the keys to the front doors have long been replaced with fingerprints.
But not everyone understands that this is not the future, but the present.
The smart lock is installed instead of the usual one and allows you to open the door by
fingerprint – exactly as you unlock your smartphone. Besides, you can close it from the inside
with a single button. If unwanted guests enter the house, the alarm will go off, and the thieves
will remain inside.
Moreover, you will not have to make copies of keys for relatives: you can distribute them using
your smartphone. Otherwise, the gadget is not inferior in terms of security to modern locks.
What is important, you will cause surprise and admiration of your guests in the house.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

In recent years, the robot vacuum cleaner has turned from an exotic for high-tech fans into a
familiar gadget. Vacuum cleaners are equipped with height sensors (so they won’t fall off the
stairs) and obstacle detection. Such devices themselves return to charging, penetrate hard-to-
reach places, and are able not only to vacuum the floor but also to thoroughly wash it.

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Flexible Camera For a Phone

A camera similar to an endoscope appeared relatively recently on the market but has already won
a leading position. Even though this device is similar to a medical device, it still has some
differences with it. And first of all, this is the scope of application. Thus, the device allows you
to view details that are impossible to see with your eyes or impossible to reach with a regular


 high-quality shooting;
 water tightness;
 the length of the cable;
 having a flashlight;
 operating system compatibility.

Automatic Feeder

Even the simplest gadget in this category can deliver food on a schedule, using several programs
and a feed dispenser. More advanced models have, for example, a camera that can transmit
photos or videos to the app. Food is issued not only by preset. You can give the command to
pour food at any time via your smartphone (even when you are at work or away).
Smart feeders are also able to reproduce messages from owners. Your pet will not be so lonely
when you are at work.

Echo Family Smart Assistant

This is an assistant speaker that works based on voice control. You can use it to control smart
devices (TV, fan, lamps, computer, etc.) throughout the apartment, using only your voice. It can
also tell you what the weather is, tell you the news, play music, and read some information.


 speaker with artificial intelligence, as well as good sound transmission;
 ability to control electronic devices;
 constant updating of technology;
 clear voice recognition;
 a great gadget for people with disabilities;
 ability to set alarms;
 can tell a joke;
 no monthly expenses.

Livescribe Echo Smartpen

This pen not only can record sound like a regular voice recorder, it also records everything that
the user writes and even draws. The built-in memory is enough for almost two hours of a sound
recording or 32,000 pages of written text. It is ideal for students who are not allowed to use
electronic devices. Recorded information after a lecture can be easily reset to a computer or

Bluetooth Keyboard

The Bluetooth keyboard is a great choice for those who have many different electronic devices.
It can connect to tablets, PCs, and even smartphones. The keyboard has four different settings for
each device, so you can switch from one to the other by turning the lever. The keyboard also has
a tablet stand to make working with it even easier and faster.

All-weather Speakers

This is not a normal speaker. It is resistant to all weather conditions, has a powerful sound and
full circular sound. This allows you to use the speaker outdoors, near the pool or on the beach. It
supports Bluetooth and can work with iPhone, iPad, and many other devices. Thanks to its
wireless capabilities, it can work remotely.

Suitcase Lock

For those who travel a lot, this gadget for suitcases will become an indispensable device. It can
connect to most mobile devices and transmit data about the weight of the suitcase it is attached
to. It also has an electronic lock that can only be unlocked by the owner; as well as a built-in
GPS tracker that allows you to track the suitcase anywhere.

Anti-snoring Smart Pillow

Restful sleep is very important for human health. Snoring makes sleep restless and dangerous.
Therefore, for this disease, a special anti-snoring pillow was invented, which begins to vibrate
during snoring, and forces you to change your position. It also has a built-in speaker and a sleep
tracking sensor.

 special silent vibration;
 long battery life;
 convenience;
 device compatibility;
 quality material.

Drinking Book

This invention was created to purify water. The book itself doesn't quench your thirst, but it can
be used as a filter. The sheets of this product are coated with silver nanoparticles, which kill
99.9% of bacteria. According to the developers, a page is enough to provide one person with
water for 30 days.

Disposable Battery For Your Phone

Mini Power is a miniature, external capsule for charging mobile devices. They are available in
three versions – for two, four, or six hours, and can be recycled after use. The designer of this
device assumes that Mini Power will be widely sold in regular stores both individually and in

An App to Help The Visually Impaired and Blind

Technologies that simplify life can't do without Be My Eyes. This is a mobile application
through which a person with vision problems can get help from a seer. The functionality is based
on video calls: the visually impaired person contacts a volunteer, who helps them navigate
through the video.
The founder of the project also has poor eyesight. Based on his own experience, he claims that
the app will change the daily life of blind people, thanks to remote assistance.

Edible Water Packaging

This invention from the UK is made from seaweed extract and wins over plastic bottles in terms
of environmental friendliness. Ooho can be safely discarded in nature because the material is
easily decomposed and processed by the soil. Moreover, it can even be eaten without harm to
health. However, the product has no taste.
For hygienic reasons, it is produced in two layers – the outer shell is discarded before using the
inner one. Ooho developers claim that the production of such packaging is cheaper than plastic
bottles, but does not threaten the environment and does not complicate disposal. Such
technologies that simplify life will make nature better.

Hand-operated Dishwasher

Circo is a dishwasher designed by Israeli designer Chen Levin. This is a self-contained
household appliance that does not consume electricity but is operated manually. The user only
needs to rotate the handle of the device – this movement creates a jet of water, which is heated
using a sodium acetate tablet. The dishwasher saves not only time and electricity but also water.

A Sticker That Makes a Person Invisible To Mosquitoes

A Kite Patch is a small sticker that attaches to clothing or skin. Developers from California
(Olfactor company) claim that the device eliminates annoying insects for 48 hours. Obviously,
this invention makes outdoor recreation more comfortable; but the main goal of the creators was
to fight against mosquitoes that carry diseases.

The Invisible Bicycle Helmet

Hövding is a stylish collar that serves as an airbag when riding a bicycle, scooter, or motorcycle.
It opens in the event of an accident and covers the head, protecting it from injury. The soft
helmet folds into a compartment at the back of the collar. It has a built-in accelerometer and
gyroscope. They give a signal to open when they detect movements characteristic of an accident.
The pillow is filled with helium no longer than 1/10 of a second. An important function of
Hövding is the built-in recorder. This device stores information in the last 10 seconds before the

The Fluffy Robot-Therapist

Paro is a robotic seal with five sensors that help it interact with people and treat them. The furry
robot has a mobile body, makes cute seal sounds, and responds to human touch and voice.
By learning from the experience of communication, the user gradually adjusts their behavior to
the needs and characteristics of the user. Paro is recommended for the care of the elderly, people
with traumatic injuries, and serious illnesses.

A Floating Bin That Cleans The Ocean

Seabin is a simple ocean water filter developed by two surfers from Australia. It separates not
only solid foreign objects and particles from the liquid, but also oil and fuel residues. The
technology is based on conventional filters for swimming pools but is specialized for use in
lakes, harbors, and ports.

A Soccer Ball That Generates Electricity

SOCCKET is a portable electric ball generator. Energy generated and accumulated during the
game, used for burning led bulb. Support for the project brings double benefits – for each
purchased SOCCKET, the company sends one ball to children from developing countries.




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